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Brighton College made its Dubai debut in September 2018, sharing a 'super campus' with newly launched IB curriculum Bloom World Academy. The school offers a UK curriculum based syllabus. The two premium schools share a host of equally premium facilities.
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4.0 out of 5 based on 144 reviews
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AED 72,000
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AED 55,550–91,400
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Sep to Jul
Simon Crane
Bloom Education
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United Kingdom
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United Arab Emirates

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Brighton College Dubai
School type
School phase
All through
Inspection rating
Availability 2021/22
Availability 2022/23
Annual fee average
AED 72,000
Annual fees
AED 55,550–91,400
Price band help
Opening year
School year
Sep to Jul
Simon Crane
Bloom Education
Main teacher nationality
United Kingdom
Main student nationality
United Arab Emirates
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Brighton College made its Dubai debut in September 2018, sharing a 'super campus' with newly launched IB curriculum Bloom World Academy. The school offers a UK curriculum based syllabus. The two premium schools share a host of equally premium facilities.

The story so far...

Brighton College Dubai (BCD) opened in September 2018 and is currently co-located with sister school Bloom World Academy with the two premium schools being built adjacent to each other, and sharing some of the facilities. 

In 2022, Bloom Education announced its intention to  expand on the campuses' shared facilities in the next academic year in building a ‘Centre for Performing Arts’, which will include a theatre, dance, drama and art studios.

Brighton College Dubai offers a Foundation to Year 13 British curriculum (Year 13 opened in September 2022) and follows the UK public school internal organisation of Pre-Prep (Foundation Stage), Prep School (Years 1-6) and Senior School (Years 7 to 13).  The school opened its Sixth Form (Year 12) in September 2021, completing its full range of year groups with the addition of Year 13 in August 2022.

WhichSchoolAdvisor.com understands that the College intends to open Nursery classes for two to three year olds - an increasing occurrence in Dubai schools now that the KHDA has responsibility for pre-school education in addition to private schools and universities - and that the College has earmarked 4 classrooms for this purpose.

Although a relatively new school, in its fifth year of operation, Brighton College Dubai has clearly established itself as a favourite with parents who are impressed by the school's leadership, teachers, culture and overall quality. Happiness is an noun used frequently by parents, teachers and students.

Comments to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com include:
"Very strong leadership with clear focus and ambition."
"The older than average age of the teachers compared to other UAE schools. This means more experience, and many are parents themselves, with children at the school. So much more empathy, part of a community. It’s a very happy place!"
"It’s small and has a homely, personal and welcoming feeling. The school has a culture of kindness and this resonates throughout everyone in the school."
"Amazing teaching; Safe happy school"

It is not only parents who have positive comments to offer.  We have also received feedback from teachers:

"Brighton is a happy school. I find the relationship between leadership and parents amazing, it is very rare, they involve parents in almost everything. They also listen, the school offers activities. So far I have had a great experience at Brighton College Dubai."
"What a community feel there is in the school. I hadn't realised that it would be such hard work building up a new school in Dubai but that it would be such a rewarding experience. Everyone is in this together and it is truly a team goal to ensure that the school is successful and that the pupils are happy and make great progress. I enjoy coming to work every day."
and students: 
"Personally, I am very impressed with Brighton. It has changed the way I study for the better and made me feel comfortable in participating in class because all students are very close."

For more about feedback from parents at Brighton College Dubai go to The Buzz.

Owned by Abu Dhabi-based Bloom Education in the UAE, Brighton College Dubai is the third school to carry the highly-regarded UK public school name, having followed Brighton College Abu Dhabi and Brighton College Al Ain - both schools rated Outstanding by ADEK - the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge. Bloom also owns the Mindchamps Nursery.  Internationally, there are colleges in the UK (the original school), Bangkok and Singapore.

It seems that Brighton College Dubai is also successfully following the strong performance of its sister schools - with an achievement of the highest first inspection rating of Good from the KHDA in the 2021-22 academic year - an outcome that has been consolidated in its first British Schools Overseas inspection in Autumn 2022 where BCD achieved the highest Outstanding rating across all performance areas.

Under the eight categories of the BSO inspection, Brighton College Dubai was awarded an Outstanding rating for:

  • Attainment and progress in English, maths and science,
  • The rich, varied, highly engaging curriculum,
  • The quality of teaching, learning and assessment, 
  • The social and cultural development of pupils, 
  • Welfare, health and safety, parent partnerships and relationships, 
  • Early years provision,
  • Sixth-form provision, 
  • School leadership and management.

You can read the full BSO inspection report here.

Brighton College UK is one of the most academically successful co-educational schools in the UK, and is also one of its most progressive, including a gender neutral commitment to uniforms. While the former is very much a promise, the latter just does not fit the UAE's cultural norms. 

That relativism is clearly something Brighton College Dubai is comfortable with: It is the same story with other Brighton branded schools around the world. What remains true across its network is the commitment to bring out the individual and his or her true strengths from each Brighton student. Many schools claim to do this of course, but without that strongly progressive philosophy implemented in extremis as it is in the UK, the claim clearly lacks some of its original bite.

