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GEMS Metropole School has without question been one of the most successful school launches over the last few years, in terms, at least, of student numbers. With just over 2,700 students, it is evidently pleasing parents and students. After a slow start, when it seemed that the school had not quite hit the mark in terms of school performance, improvements are clearly in focus. Support of students of determination is a particular strength of the school.
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4.4 out of 5 based on 196 reviews
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AED 42,000
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AED 33,792–45,989
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Sep to Jul
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Mr Naveed Iqbal
GEMS Education
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United Kingdom
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GEMS Metropole School
School type
School phase
All through
Inspection rating
Availability 2022/23
No data
Availability 2023/24
No data
Annual fee average
AED 42,000
Annual fees
AED 33,792–45,989
Price band help
Opening year
School year
Sep to Jul
Teacher turnover help
Mr Naveed Iqbal
GEMS Education
Main teacher nationality
United Kingdom
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GEMS Metropole School has without question been one of the most successful school launches over the last few years, in terms, at least, of student numbers. With just over 2,700 students, it is evidently pleasing parents and students. After a slow start, when it seemed that the school had not quite hit the mark in terms of school performance, improvements are clearly in focus. Support of students of determination is a particular strength of the school.

The story so far...

GEMS Metropole School (MTS), priced as a mid-range plus school, has appealed to parents on more moderate budgets who have clearly been attracted by the purpose-designed building with excellent facilities (including the swimming pool which adds the “plus” to its designation) and the promise of a solid UK curriculum education by the largest provider in Dubai.  

According to Principal, Naveed Iqbal, "Whilst I do believe that academic success helps to give every child the best opportunities in life, I also believe there is a responsibility to help students develop strong character, apply skills learnt in school life and the wider world which is our key purpose at Metropole. We strive to support knowledge, help students to acquire skills and develop a strong character to help prepare them for their future aspirations. Metropole is usually a place central to the city, country or community, this is what our school is; the hub of our community and we support all aspects of community life inside and outside school. Our school welcomes all into our central hub."

Feedback from parents to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com this year has been largely positive. Typical comments have include positive feedback about facilities and updates of them, strong teaching and leadership.  However, the size of the school and the number of students in classes is clearly a concern.  One parent commented that parents' expectations of lower class sizes were on the high side given the level of fees...

Recent comments have included:
"The English department is brilliant and keeps improving. The Arabic and Islamic department has improved a little but could use more improvements. Students numbers in one class have been reduced, but others could be lower. 28 for Primary."
"GEMS Metropole is a very inclusive school with the well being of every child being the top priority. Every child is made to feel special and the children are very happy going to school. My girls have been here since school opened in 2014 and it's a second home for them. They are thriving academically and doing extremely well. The pastoral care they have received when required has been exceptionally good. They are all like one big family."
"Strengths: Excellent teachers, Constructive learning environment, Excellent delivery of curriculum content, Technology/devices well integrated".
"Excellent community feel. Accessible and empathetic leadership team. Quality British education. High quality premium facilities. This school cares about their students"

Find out more about parents's feedback under The Buzz.

Set up prior to the opening of the mid-market (no pool, and therefore no plus) GEMS Founders' School in Al Barsha and now in Al Mizhar, MTS seems to have fallen between two stools, not at the Premium level that its facilities probably warrant, but not at the affordable level either, which would potentially have offered wider opportunities in relation to staffing in particular.  In terms of overall school performance, MTS has struggled to move above the Acceptable rating originally conferred by the KHDA inspection team in 2016-17 for the first time, and which has been retained for the subsequent three inspections.  GEMS Founders Al Barsha, meanwhile, achieved a Good rating on its first inspection.

However, we should mention that during the last inspection in 2019-20 (just prior to the halt due to the Covid 19 pandemic) although MTS again received an overall Acceptable rating, it had improved in 37 measures. In November 2021, the school was also inspected by British Schools Overseas, where it not only achieved a solidly Good rating, but with several Outstanding features, including its Senior leadership, and Very Good rating for its provision and support of Students of Determination.

To find out how GEMS Metropole looks and feels, read our Experience report.

