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100+ UAE Summer Camps - The BIG List 2017

From art camps to water camps, from AED 250 per week to much much more... Dubai is n…


10 Life-Saver Summer Camps For Working Parents 2016

For working parents, the Dubai summer can seem like an eternity of sweltering weather, to…


Sports, How to Never 'Lose' Again

Hurrah it’s November! With its perfect blue skies and mercury mid-20s, it wouldn…


7 Superb-Sports Camps For Active Kids

What better way for kids to burn off energy, keep fit and make new friends than attending…


8 Great UAE Camps for Working Parents

For those of us who work a 9 to 5, (or in reality, more likely an 8 till 6), the UAE&rsqu…


19 Summer Camps from Dhs 200 to Dhs 550 Per Week!

Who isn’t feeling the pinch this year as the cost of living, rents and school fees …


Parental Sportsmanship- Have You Got It?

It's that time of year again, sports days, swim galas and team championships are upon us …


Dads, Your Children Need Your Time Too

Mohammed El-Arian was a highly successful CEO of a major US investment firm, PIMMCo, who e…


"Life Isn't Fair": A Vital Childhood Lesson?

“Being fair” is a principle instilled from the earliest point of a child’s life. Taking t…


The Secret to Give Your Child More Time, Less Stress

Levels of stress are on the rise. More and more of our friends, family as well as those ar…


Great Things to Do in the UAE in the Summer

We have all probably said it: "There's nothing to do in the UAE in the summer!". The trut…

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