BCD says its community is underpinned by a profound belief in the values of curiosity, confidence and kindness.  The College strives "to create a family-orientated, respectful and vibrant community, for all of our pupils, which will impart or provide:
• A love of learning for its own sake.
• A foundation of knowledge and body of skills with which to understand and question the world we live in and to prepare them, through an innovative approach to education, for the world which they will inhabit in the future.
• An awareness and appreciation of the spiritual dimension in our lives.
• An enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom – in particular, sport, music and the performing arts.
• A respect for difference in others and a recognition that the efforts and achievements of every individual in our community are valued equally."

In short, Brighton College Dubai strives to turn out well-educated, respectful and intellectually curious men and women who are ready to step forward in life taking a full, active and positive role in the UAE and the wider world.

Currently, some 600 students come from 37 different nationalities with the highest proportion being British (at 50%) followed by Emirati and American students. Students are supported by 60 (mainly British ) teachers and a further 15 teaching assistants. A teacher:student ratio of 1:10 is very much on the low side (suggesting average class sizes of 20 - low even for Premium schools in the city).

Following the departure of  Founding Principal Marco Longmore in late 2019, Bloom Holdings responded rapidly with the appointment of  Simon Crane, then Head of the Senior School of Brighton College Abu Dhabi. 

In February 2020, the Board announced that Mr. Crane had been appointed on a permanent basis as Head Master for Brighton College Dubai.  In addition to bringing a focus on kindness within the school community and commitment to academic rigour, Mr. Crane is also responsible for ensuring a balanced portfolio of co-curricular pursuits which fully embody the ethos of Brighton College.   

As a Brighton College parent as well, Mr Crane is said to fully understand the impact an authentic Brighton College education can have on students. He was instrumental in guiding Abu Dhabi students to achieve exceptional academic results, with 40% of its A level grades in June 2019 (the last year when students sat examinations as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic), being A* and A. Mr Crane was also instrumental in Brighton College Abu Dhabi achieving the ADEK rating of Outstanding in 2018-19. In so far, it seems that Mr. Crane is very much a safe pair of hands.

What about the curriculum?

Brighton College Dubai follows its own Brighton College curriculum based on the English National Curriculum in the pre-Prep, Prep and Senior sections, incorporating the International Primary Curriculum (an internationally adapted version of the Key Stage One and Two curricula for the ENC) in the Prep stage. Senior school students study International GCSE and A-levels.

The International Primary Curriculum supports a cross-curricular approach, "links to out-of-school experiences and to other daily activities, helping children appreciate the role that these aspects of learning play in their everyday lives. It is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum, with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. It also develops international mindedness and encourages personal learning. Pupils interests are sparked due to the relevance of the units, the enquiry approach and the skills that they learn."

The Brighton College curriculum aims to inspire lifelong learning and is said to combine the best of both a traditional and innovative education. Innovation in teaching and learning based on sound pedagogy and educational philosophical reasoning is a goal so that teaching and learning can be a platform for well purposed change but not just for change’s sake.

The College aims to achieve this goal through:
➢ providing a versatile environment appropriately furnished to support a blended learning approach to teaching and learning styles,
➢ research supported curriculum programmes that involve pupils in understanding their own learning preferences,
➢ staff depth of knowledge about the individual that allows maximum support and motivation to learn.
➢ high expectations of both the teacher and the learner related to their approach and attitude to learning to ensure that they can be their best selves.
➢ opportunities for an enquiry-based approach to open up children’s curiosity, interest and learning through the exploration of ideas.
➢ promoting open mindedness where pupils are given the possibility of seeing that their ideas have value, and that others have different ideas that have value too.
➢ developing adaptable learners who realise that they do not always have to be right but are able to problem solve and find alternative solutions.
➢ promoting critical thinking which encourages pupils through purposeful questioning to make reasoned judgements that are well thought through and logical.
➢ encouraging confidence without arrogance through developing and celebrating success and learning through positive experiences.
➢ developing international mindedness which promotes a sense of the pupil’s own nationality and culture whilst at the same time developing a profound respect understanding for other nationalities and cultures.
➢ a constant questioning of, reflecting on and modifying of our own practice.

In addition to the traditional subjects offered, students start to learn Arabic from FS1, offering both Arabic A and Arabic B. From FS1 to Year 5, all students study Arabic and French, and in Years 6 and 7, add Spanish to the other two languages.  Students in Years 8 to 10 choose between Spanish or French and Arabic. 

There is also a broad focus on Creative and expressive arts which are given ample time in Years 7 to 9 to allow students to develop their appreciation of these subjects, which can in turn improve and develop creativity, thinking skills and independence when transferred into the traditional academic subjects.

Humanities are taught through Brighton’s innovative 'Story of Our Land' course in Years 7 and 8, which uses the framework of UAE history to explore historical, geographical and philosophical themes over the two years before splitting to focus on more core skills in preparation for GCSE. Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies form an integral part of the curriculum in the Senior School.

