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Set up to create a school that mirrored the more traditional UK public (meaning private) school (including a boarding option), there is no mistaking Repton Dubai. Located just off the main Dubai-Sharjah highway, the school with its turrets and cloisters resembles a popular fictional school. Having now secured an Outstanding rating from the KHDA for the fifth year, Repton has confirmed that excellence is truly embedded in a school that always set its targets high.
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10 Archived Comments
Archived 12th Feb 2015, 11:52

Everyone does seem to have a very polar opinions about Repton. My personal (subjective) impression was very positive , the children all seem very happy and Repton's been posting some amazing accomplishments recently on Facebook. Just go visit the school and decide for yourself is what I've learned.

Mum of 1
Archived 7th Mar 2015, 12:33

The majority of children are very happy at Repton. It is academically focused and as time moves on it, I believe it will become very selective indeed.

From my perspective, Repton lacks a holistic approach in the sense of looking to enable all children to succeed in something. The average child coming from a small school to a significantly larger school, may fade into the background and face a number of other previously unidentified challenges. The result is, unintentional marginalisation and self esteem issues.

The schools provision is for children who just get on with it. Pop your little sausage in to the sausage machine and as long as there are no hiccups along the way, you will get a well formed sausage popping out at the other end. There is no doubt, this school will be the perfect for school for little Tommy.

It is large and culturally very diverse - which is not a bad thing - if your child can cope with it. There is no predominant nationality. It truly is a real melting pot of children with culturally diverse backgrounds which makes for an interesting dynamic.

My suggestion would be (excuse me for stating the obvious but.....) if you have a child who has been at a smaller school and was doing well, scrutinise the school you are choosing in the UAE very carefully. Take a good look around and don't choose a school in haste. It really isn't just about academics - but that is from my view of my world.

Overall, I can say that the majority of the teaching and pastoral care has been excellent. The current Headmaster of the Junior school has been amazing, is very proactive and supportive, offering a very personalised approach to dealing with day to day issues. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

UK Parent
Archived 20th Jan 2015, 07:54

I would be interested to know if any British parents found that their child's accent changed whilst in this school. Whilst British form a significant group at the school, there are over 70 nationalities - which is great for diversity, but does that mean British kids end up losing their native accent?

Mum of 1
Archived 7th Mar 2015, 11:13

My child still has a very British accent.

Lyn Soppelsa
Archived 21st Jan 2015, 10:52

Dear UK parent, I cannot speak in general terms, but as the parent of 3 children, all of whom attended international schools in Dubai, I can say that their accents became perhaps less regionally identifiable than when they arrived in Dubai, but they are still clearly British. In my experience, children need to be immersed in a different language environment with one strong focus for there to be an impact. My older children have both studies in Australia and have picked up the local pronunciation of certain words, but again, their accents are still identifiably British.

Archived 13th Jan 2015, 17:12

Can't say I would recommend the school from personal experience. The senior school cannot be described as inclusive if you are considering this school for a child with any kind of disability. Despite suggesting testing is part of the selection process for entry into the senior school, I discovered by accident that I was actually 'blocked' from re registering my child for entry into the senior school from the junior school. The poor admissions staff member was really embarrassed having to explain why.

My child is on the mild end of the autism spectrum (you would hardly know apart from some behavioural blips that we are working on). Whilst the learning support staff has been excellent, the antics of the senior management team are questionable. This 'sifting' is tantamount to a form of ethnic cleansing - it would appear that children who are academically capable (have the proof in the form of last terms school report) but have a disability, are deselected from the system.

Shocking considering the school carries the name of a reputable school in the UK.

Beth Hakim
Archived 26th Oct 2014, 16:31

The problem is, I think parents would feel better if these extra costs were being reinvested back into the school, as opposed to the pockets of certain individuals (ie, non-profit vs. profit). They say you can't put a price on good education? Apparently in the UAE, you can. I do wonder how much longer the market can support this system...there are so many ultra-expensive schools in Dubai and the UAE, I do wonder how all those people are able to afford it (and these are schools with large student bodies).

For all the hype and facilities this school supposedly has going for it, you'd expect a better rating than 'Good'. But then, with the name attached to this school, would it even matter?

Archived 18th Feb 2014, 21:39

Repton have increased their fees by 9% from 2011/2012 to 2012/2013 school years. Then they increased it by a further 2.4% from 2012/2013 to 2013/2014 school years. That's 11.4% in just 2 years. When I spoke to the KHDA and asked why, given the fact that all fees were supposed to be frozen, they said it was due to new classrooms built and additional Islamic study rooms.

I think this is disgraceful given Repton only ever achieved a "Good" rating. Charging premium rates for only a "good" educational rating is outrageous. I'm really happy that I moved my kids to an "Outstanding" school for a 20% drop in fees and 100% increase in quality.

Archived 26th Feb 2014, 09:54

Hi John,

I agree with you. We are in a very similar situation, may I ask you where did you move your children and are you still happy with the new school as all school in Dubai have some issues, thanks, Ella

Archived 19th Feb 2014, 20:05

Hi John, the KHDA made clear that schools that were investing would be able to make increases to school fees - and Repton has been. (It already has a pretty impressive (and expensive) campus - I am sure you would agree with that). It's a balance, isn't it... We as parents want schools to invest in facilities, employ the best teachers, have incentives for staff so there is less churn - but we also want school fees to remain static. That is a difficult trick for any business to pull off...

And, whether we like it or not, education in the UAE IS a business. According to information we have been given it takes schools up to 12 years to pay off original capital costs. Schools are no longer gifted land as they once were, or helped by generous individuals as they once were. It's a private sector play.

Well done for getting your child into an Outstanding school. Let's hope there are more of them come April and the latest KHDA reports...

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