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Courses & Curricula

Sunmarke First to Offer Both A Level and IB DP

One of the questions is always asked is, " Which is better, A Leve…

Choosing A School

Top Affordable UK Schools in Dubai, 2018-2019

This is our third edition of the story of affordable UK curriculum based education …

School Performance

UAE 17-Year Old Achieves 8 A' Level A*s

Edward Garemo, a student from Brighton College Abu Dhabi , received 8A* in Year 12. He…

School Performance

First UAE A Level Exam Results Revealed

A level results are out for 2018 and it seems that UAE students have not only done well i…

Secondary Schools

DESC Launches 'Game-Changing' Sixth-Form

Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) has today launched its new purpose built sixth-…

School Performance

A' Level Results Show UAE Schools On The Up

Only early results are in but 2017 looks set to be a great year for A Level results in D…

University Preparation

A Level 2017 Results: The UCAS Track System

The 2017 A Level results will be released on Thursday 17 th August, as will the UCAS uni…

School Performance

A' Levels 2017 Results: Dealing With Unexpected Results

As we all know, the all important 2017 A Level results are either set to be released, or …

School Performance

A Level Grade Appeals Expected To Increase In 2017

A Level results appeals are expected to rise this year with the news that the Edexcel exa…

Courses & Curricula

GCSE, A Level Now More Focused - AQA CE

We’re right in the middle of exam season for schools following the English National…

Which Curriculum

IB vs. A' Level: Which Curriculum is Right for You?

The UAE offers a myriad of curricula - details here - for parents who, i…

Which Curriculum

A-Level vs IB: Why Choose IB as the Curriculum

We all know the age-old curriculum debate. What’s best - an all British or ent…

Best School

Best A Level Schools in Dubai and Best IB Schools in Dubai

Schools achieving Outstanding attainment in English, Maths and the Sciences a…

Best School

The Best British Schools in Dubai Part 1: Start Here

1,016,925 AED is the exact amount you will spend on tuition from grades Foundation/KG 1 t…


2016 in Numbers - a WSA Infographic

New schools, KHDA and ADEC ratings, examination results, curriculum changes, new reg…

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