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School Performance

UAE 17-Year Old Achieves 8 A' Level A*s

Edward Garemo, a student from Brighton College Abu Dhabi , received 8A* in Year 12. He…

School Performance

First UAE A Level Exam Results Revealed

A level results are out for 2018 and it seems that UAE students have not only done well i…

Secondary Schools

DESC Launches 'Game-Changing' Sixth-Form

Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) has today launched its new purpose built sixth-…

School Performance

A' Level Results Show UAE Schools On The Up

Only early results are in but 2017 looks set to be a great year for A Level results in D…

University Preparation

A Level 2017 Results: The UCAS Track System

The 2017 A Level results will be released on Thursday 17 th August, as will the UCAS uni…

School Performance

A' Levels 2017 Results: Dealing With Unexpected Results

As we all know, the all important 2017 A Level results are either set to be released, or …

School Performance

A Level Grade Appeals Expected To Increase In 2017

A Level results appeals are expected to rise this year with the news that the Edexcel exa…

Courses & Curricula

GCSE, A Level Now More Focused - AQA CE

We’re right in the middle of exam season for schools following the English National…

Which Curriculum

IB vs. A' Level: Which Curriculum is Right for You?

The UAE offers a myriad of curricula  - details here -  for parents who…

Which Curriculum

A-Level vs IB: Why Choose IB as the Curriculum

We all know the age-old curriculum debate. What’s best - an all British or ent…

Best School

Best A Level Schools in Dubai and Best IB Schools in Dubai

Schools achieving Outstanding attainment in English, Maths and the Sciences a…

Best School

The Best British Schools in Dubai Part 1: Start Here

1,016,925 AED is the exact amount you will spend on tuition from grades Foundation/KG 1 t…


2016 in Numbers - a WSA Infographic

New schools, KHDA and ADEC ratings, examination results, curriculum changes, new reg…

Which Curriculum

IB, GCSE, Indian..? Which Curriculum is Right?

When moving to the Emirates and finding a suitable school for your child, there are proba…

School Performance

UK Exam System Sees Double Digit Growth In UAE

Eight to ten UAE schools per year opt to utilise the Cambridge exam ((I)GCSE and A Levels…

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