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New Schools

Leading UK Independent School To Open In Dubai in 2015

An independent school based in the north east of England has announced plans to open its …

New Schools

Major Work 'To Begin' On Cranleigh AD

The main construction contract for Abu Dhabi's largest school campus, Cranleigh, has been…


"Loss of Confidence" A Major Issue for Struggling Children

Children who fall behind bright classmates at primary school can suffer a serious loss of…

Courses & Curricula

'Children Starting School Too Young' Say UK Experts

More than 100 leading UK teachers, writers and academics have called for a radical overhau…


Summer-Born Children Face 'Major School Disadvantage'

Universities should lower their entry tariff requirements for students born in August to r…

Courses & Curricula

New UK Qualification 'A Major Boost' For Vocational Training

Vocational training has received a major boost within the UK school curriculum with the an…


UK Higher Education Loss, Long Term Gain for Dubai?

Students from the UAE applying to the UK for higher education may just find the landscape …

New Schools

Top British School to Open in Meydan, Dubai

More welcome news for parents struggling to find a place at high quality schools in Dubai…

Courses & Curricula

Academics Launch 'Stinging Attack' on UK Curriculum

A group of leading British professors of education have launched a stinging attack on chan…


Is the UK still the right destination for University?

Outside the chosen few, there is cause for alarm. Traditionally, the strength in depth o…


UK University Private School "Discrimination"

The debate over whether state or private school students suffer discrimination and unfairn…

School Fees

Parents Offer To 'Pay Double' To Keep School Open

A group of parents have approached GEMS the operator of Westminster School and have offer…

New Schools

Cranleigh to Open 'Elite Campus' in Abu Dhabi

Cranleigh School, a British independent school, is to open what it terms 'an elite campus…


UK is 'Top Higher Education Destination for UAE Students'

The UK continues to be the destination of choice for students from the UAE undertaking thi…

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