With an average of between six to eight classes across each year group from FS1 to Year 11 and a growing number of 150 students in the Senior school from Years 10 to 13, class sizes are around 20 in the Foundation Stage and 26 in Primary and Secondary (rather than 18-24 offered at the premium schools).  Maximum class sizes are 22 and 28 respectively and do not seem to deter parents.  The FS stage has approximately 280 students, Primary 1,285 with the balance between years 7 to 13.  The Sixth Form anticipated the enrollment of approximately 200 students for September 2021 when it welcomed its first Year 12 classes.

The school is in the process of implementing the introduction of a more traditional private school structure, with Infant, Junior, Prep and Senior school designations and organisation. 

FS1 to Year 2 will be designated Infants,  Years 3 – 6 Juniors,  Years 7 – 9 Prep and Years 10 – 13 will be the Senior section of the school.  Quite why Metropole has decided to organise in this way is not clear, though by dividing the school in to four sections, it does ensure focused leadership across the five key stages that the UK curriculum is divided into.

There are currently approx. 2,700 students at the school - a reduction in roll over the past two to three years, in line with the experience of many schools in light of the economic situation.  

GEMS Metropole may offer the UK curriculum, but its student body is extraordinarily international, even by Dubai standards, with over 100 nationalities (107 currently) speaking over 50 languages.  An update (February 2021)  from the school informed WhichSchoolAdvisor.com that the main nationality groups are Egyptian, South Asian (Indian/Pakistani) and British.  Just over 10% of students have been registered as Students of Determination.  

Teaching staff are native English-speaking and predominantly from the UK and Ireland. Specialist teachers have been introduced for the delivery of Music and ICT.  There were close to 163 teachers in 2021, of whom 97%  are UK trained, and bring with them a range of experience from teaching around the world. Most of teachers have at least 2 years teaching experience in the UK. All UK trained teachers have received their Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). The school also has a Professional Development and Training budget to ensure ongoing training.

A further 33 teaching assistants had been employed to support classes from FS1 to Year 6. Teaching Assistants are in every class to support the children in their learning. They work with students on a 1:1 basis and in small groups under consultation with the teacher. TAs are given regular training on the latest educational research.  A teacher:student ratio of 1:15 is about what would be expected for a school operating at this price-point.

There is no doubt that staffing at GEMS Metropole has been something of a challenge.  Staff turnover has been something of an issue at the school almost from the outset. At its worst, the school lost 37% of its staff some five years ago, and although this has improved to 33% in 2017, a still significant 28% departed the school in in 2019. For any school to lose 1 in 4 of its staff does not bode well for a stable environment, especially given the requirement to induct so many staff at the beginning of the academic year.  The school, which is in its eighth year of operations, is now on its fourth Principal, but in Naveed Iqbal, MTS has finally found stability.  With a change at the top, changes lower down an organisation often follow.  For 2022-23, according to a recent post by Mr. Iqbal, staff turnover in terms of leavers is expected to be only 7% - well below the UAE average of 22-24%. 

Principal Naveed Iqbal, now in his fourth year, at MTS appears to be a stayer! Both he and the Vice Principal, Adam Hassoun, joined the school in September 2019, and both came from schools with strong track records. In addition, new, experienced Heads of Primary and Secondary as well as key middle leadership appointments have followed.  These include a Director of Arabic, a Director of Learning, and Digital Learning Coaches - in line with changes in focus to the curriculum and future development plans.

In April 2021, the school announced the appointment of Daniella Aschettino in the role of  Head Teacher of Prep and Senior School.  Ms. Aschettino has a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate degree (Masters of Education) in Educational Psychology from Cambridge University. She has been within GEMS for over nine years, spending the previous five years in senior leadership at GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis. Over the years, Daniella has held many positions and responsibilities for Teaching and Learning, Inclusion, Pastoral, Assessment, Safeguarding, and the Career Development of staff.  

Subsequent to the announcement of the appointment of Ms. Aschettino, MTS also announced the appointment of  Tara Foster as Head Teacher for Primary, who took up her new position in September 2021.

As Head Teacher, Ms. Foster is responsible for the overall leadership of the newly-reorganised Infants and Junior Schools. She was previously Deputy Head of Primary and has a total of 17 years’ experience as a primary teacher, as well as 13 years in senior leadership.

What about the curriculum?

MTS offers the English National Curriculum, including IGCSE and GCSE at 16, and AS followed by A Levels for Years 12 and 13. The first cohort of A Level students were due to sit their exams in June 2020, but with the cancellation of exams due to Covid-19, this was postponed until 2021 - although students still received A Level grades based on the prediction process put in place by the Exam Boards.

