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What To Include In A Healthy, Tasty Lunch Box

Keeping lunchboxes interesting and healthy is no mean feat, and turning to junk food alter…


School Timings Extended To Fit New PE Minutes

After the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) new physical education requirements, some o…


PE to Move Up a Gear in Dubai Private Schools

More physical education will be stipulated in Dubai schools as per a new policy. The Dubai…


70% of parents don't know their kids' BMI

In spite of the fact that a third of the country’s schoolchildren being overweight o…


How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthily (And Why You Want Them To!)

When it comes to meals and food, really, who hasn’t been enjoying the unstructured a…


6 Awesome Tips For Primary Preparation

Jumeirah Baccalaureate School's Joanne Taylor says the 'back to school' focus for parents …


Food For Thought- Family Dining

If you both work, chances are you get home late to chaos; there's homework, school corresp…


Healthy Eating: Schools Need To Create 'Right Environment'

Last week, the UAE's Federal National Council announced that a blanket healthy food policy…


'Healthy Eating': Dubai Schools To Be Inspected

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced that it is launching an inspection programm…

Exam Preparation

Eating Your Way to Academic Success

Study after study shows that what we eat affects our performance – affecting not only how …


Healthy Options 'Off the Menu' For RAK Schools

Chocolate croissants would not feature in the healthy snack recommendations of any nutriti…

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