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Which Curriculum

IB Diploma Programme: A Guide Map

Wondering exactly how the IB Diploma Programme works? Not sure what to expect from these …


Are Schools Delivering What Really Matters?

It goes without saying that the pandemic has significantly changed the way we all live, w…

Which Curriculum

Video Panel: Which Curriculum?

There is a variety of curricula offered at international schools in the UAE, so which do …


School Starting Age: The Evidence Says '7 Years'

In September last year the "Too Much, Too Soon" campaign made headlines in the UK with a…

Exam Preparation

Exam Time: A How-To Revise Guide

Such is the competitive nature of many school systems that examination outcomes become th…

School Performance

New Initiatives Announced After Education 'Brainstorm'

A series of changes to the UAE's education system have been announced immediately after th…


Summer-Born Children Face 'Major School Disadvantage'

Universities should lower their entry tariff requirements for students born in August to r…

Courses & Curricula

For Maths, Asian Education > English

The English education community is presently suffering a moment of self doubt as two new s…

Courses & Curricula

'National Identity' To Be Taught Under New Regulations

All private schools in the UAE will be required to teach courses related to 'national iden…


Study: Education Leaves Emiratis 'Unprepared' For Rigours of Work

Young Emiratis are leaving education largely unprepared for the demands of the workplace, …

Which Curriculum

What is the Reggio Emilia Curriculum?

Reggio Emilia focuses on the educational importance of community and free inquiry (which …

Choosing A School

What Exactly is the Montessori Curriculum?

Note: In 1967, the US Patent Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled that "the term 'Mont…

Choosing A School

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the United Kingdom's statutory framework that s…

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