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Lycee Louis Massignon School Review

Lycée Louis-Massignon school, located in Abu Dhabi, is one of two French schools in the capital. The school has been in operation since 1971 and currently has 1,746 on its roster.
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Lycee Louis Massignon School

At a glance

School Type
All Through
Year Opened
Annual Fees
AED 22,780 - 41,940
Annual Fee Average
AED 31,500
Inspection Rating
Very Good
Didier Combeau
Curricula Taught
Main Student Nationality

The Story so Far

Lycée Louis-Massignon is a very popular French school in Abu Dhabi, which currently only accepts students approved by the French Embassy. Very few students who are outside of the French education system apply and even fewer are admitted. 

Very few students who are outside of the French education system apply and even fewer are admitted.

The school is monitored by the L’agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger or AEFE, the agency for French schools abroad which is based in Paris but is represented in UAE by the French ambassador. 

The overall performance of the school is high, with its most recent ranking Very Good (2016/2017) across all inspection indicators. This is up from the previous inspection which found the school to be Good (2014/2015) and an Acceptable rating in 2012/2013. 

There are 1,746 students enrolled in the school, the majority of which are in the primary and middle school. The majority of students are French passport holders (53%), with Lebanese (12%) and Canadian (5%) rounding out the remaining nationalities; 4% of students are Emirati. 

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There are 135 teachers currently working at Lycee Louis-Massignon and 23 teaching assistants. The teacher to student ratio is 1:25 in the KG and 1:27 in the other sections of the school. This is higher than average for the UAE and also higher than average for France, which has an average teacher to student ration of 1:18. The teacher turnover rate for the school is 15% which is low for the UAE, a country which often sees teachers transition to other schools or countries. 


What do the Inspectors Say?  

Overall, Lycée Louis-Massignon has been improving its performance with each inspection report. The latest report (2016/2017), has the school in the High Performing schools category for the first time. 

Source: Inspection Report 

The strengths of the school (leadership, teaching and learning), are the most critical pillars for a schools' continued achievement. The fact that the report notes that the teachers at Lycee Louis Massignon School are experts in their areas of instruction is important when considering student progress and achievement. It's clear that the teachers at the school are not only masters of their subjects but also experts in how children learn. 

It's clear that the teachers at the school are not only masters of their subjects but also experts in how children learn. 

Futhermore, the strong cohesion of leadership and the infiltration of the school's vision and mission means that the there will be increased buy-in from school stakeholders on development programs and progress. 

Student achievement at Lycee Louis Massignon School is Very Good across the board, most likely due to the strength of the teaching staff. As the report notes, "Students’ attainment and progress is very good overall. In the Baccalaureat French National tests for Grade 12 students, the school’s average results have been significantly above all French schools over the past 3 years. The proportion of students who achieve a ‘mention’ (honours to highest honours) for 12 points and above is consistently higher than all French schools." These are students who do well on this critical exam. 

The school’s results in the Brevet French National tests in French, mathematics and history/civics in Grade 9,  have been significantly above all French schools over the past 3 years. "At least 80% of LLM students achieved a ‘mention’ compared to 50% in all French schools. The trend over the past 3 years for students who pass French National tests and gain a ‘mention’ has been upward." 

Students at Lycee Louis Massignon School, on top of performing high academically, also have strong innovation and interpersonal skills, across all sections of the school. 

Source: Inspection Reports 

Areas for focus for the school include: focus on attainment in Islamic Education and social studies; increase students’ awareness, understanding and respect for the values of Islam and the heritage and culture of the UAE. These are critical areas for schools in the UAE and areas that all schools are identifying improvements plans to raise the quality and standards of. 

What about Fees? 

In Abu Dhabi, the fees for the school are considered average to high, starting at 21,700 and going up to 39,900 AED for the final years of high school. 

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