One of the key decisions which will enable the school to improve its curriculum delivery still further is the implementation of High Performance Learning (HPL), a methodology whereby teachers aim to optimise students' learning by focusing on their strengths and skills, enabling them to understand how they learn and developing resilience.  

Introduced originally by GEMS Jumeirah College, HPL is becoming integrated into the teaching model at almost all GEMS schools. The delivery of the curriculum is a relative strength of MTS, and is fully compliant with the Early Years Foundation Stage learning goals for children in FS, and with the UK National curriculum for students from Years 1 to 13, although Primary and Secondary students are said to benefit from a broader range of curriculum options than post-16 students.  There is a particular focus on reading within the school which is having a positive impact on learning.

The core academic areas of learning in Foundation Stage are English, Mathematics, Art, Music, and Personal, social and emotional development. The learning of the core concepts of knowledge is achieved through both lessons and hands-on learning, with play and activities being essential components of Foundation Stage students’ day.

Once children move on to Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1) subjects include English, Mathematics, Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Art and Design, Music, Physical Education (PE), Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).  At this stage, students continue to receive support, as they begin to work out how they, as individuals with unique identities, fit into the world. Building friendships and self-confidence are important areas of development, alongside the traditional and necessary academic programme.

As students move into Years 3-6, (Key Stage 2) they continue to follow the KS1 subjects with the addition of a Modern Foreign Language (French or Spanish). Students begin to learn at a higher level and apply the knowledge they have gained in their earlier years. They also have a better understanding of their own identities and likes, and begin to be curious about areas they are interested in discovering. There is a particular focus on providing KS2 students with opportunities to develop their sporting skills, notably through the Metropole Mustangs squad training.

Once students move to the Secondary School, from Years 7 to 9, the focus is on preparing them for the public examinations that they will study for in Year 10 and 11. A greater range of subjects is available from which students can choose, in order to develop their own interests and strengths.  In addition to the KS2 subjects, new subjects include English Literature, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, Drama, Design Technology, Computer Science and Swimming as an addition to PE.

A further and very specific focus for MTS is to become a school with the broadest possible range of pathways and bespoke options. In addition to a choice of 22 iGCSE and GCSE subjects, Metropole has introduced the Level 2 iBTEC (equivalent level to i/GCSE) programme in Sport and Business Studies. MTS expects 25% of its Year 10 student cohort to opt for the BTEC qualification.

GEMS Metropole Sixth Form aims to offer similarly personalised pathways available to students, which include around 20 International AS and A Levels.

A levels are particularly well suited to students who have strengths in two or three subjects from the curriculum and wish to study them further in greater depth. Recent changes to A Level qualifications mean that they are wholly examined at the end of Year 13 (with no option to retake whilst still studying at school). The AS level is a standalone qualification taken at the end of Year 12 and does not count towards the A level. 

International A levels are also recognised by top universities worldwide. Although they are similar to A levels, they have a more flexible, modular structure than A level and the syllabus content is designed to have greater international relevance. Both IAS and IA are taken as examinations at the end of each academic year. The AS is half the content of the A level and counts towards the final A level result. It is taken at the end of Year 12. Unlike AS level, International AS level modules can be retaken to try to improve a student’s overall A Level score. 

Options for IA/A Level at MTS include English Literature, Core Mathematics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sociology, History, Psychology, Business, Information Technology, Computer Science, Economics, Arabic as a first language, Art & Design (2 year course only), Drama (2 year course only), Physical Education (2 year course only), French (2 year course, or 1 year full A Level for native speakers), Spanish (2 year course, or 1 year full A Level for native speakers), and Media Studies (2 year course only).  The range is constantly being expanded.

The additional vocational pathway has been added with the provision of the Level 3 iBTEC in Sports and Business studies, and in Leisure and Tourism. The school also plans to add Engineering. Mr. Iqbal foresees students taking a blended approach to their qualifications at both KS4 (years 10 and 11) and KS5 (years 12 and 13). 

At Key Stage 4, students who expected to achieve strong results are likely to take iGCSE/GCSE with the more academically able scholars studying for 9 subjects, whilst those wishing to follow the standard offering will take 8 subjects.  Students who wish to take a blended option may study for i/GCSE and an i-BTEC level 2 qualification.  Students preferring a fully vocational route would have the option of the i-BTEC only.

