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Best School

3 Of The Best Educational Play Spaces in Dubai

Our Early Years team are  serious about free play  !  That said, with many…


Dubai Safari Tickets Now Available Online

If you missed visiting Dubai Safari during its soft launch and two-weeks of free entry, h…

Courses & Curricula

Drones Course To Be Taught In Dubai Schools

The UAE has implemented restrictions on flying drones, but schools in Dubai are introduci…


3...2...1... Go! Karting Cup Registration Opens

A student Karting Cup tournament will kick-off in January 2018 at internationally certifi…


Mike Phillips Launches Dubai Rugby Academy

Young rugby players aged three to 11 will now be able to get trained at Welsh internation…


Go Wild! Free Entry To Dubai Safari Park

Although Dubai Safari Park will not be officially open to the public until January,  …


WSA's 47 AWESOME Winter Camps 2017/18

Whoop! Its almost the holidays and the weather is perfect! However, if you're planning…

Finances And Funding

UAE's Schools- The Hidden Costs

We all know school fees are pretty significant here in the UAE, and as many parents know,…


The Secret to Give Your Child More Time, Less Stress

Levels of stress are on the rise. More and more of our friends, family as well as those ar…


Sing and Dance: Never Too Young for Music

That music is a good way of soothing babies has been known for centuries. The wealth of l…


Why Music Matters In A Child's Education

It seems a shame to have children learn how to play a musical instrument for years, costi…


After School Activities - An Abundance of Riches?

The choice of “after school activities” for children aged 3 – 18 abound…

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