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Courses & Curricula

Confusion Reigns Over KG1 Entry Age Rule

Schools in the UAE are in a state of confusion over the age at which children may be admit…

School Performance

Ministry Orders Closure of Four Nurseries; Warnings Issued

The UAE Ministry of Social Affairs, which conducts regular inspections of nurseries in the…


UAE Authorities Step In to Manage School Meals

The Ministry of Education (MOE) in the UAE is taking direct action to manage the diets of …

Courses & Curricula

New Nursery Law Improves Focus on 'Education'

New legislation which is being promoted by the UAE Ministry of Social Affairs will introd…


Fries and Chocolate Off the Menu at Government Schools

Government schools will be barred from serving fried meals and food high in sugar or salt …


Dubai Schools Free to Set School Dates

Private schools in Dubai will be allowed to follow their own holiday calendar, and not ha…


Don't Fall for Bogus University Ads

Abu Dhabi Residents are being warned not to fall prey to advertisements by non-accredited…

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