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Choosing A School

Guide: Choosing a School on Homework Policy

Always a topic of polarising opinions among educators and parents alike, the question of…


Homeschool Wk 4: Reflecting on my Parenting

If you’ve followed my home school diaries for the past few weeks you’ll perha…


Schools & Homework: Too Much or Too Little?

Homework has long been a contentious issue pitching schools against parents, and even par…


'Expensive' School Homework Banned In Sharjah

Parents in Sharjah will not be asked to spend money on projects and homework. Accordin…


Tips To Give Your Secondary-Starter an Edge

August can be a time of apprehension and uncertainty as thousands of students look toward…

Which Curriculum

Ditch Homework for 'Home Learning'

Samantha Steed, Principal at Ranches Primary School, is a passionate advocate for home l…


Top UK School Considers A Ban on Homework

One of the UK’s most prestigious independent schools is considering abolishing home…

School Performance

After-School Tuition: Worth the Spend?

Some parents in the UAE are spending more on private tuition than school fees  Gulf News  …


UAE Teens Do Six Hours Homework a Week: OECD

Teenagers in the UAE spend an average of 6.2 hours a week on homework, according to a new…


How Involved Should Parents Be in Education?

Studies have continually shown that children with parents who take an active role in their…


The Secret to Give Your Child More Time, Less Stress

Levels of stress are on the rise. More and more of our friends, family as well as those ar…


Recycling: Educating Your Children To Respect the Planet

Recycling is regarded as a bit of a “nerdy” thing to do, the prerogative of the well-off, …

School Performance

Half of UAE Parents Resorting to Private Tutors

Nearly half of all parents in the emirate of Abu Dhabi who responded to an ongoing survey …


Results! Poll - Should School Hours Change?

Should school starting hours change? It's a question that is often raised in the UAE and …

Which Curriculum

6th Form 'Life': Living, Beathing, Sleeping with IB

Students anticipate the promised land of sixth form for the vast majority of their seconda…

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