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Top-Tier Boarding Facilities Launch at SISD

The first boy’s boarding house at t he Swiss International Scientific School in …

International Boarding

British Boarding Schools: When is the Right Time?

By  Christopher Gyngell For most expat families living and working in Dubai, edu…

Choosing A School

How to Choose a UK Boarding School

Choosing a school for their children is probably the single most expensive decision any p…

International Boarding

Boarding School Exhibition: We Talk To Bedstone

This weekend, Dubai will welcome the Anderson Education 'Boarding School Exhibition' whi…

International Boarding

'Visiting A UK Boarding School?' Questions to Ask

You have done your research. You have your shortlist. You know that certain schools match…

International Boarding

UAE vs. International Boarding: A Price Comparison

As the cost of UAE school fees continues to rise while most average salaries seem to ha…

International Boarding

Is Weekly Boarding The Right Option for Your Child?

The decision to send a child to boarding school can be a contentious issue. Many parents …

New Schools

Cranleigh 'Aims To Be Best School in UAE'

The headmaster at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi , Brendan Law, has set his sights high stating in …

International Boarding

Boarding Schools: How to Choose a Senior School

William Rees, a former head of Admissions at Eton College and now a consultant at My Tuto…

International Boarding

Boarding Schools in the UK: Plan Early

William Rees, former Head of Admissions at Eton College and now a consultant at My Tutor…

Choosing A School

UK Academic Boarding Schools at a Glance

If you are considering a UK boarding school , these are, presently, the country's top ach…

University Preparation

UAE: Maintaining cultural identity

Many people come to the UAE with a timetable of "one to two years". In many, many cases th…

New Schools

Cranleigh to Open 'Elite Campus' in Abu Dhabi

Cranleigh School, a British independent school, is to open what it terms 'an elite campus…

International Boarding

A Student Writes: The Benefits of Boarding School

We’ve all read horror stories and seen tear-jerking documentaries about children ‘aba…

International Boarding

Boarding School: The Key Considerations

For many parents living and working as expatriates overseas, sending their child to board…

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