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Located in the heart of East England, Cambridgeshire is renowned for blending its illustrious history, particularly in education, with a contemporary vibrancy. The county, which boasts picturesque landscapes and promising economic hubs, has become a favourite for both families and professionals alike.

Why Choose Cambridgeshire?

Like any region, Cambridgeshire offers a unique set of advantages and considerations.


Educational Prestige: As the home of the University of Cambridge, the county's reputation for world-class education is unparalleled. For families, it translates to access to top-tier schools.

Economic Growth: Cambridgeshire is not just about academia. Its 'Silicon Fen' is the UK’s hub for tech and innovation.

Natural Beauty: With the Fens, serene rivers, and nature parks, there’s always a green corner to retreat to.

Historical and Cultural Richness: Beyond the iconic Cambridge University buildings, the county hosts museums, galleries, festivals, and more.

Connectivity: Be it road or rail, reaching other parts of the UK, especially London, is a breeze.


Cost of Living: Particularly in Cambridge city, the costs can be high. The price of prestige!

Tourism Peaks: Cambridge, especially, can become quite congested during tourist seasons and university events.

Flat Landscape: If hills and dales are your thing, the topography might seem a tad monotonous.

Rush Hour Congestion: Traffic snarls are not uncommon, especially during peak hours.

Top Independent Schools in Cambridgeshire

(Note: While indicative fees are provided, for a detailed breakdown, especially for boarding options, the individual reviews should be consulted.)

The Perse School, Cambridge: Approx. £17,500 p.a. Revifew

St Mary's School, Cambridge: Approx. £20,000 for boarders. Review

Impington Village College: This non-selective East Anglia state secondary school and college has been offering the IB for over 30 years and has a reputation for offering a high standard of international education that includes cultural exchange visits, a football scholarship programme, and a focus on foreign language learning. Free. Review.

King's Ely, Ely: Around £36,000 for boarders. Review

Hills Road Sixth Form College is a high achieving state sixth form college in Cambridge with a large community of 2,700 students. The college offers a wide range of A Level courses, and this year received 74 Oxbridge offers. Free. Review

Kimbolton School. A small town-based school where students are nurtured, challenged and given plenty of opportunity to explore academic and extra-curricular interests. £17,500 Review

The Leys, Cambridge: About £33,000 for boarders. Review

St Mary's School in central Cambridge is an all girls, all-through day and boarding school that stands out for its high numbers studying STEM subjects, and its consistent record of high value-add scores. Review.

St Faith's School, Cambridge: Approx. £16,000 p.a. 

Sancton Wood School, Cambridge: Around £14,500 p.a.

Stephen Perse Foundation, Cambridge: Approx. £17,000 p.a. 

Wisbech Grammar School, Wisbech: About £15,500 p.a. 

Cambridge Steiner School, Fulbourn: Approx. £10,000 p.a.

Heritage School, Cambridge: About £9,000 p.a.

Peterborough High School, Peterborough: Approx. £14,000 p.a.

Culford School, Bury St Edmunds: About £32,000 for boarders. Review

Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds: Approx. £34,000 for boarders.

Felsted School, Dunmow: About £36,000 for boarders. Review

Bishop's Stortford College, Bishop's Stortford: Approx. £33,000 for boarders. 

Where to Settle in Cambridgeshire?

Cambridge: A blend of academia and modern living. Rent: £1,900/month (3-bedroom).

Ely, beautiful river, amazing cathedral


Ely: Known for its magnificent cathedral. Rent: £1,200/month.

St Ives: A picturesque riverside town. Rent: £1,100/month.

Peterborough: A city with a mix of the old and new. Rent: £900/month.

St Neots: Rapidly growing with excellent amenities. Rent: £1,000/month.

Cambridgeshire Climate:

Cambridgeshire has a temperate maritime climate.

  • Winter: 1°C-8°C
  • Spring: 3°C-16°C
  • Summer: 11°C-23°C
  • Autumn: 8°C-15°C

Annually, Cambridgeshire enjoys about 1,550 hours of sunshine, slightly above the UK average, making for inviting summers ideal for outdoor activities.

Neighbouring Cities:

  1. Peterborough: Located within Cambridgeshire.
  2. Norwich: Approximately 100km northeast.
  3. Leicester: Roughly 110km northwest.
  4. Birmingham: Around 150km west.
  5. London: A major global hub, approximately 100km south of Cambridge.

Cambridgeshire, our view

Cambridgeshire offers an enviable blend of history, culture, and modernity. It’s a county that holds appeal for scholars, professionals, and families looking for a balanced lifestyle. Before you settle, dive deeper into WhichSchoolAdvisor's comprehensive guides for insights tailored to your needs.

Cambridgeshire Ratings





Family Friendly


Transport Links


Cambridgeshire Pros & Cons


Fantastic schools
Cambridge is amazing
The economy
One hour on the train to London


Expensive in parts

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