For students in Sixth Form, the option of one BTEC Level 3 and up to two IA Levels will be available.  Provision of Career Counsellors to help in the choice of i/GCSE, I/A Levels and iBTEC options ensures that students have support on the road to an easy transition to University.  

MTS is registered for the Pearson Edexcel, AQA, and Oxford AQA Boards and is a registered BTEC Centre. Eventually, MTS would also like to offer the new (currently UK only-based) T Level qualifications which are designed to offer a technical equivalent to A Levels.

As part of the focus on offering the broadest possible range of pathways, and to develop its role as an 'Innovation Centre', MTS is also in discussions with DIFC and other 'Incubator' organisations with a view to providing opportunities for the involvement of Senior school students in developments at such organisations.

In addition to the academic at Sixth Form, Enrichment Activities include the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, the IPQ (the Independent Project Qualification, participation in which is subject to academic performance), Community Service, Prefect/Student Council, and Model United Nations. 

More recent innovations in the curriculum include the Farm Fresh’ Learning space (one of a number of cross-curricular curriculum spaces at the school). This delivers a “farm” within the school in which children can grow vegetables and keep rabbits, chickens and ducks. The school’s local farmer manages the upkeep of the facility and students enjoy real, practical learning. 

A “Language Hub”, a classical and modern foreign languages room and adult-learning Centre - IELTS testing Centre has also been developed, and given the large number of Arabic students, an Arabic Library supports Living Arabic and Living Islam (an Immersive curriculum during and after school).

In the Secondary school, a Radio and Performance Studio enables students to produce radio and podcast shows as part of the enriched curriculum, whilst “Food Technology”, has been provided offering a kitchen lab for secondary students to learn key cooking skills in a specialist room to promote life-long learning.

MTS has clear core principles in terms of what it aims to deliver at this level: 
  • To ensure we are able to offer accessible courses for our students’ abilities and passions, and provide qualifications which will help them access Higher Education Institutions and the workplace.
  • To build independent, responsible and resilient citizens by giving our students greater autonomy. Sixth Form students will receive the opportunity of greater freedom to help transition them into the independent life at university, as well as further leadership opportunities as student leaders of Metropole.
  • To provide students with opportunities to enhance their studies by developing skills beyond the classroom, giving them opportunities to develop social responsibility as well as to contribute to the community in which we are situated.

MTS offers a range of extra curricular activities, many of which are offered free of charge, whilst external companies also come in to the school to offer paid activities.  The school's sports teams take part in the DASSA League, GEMS' Sports Series and World School Games, as well as many other competitions through the school year. Teams include Football, Basketball, Netball, Rounders, Swimming, Water Polo, Tennis, Gymnastics, Badminton, Cross Country, Athletics (Track & Field) and Aquathon.

 What about inclusion?

If there is one area in which GEMS Metropole School already shines, it is in the provision and outcomes for students of Determination - for which it achieved a Very Good rating from the KHDA's DSIB inspection team in the 2019-20 inspection report.

MTS has a sizeable population of students with Gifts and Talents (G&T) and with SEN requirements.  Over 320 students have been identified as G&T, 120 with SEN requirements and a further 45 with English Language Learner needs.

The team that consists of a Head of Inclusion overseeing 7 specialised teachers for students of determination, three English as additional language specialised teachers, the Gifted and Talented coordinator, the student and careers counsellor, the school psychologist, and Lotus our Emotional Support Animal.

The school also has a dedicated Inclusion Hub that hosts the Unity class which is supported by Neuropedia Children’s Centre and their team of DHA registered professionals who provide Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis. This class supports an alternative curriculum and school readiness programme onsite with a dedicated specialised teacher in the field of special educational needs.

There is also support provided from the wider Neuropedia team, including a paediatric neurologist and neurodiagnostics practitioner, paediatric physiotherapist, paediatric feeding therapist, clinical geneticist and Paediatric Orthopaedist. All practitioners work closely together to support individual student programmes as required.

The adapted strength-based curriculum embraces specialist therapy in which students are effectively included in all aspects of the school journey through a play-based and child-led learning environment. They can also participate in all facets of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, with access to farm and gardening activities, physical education and phonics, as well as social behaviour development via outdoor playtime, and exposure to diversity and language improvement.

A highlight for students is the opportunity to engage with the school’s pet canine, Lotus, who plays an important role within the school as an ‘emotional support animal’. 

