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Courses & Curricula

CBSE Class 10 & 12 Board Exam Dates

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the timetable for Class 10 …

Courses & Curricula

10,000 UAE Students Forced To Resit CBSE Exams

UAE schools currently taking CBSE exams look set to be hit by the leak of Maths and Econo…


New, Untested A Level Exams Stressing Students

The 2017 changes to thirteen A Level examinations are causing students awaiting this year…

Which Curriculum

The 3 BIG Changes Coming To GCSE Exams

#1 What is changing? There’s a new Grading Scale for GCSEs. The Grades given i…

Exam Preparation

Dealing With Exam Stress: The Natural Path

Are your teens sitting their exams this month? If they are, we bet they're stressed, irrit…

School Performance

Study Finds Classroom Devices Lower Exam Results

Researchers at a top US university have found classroom computer/iPad and mobile use ‘su…

Exam Preparation

'Tips for Revision': Advice from a School Head

How does one deal with the rigours of the exam season? Of course the chief message for…

Exam Preparation

New Research Finds Surprising Key To Improved Memory

For parents with children preparing for exams its a testing time. Encouraging, cajoling, h…

Exam Preparation

Exam and Revision Advice That Works

Mara Westley, a former Jumeirah College and Cheltenham Ladies College student, has just fi…

Exam Preparation

Student Stress: How to Spot it, How to Manage it

Stress . A mere 30 years ago we hardly knew the word; now it is an accepted fact of life,…

Exam Preparation

Exam Tip #1: Use Sleep to Boost IQ, Memory

When pressed for time, one of the things we all readily give up on is sleep. It is almost …

Exam Preparation

Eating Your Way to Academic Success

Study after study shows that what we eat affects our performance – affecting not only ho…

Exam Preparation

Exam Time Coming Up: Our How-To Revise Guide

Such is the competitive nature of most school systems that examination outcomes become th…

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