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BANNED! 9 Foods Removed from School - MoE

All schools in the UAE received a notice from the Ministry of Education on Tuesday advisi…


Top Tips for a Happy First Day at School

So having used for school news and detailed reviews; and after a…


Expert View: Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

School holidays are often fondly remembered by children, but for parents managing intense…


Expert View: Childhood Friends, Saying Farewell

Expat kids tend to develop a global outlook argues Jane Evans, author and expert on …


Interview: Sue Atkins, The Parenting Coach

Sue Atkins is a UK based parenting coach and author and makes regular appearances on TV a…


Screen time for Nursery Children - the 4 Ms

So while parents of children under five might breathe a sigh of relief that the challenge…


Stranger Danger Very Real, Experiment Shows

A social experiment carried out in the UAE revealed how easy it is for strangers to walk …


Year 7 Students Unprepared for Social Media

Year 7 students are being put under pressure from the use of social media, a new report c…

Finances And Funding

Dubai School Fees: Everything You Need To Know 2017

There's no escaping the fact, if you are an expat parent with school children in Dubai, y…


AED1,000 Fine & Black Points For Ignoring School Buses

Motorists in the UAE have been told they need to respect school bus ‘stop signs&rsq…


Must Have App: Back-to-School Sleep Calculator

For many parents, the shift from relaxed holiday sleep patterns to back-to-school be…

Which Curriculum

Ditch Homework for 'Home Learning'

Samantha Steed, Principal at Ranches Primary School, is a passionate advocate for home l…


7 Free Parenting Apps You Can't Live Without

If you haven't checked lately, there's a whole host of new apps designed to make life as a…


Back to School: The 'Tricky' Primary To Secondary Transition

Is your child heading for secondary school this September? Maybe they’re begi…


Raising Narcissists by Overstating Achievements

Children who are told they are special by their parents are more likely to become narciss…

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