GEMS Metropole also offers a curriculum which incorporate elements from ASDAN in which 20 students are currently involved with training in Food Preparation and Hygiene.

ASDAN is an education charity and awarding organisation whose courses foster personal, social and work-related skills. ASDAN programmes are widely recognised by educators for providing an engaging curriculum that empowers students through personalised learning and choice. Courses are designed to motivate and enhance learners' confidence, self-esteem and resilience. In addition, learners develop core skills in teamwork, communication, problem solving, research and self-management. The programmes are designed for young people and adults aged seven to 19 and over. 

MTS intends to grow its support through a blended approach to ASDAN and BTEC studies.

The MTS School Inclusion Team offers individualised assessments to cater for students with additional needs. These assessments inform the development of Individualised Education Plans (IEPs) which are written in partnership with the student, parents/guardians, teachers, any external therapy agencies and Learning Support Assistants.  MTS has a range of working partnerships with external therapy agencies as well as its in-house Inclusion team which works closely with a Counselling Team, the English Additional Language Team. MTS is also connecting with universities offering SEN support with a view to assisting SEN students in their tertiary education ambitions.

Support for students with Gifts and Talents is provided through the Futures Programme which provides a monthly newsletter, workshops on various careers and topics as well as individual coaching sessions.

Whilst there are no additional fees for the provision of learning support in general, the school does make a charge of AED 750 to AED 1,500 for English Language Learner support depending on the degree required.  In addition, if a student requires a Learning Support assistant, this can be arranged either through the provision of an LSA by the school for which a monthly fee is payable, or the Inclusion team will assist in supporting parents recruit their own LSA.

What about Academic Achievement?

Unfortunately, GEMS Education has had a policy of not providing detailed information about academic performance in public examinations at most of its schools.  The exceptions had been the high-achieving schools such as GEMS Jumeirah College and GEMS Wellington International School.

We have been delighted to see that in 2021, there was a changes in policy. Examination results are not, and should not be, the be-all and end-all of education, but they do play an important part in most students' futures, and we believe that schools should be transparent in this context.  

With the Covid 19 pandemic forcing the cancellation of examinations for the second year in 2021, students at MTS were awarded results based on Centre Assessed Grades which were determined by staff at the school on the basis of internal assessments and predicted grades.

A small cohort of 42 students were entered for a total of 123 A Level examinations.  20% of awards were at A*, 41% at A*-A,  89% at A*-C and 98% A*-E (this being the overall pass rate).

A much larger cohort of 137 students were entered for 1,000 IGCSE examinations. 8.6% of entries were awarded the highest Grade 9, 21.2% were awarded grade A* (9-8), 37.8% achieved A*-A grades (9-7), and 75.5% were awarded A*-C. The overall pass rate was 88.9%

The school revealed very limited details of I/GCSE results in the first year of the pandemic in 2020, advising only that 34% of awards were at A*-A, 53% at A*-B and 88% at A*-C.

In the case of MTS for 2019, the school did reveal that its results at A* - C grades for i/GCSE were above the UK average (75% compared to 67%) for 2018-19, but this is very limited information upon which to judge real achievement. For comparison, please read our 2019 i/GCSE results article here.

What about the facilities?

Two very large new extensions have been built since the opening of the school in 2014 – one at the front of the school which houses predominantly younger students, and a further block at the end and rear of the original building which houses older students.  Now fully open to Year 13, this second extension has made space for the Sixth Form and includes all the additional specialist rooms associated with the senior school.

Innovation is an essential part of the way in which the curriculum is delivered at MTS and the school offers Wi-Fi throughout the school buildings, iMac Computer Suites and a Portable Windows Computer Suite - the use of technology is based on a ‘Bring your own Device’ programme.  All classrooms are equipped with either an interactive whiteboard or a large LCD television.  There are three libraries - Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary  -  six Secondary Science Labs - 'offering spacious, excellent facilities in which students can study Biology, Chemistry and Physics'. Primary students have access to a Primary Discovery Lab. 

The school also features Innovation Rooms, two Music Rooms, a drama room, Art Rooms, Performing Arts Rooms, a Sixth Form Common Room & Study Room within the Sixth Form centre which is equipped with Wi-Fi and technology as well as leisure activities such as pool, a Parent Café, Secondary Café and Student Canteen, and the Inclusion Centre for Students of Determination. The kitchen lab is used for home economics sessions. The school has a Studio and Radio room for students who run a weekly radio show or practice debates during their Metropole Talk sessions. The school is registered as an IELTS testing Centre.

