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Wiltshire, a historic county tucked away in South West England, effortlessly blends millennia of history with contemporary charm. Known for its iconic landmarks such as Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral, this county offers an unparalleled blend of rural tranquillity, historic significance, and modern amenities.

Pros of Living in Wiltshire:

Historical Landscape: From ancient Stonehenge to the medieval streets of Salisbury, history is ever-present in Wiltshire.

Natural Beauty: The vast Salisbury Plain and the North Wessex Downs provide scenic views, walking trails, and diverse wildlife.

Proximity to Major Cities: Located centrally, Wiltshire has excellent connections to cities such as Bath, Bristol, and London.

Community and Culture: With numerous festivals, markets, and local events, there’s always something happening.

Safety and Tranquillity: Often touted as one of the safer counties, it’s ideal for families and those seeking a quieter life.

Cons of Living in Wiltshire:

Limited Nightlife: While it offers serene living, those seeking vibrant nightlife may find Wiltshire's offerings limited.

Public Transport: Some rural areas can have sparse public transport options, necessitating a car for convenience.

Tourist Crowds: Iconic spots, especially Stonehenge, can draw significant tourist crowds.

Economic Variation: While some areas thrive, others are still adapting to modern economic demands.

Top 10 Independent Schools in Wiltshire:

Marlborough College: One of the UK’s leading co-ed boarding schools, known for academic excellence and character education.

Dauntsey’s School: Where kids are more likely to debate quantum physics than the latest TikTok trend.

Appleford School
A traditional day, weekly and full boarding school in Wiltshire for students aged from seven to 18 years with specific learning difficulties, mainly dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Bishop Wordsworth's School: Located in Salisbury, this boys' grammar school has a stellar reputation for academic achievement.

St Mary's Calne: An exclusive girls' school with a rich history, placing emphasis on empowering young women.

Godolphin School: Located in Salisbury, this girls' school offers a holistic education, celebrating tradition and modernity alike.

Warminster School: A co-ed boarding and day school, known for its nurturing environment and diverse community.

Stonar School: With an ethos on nurturing individual talents, it offers a broad curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities.

Leaden Hall: Located in Salisbury, this prep school for girls lays emphasis on personal development and academic excellence.

Chafyn Grove: A preparatory school known for fostering creativity, confidence, and a global outlook.

Heywood Prep: Located in Corsham, it’s renowned for its vibrant community and comprehensive education.

Best Areas to Live in Wiltshire

Salisbury: Home to the majestic Salisbury Cathedral, this city offers a mix of medieval charm and modern conveniences.

Swindon: A larger town in Wiltshire, it boasts shopping areas, parks, and proximity to the M4 motorway.

Marlborough: Renowned for its wide High Street and the yearly Jazz Festival, this market town is both charming and vibrant.

Bradford-on-Avon: With picturesque views, historic buildings, and a tight-knit community, it’s ideal for serene living.

Corsham: Known for its historic character, Corsham offers a blend of culture, history, and community spirit.

Malmesbury: Recognized as England’s oldest borough, it offers a rich history and scenic countryside views.

Tisbury: Nestled in the Nadder Valley, this village boasts of community spirit, local shops, and scenic beauty.

Our view

Wiltshire, with its blend of the ancient and the contemporary, offers residents an experience that few counties can parallel. It’s a haven for historians, a playground for nature enthusiasts, and a warm embrace for those seeking community. Its educational institutions reflect this diverse charm, marrying tradition with forward-thinking ethos. For those considering a move, a visit to Wiltshire’s rolling hills, bustling markets, and historic streets might just be the testament they need. As always, immersion and exploration will paint the clearest picture.


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Wiltshire Pros & Cons


Natural Beauty
Tranquil rural living
Less pollution that almost anywhere in the UK
Strong community spirit
Home to some reputed schools, both state-run and independent, offering quality education.


Limited nightlife
The public transportation system can be less frequent and comprehensive than in larger cities.
The more sought-after rural areas, the cost of property and living can be high

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