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Choosing A School

How to Choose a Nursery in the UAE?

There is little more nerve wracking then dropping your little one at nursery for the firs…

Choosing A School

Laura Henry Interview: How to Choose a Nursery

In many other countries, notably the UK and in most of continental Europe, parents have g…

Choosing A School

How to Choose a UK Boarding School

Choosing a school for their children is probably the single most expensive decision any p…

Choosing A School

How to Find, Shortlist & Choose a Dubai School

In the  WSA School Survey we ask parents across the UAE whether they think educatio…

School Performance

Top Considerations in Choosing a School in the UAE

The top answer to the question - "What is the single most important consideration in cho…

Choosing A School

Should You Judge A School By Its Library?

...Apparently, according to a new report from the KHDA. According to the recently release…


WSA's Principal Questions: Community Schools

Open any school website and chances are you'll find somewhere in the 'bumpf' it calls itse…


How Parents Pick a School - 2015 Survey

The single most important consideration for a parent when assessing, or choosing a school…

School Performance

Parents Hunting For 'Better School' - 2015 Survey

The number of parents with itchy feet who have been thinking about moving their child fro…

Choosing A School

Open Days: How To See 'Beyond the Smiles'

With Open Day 'silly-season' once again upon us, we've asked the educators around the uae…

School Performance

'Schools Need to Invest in Reputation': Poll

According to the National, a recent YouGov poll has shown UAE parents place more weight …

Choosing A School

School Search Advice from a Dubai Headmaster

Guest contribution by Tim Waley , Principal, Uptown School The reality is that the…

Choosing A School

WSA Reviews - How to Use Them

WSA strives to obtain the following information for each of its reviews: EXAM RESULTS:…

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