Outdoor facilities include fully equipped playgrounds in both FS and Key Stage 1, a Peace Garden, and Student Gardens. 

Read our Experience visit report here to find out more about the facilities at GEMS Metropole.

Sports facilities include a Foundation Stage PE Hall, two Multi-purpose Sports Halls, a multi-purpose astroturf field with markings for a football pitch, athletics track and rounders pitch, a trainer pool and main Swimming Pool, two multi-use games areas with markings for tennis, basketball and netball courts and a Dance Studio. The school has recently introduced the Stable gym, which provides a fitness gym, dance studio and calisthenics area for secondary students and staff, probably one of the largest assigned fitness space in any school in Dubai. 

What the inspectors say

MTS received its fourth Acceptable rating from the KHDA's DSIB inspection team in 2019-20.  Whilst this is the minimum rating that the KHDA expects all Dubai schools to achieve, their aim is for all schools to be rated Good or above. 

It is clear that under the new leadership of the school, substantial improvements are being made with improvements in 37 of the inspection ratings in the most recent report.  At the time of the inspection - in January 2020 - this was still a school of two halves, with FS and Primary being rated at least Good across almost all criteria, though the Secondary and post-16 sections were rated largely Acceptable for Student Achievement. 

The improvements in the school's performance were further evidenced by the award of a Good overall rating with Outstanding features by British Schools Overseas in late 2021. BSO contracts inspections on behalf of the British Department of Education to accredit international schools offering the English National Curriculum.

Students' achievements in English, Maths and Science in the Foundation and Primary sections have improved since the previous inspection, with students making Good progress and attainment in almost all areas. However, there had been little movement in the Secondary school, where ratings remained (with one exception) Acceptable.

Whilst Student Achievement, including Learning Skills, is rated Good in the Foundation and Primary sections and acceptable in Secondary and Sixth form across the non-Arabic core subjects, the provision and outcomes for Students of Determination is now rated Very Good.

In common with many UAE international schools, Arabic is a weakness within the school, both in Primary, where it is rated Acceptable, but particularly in Secondary where it is rated Weak for both first and second language learners.  Clearly this is not a good situation when the highest proportion of student nationalities is Arabic.  The decision to recruit a Director of Arabic is not only a signal to the regulator that the school is taking these concerns seriously, but a clear message that improvements will be made.

MTS' students, on the other hand, are a strength.  They have positive and responsible attitudes to learning; they work diligently to succeed.  Their personal development across the school achieved Very Good ratings for the first time, with other measures retaining their largely Good ratings.

Whilst teaching and assessment have improved to Good in Foundation and Primary, they remain Acceptable in the Secondary and Sixth Form sections.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and many teachers adapt it well to meet students' needs. The majority of ratings for this key performance standard were Good.

Fundamentally, Student Achievement will only improve when Teaching and Assessment and the Curriculum design, implementation and adaptation reach the required standard. It is the disconnect between these performance areas that prevents the level of improvement that is clearly needed.

Again, recent changes in staffing through the addition of a Director of Learning, and the addition of further middle leaders is a reflection of the school's decision to invest in these key posts.  And with the introduction of the High Performance Learning methodology, concerns around the delivery of the curriculum and its assessment will also be addressed.

Where the school also shines is in relation to the Protection, Care, Guidance and Support of students, with Health and Safety (including Child Protection) rated Outstanding across the school, whilst Care and Support is rated Good.

The leadership of the school is also clearly making progress and has a more realistic view of the improvements required.  Facilities and both human and other resources have been improved and are now rated Very Good. 

In terms of the strengths of GEMS Metropole School, the inspection team noted:

  • Partnership between governors and senior leaders, and effective hard work from teachers, which together have led to many improvements in outcomes;
  • Students' behaviour and attitudes towards others and to their work
    The high quality and effective implementation of the school’s arrangements for health, safety, care and support;
  • The very effective identification of barriers to learning and support for students of determination;
  • The very positive partnerships with parents and enhanced staffing, facilities and resources.

As far as areas of improvement are concerned, MTS should:

  • Improve students’ progress and attainment in Arabic, particularly in the secondary and post-16 phases.
  • Spread good practice in teaching and assessment so that lessons are more consistently of high quality across phases and subjects.
  • Broaden the range of curricular options in the post-16 phase.
If you would like to read the full KHDA inspection report - and we strongly advise you to do so in order to understand the reasons behind the ratings - you will find it here.

There is no doubt that GEMS Metropole has made progress as the additional improved ratings show.  The challenge for the school is to continue to build on its capacity, particularly in the Secondary and Sixth Form, and especially to address the issues related to Arabic which will inevitably hold the school back in terms of an overall improvement in rating. 

Based on our conversations, we expect to see these challenges well on the way to being met by the time of the next full inspection - likely, due to Covid, to take place in 2022-23.

The Buzz

The WhichSchoolAdvisor.com Parent Survey has received a substantial number of responses.  The majority of responses in terms of students' sense of belonging and enjoyment of school,  satisfaction levels with feedback from the school and its disciplinary policy were slightly ahead of UAE averages.

78% of parents were fully satisfied with the quality of education (above the UAE average of 75%), with 25% considering it necessary to organise outside tuition for their children (below the UAE average of 30% . 

Over 8 in 10 parents (85%) would recommend MTS to others (compared with 68% in 2021), although 8% each were equally not sure or emphatically would not - but these numbers are half those of two years ago.    As is so often the case, fees are also something of an issue, with 61% agreeing that they represented value for money, 30% partially agreeing with this statement, and 9% disagreeing.  

Compared with two years ago, there has clearly been a significant turnaround in opinion among parents. At that time, we commented "at the moment, it seems that a substantial proportion of parents are not yet entirely convinced that GEMS Metropole is meeting their aspirations for their children".   The latest data shows much more satisfied feedback from parents.
If you are a parent, teacher or student at GEMS Metropole, please share your experiences and opinions with potential members of your school community by completing our survey here.

Our View

At the time of its opening, GEMS Metropole was ahead of the field in terms of its aim to provide a mid-range education in a school with mid-range plus facilities and a staff predominantly from the UK.  Whilst it has delivered all three of these aims, what it had not achieved two years ago was the delivery of the highest quality of education that was inherent within that package. 

It does seem that MTS is on the right track - and with a lack of other schools in the same price bracket with a similar quality of facilities in this geographic area, it has the advantage.  It seems that the improvements that have been made under the new leadership are bearing fruit. 

When we asked the Principal of Metropole what makes it special, Mr. Iqbal told us:

"Community ethos is a key strength of the school as is Inclusion which is currently oversubscribed, due to the caring and excellent services provided. The aim to enrich the lives of young people so that they are strong global citizens is truly embedded in the school. The golden thread which permeates throughout the school and will be embedded in the coming years is leadership. The school aims to develop leaders in all fields, this aim is carefully embedded in the identity in each part of the school". 

What about the fees?

Fees are at the mid-range plus level: for FS1, AED 33,792, for FS2 AED 36,864, AED 39,936 from Year 1 to Year 6, and AED 45,056 from Years 7 to 13.  This flat rate structure across Primary and Secondary is unusual and especially reasonable compared with many schools in the city. 

Sibling discounts are also available with 10% on the third child, 25% on  the fourth child, and 50% on the fifth child.

MTS has also introduced scholarships for some students. Recipients are required to show strong and ongoing contribution to the life of the school in their particular field, to work hard and to set a good example. Scholarships are awarded for excellence in one or more fields of the life of the School. The awarding of a Scholarship requires good conduct and achievement in the school

Scholarships may be awarded for high achieving students who show excellence or outstanding potential in one or more of the following areas: Academic (for students in Year 6 onwards), Sports (for students in Year 3 onwards), or Quran (from Year 1 onwards).


This school is in a Best School by parents ranking

GEMS Metropole School is a Best of school, a ranking determined by parent surveys on the site. It can be found in the following Best of rankings:

If you are the owner or the principal of the school and note any inaccuracies, or would like to update data, you can now open an account with us. You will also be able to add admissions availability per year group, and advertise current job vacancies. This is a free service. Please help us keep prospective parents up to date with your latest information.

Are you looking for a place for your child, and want help from our school consultants? If so, click on the link below, and we will forward your request for information to the school or schools of the same type that we are confident have availability. This is a free service for our readers. Request Information

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