The Year 10 and 11 curriculum aims to prepare students for the greater challenges of studying A-levels in the Sixth Form. Most students do nine GCSEs and most will study the core subjects of English literature and English language, Mathematics and the three Sciences. In addition, students choose four further optional subjects from a wide range of humanities, languages, creative, practical and expressive subjects.

In the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13), which opened in September 2021, most students will take three or four A-levels over the two years, usually dropping the fourth subject for Year 13. 

A key appointment to the leadership of the college is the Founding Head of Sixth Form, Joe Hall. Previously Head of Sixth Form at Brighton College Al Ain, Mr. Hall's appointment is a reflection of his extensive knowledge and experience in establishing a highly successful and outstanding rated Sixth form in the UAE, as well as living and breathing the Brighton College ethos. 

Commenting on his role as Head of Sixth Form at Brighton College Dubai, Mr. Hall, said: “To be at the helm of launching Brighton College Dubai’s highly anticipated Sixth form is very exciting and our mission is to emulate the outstanding success that its sister schools in both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain have achieved. My expertise lies in setting up and establishing sixth forms and building an environment that cultivates kindness, as well as helping pupils flourish and go on to achieve their best. I am very much looking forward to nurturing Brighton College Dubai’s Sixth form pupils so they can reach their full potential and go on to studying at leading universities around the world. I also want to make sure they have all the skills and character required not just to survive, but to thrive in the mid 21st century world.”

The College ensures that there is a holistic approach to all aspects of students' education, including the promotion of healthy lifestyles through an active ‘sports for all’ PE curriculum which enables all students from FS1 to Year 9 to have one PE and one swimming lesson per week.  The College's philosophy for Sport is based on participation and enjoyment, believing that students are more likely to achieve their potential whether as an elite performer aspiring to represent their country, or as an individual who just wants to play for their school if they are involved and happy.

Healthy bodies are promoted through regular topics related to healthy eating and healthy bodies, a healthy menu from the school meal providers, talks from the nurse, focus on handwashing and cleaning teeth.

In a further step towards supporting all round mental and physical health, in April 2021, the College announced, in response to the global conversation about COVID 19-induced mental health issues, that it will cultivate a positive narrative around mental health by introducing mental health and wellbeing studies in to the curriculum when it launches its Sixth form this September.

Based on the PERMA Model, a scientific theory of happiness, all Sixth form students will study the Brighton Charter which has been built into the curriculum to teach students about character development in areas such as leadership and resilience. It will also teach transferable skills such as public speaking, presentation skills, problem solving, interview techniques and information and media literacy. Students will learn about positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishments, and how to apply these to their lives.

Mr. Wells, who will be responsible for the implementation of the mental wellness curriculum, commented: “As part of the Brighton Charter we will develop mental health awareness, mental health first aid and a positive psychology amongst pupils. A huge part of my role will be supporting Brighton College sixth form pupils beyond the curriculum and academic studies, and supporting them with character development and how to adapt and be prepared for a post-COVID world. We need to prepare our pupils, now more than ever, to be able to stand out in a world where more and more of us will in essence become freelancers as employment patterns change due to the pandemic. Transferable skills, communication skills and confidence have never been more important to learn alongside a core curriculum.”

An addition to the core curriculum, a range of co-curricular activities are offered which encourage active games, sports disciplines and training and mindfulness. football, rugby, netball, cricket, swimming, tennis, dance and gymnastics among others.

What about Students of Determination and those who are Gifted and Talented?

Brighton College Dubai is committed to an inclusive approach, ensuring that every student, regardless of their individual learning profile, has every opportunity to be truly independent and choose their own path. All students are supported through carefully tailored programmes of study, advice and support when needed. 

They are supported by the Inclusive Education Action Team with experience and qualifications in diagnostic assessment, mentoring, Masters of SEN, CELTA, TEFL and leadership. The team comprises of a Head of Inclusion, SENCO, EAL Teacher and two Learning Support Assistants. The College works closely with The Developing Child Centre in Dubai. At the time of the KHDA inspection in March 2022, 37 students had been identified with SEN requirements

The College says it welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds, some of whom speak English as an additional language. .Teachers therefore consider the needs of pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL) when they plan their lessons. There is a particular focus at the College in developing literacy across the curriculum. High quality speaking, listening, reading and writing opportunities are integrated within lessons and extra-curricular activities, where appropriate

Students who are more able are challenged regularly with extension activities in the classroom. They can be nominated for ‘The Sheikh Zayed Group’ which provides special inspirational classes and a mentor for each student. There are also critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving Co-curricular activities as well as examination preparation activities through which students can extend themselves. 

What about academic achievement?

The College uses progress measures from the GL tests for ongoing assessment of students, together with an internal progress measure from BCD's own internal systems.

Following on from their first set of successful GCSE Maths results in August 2021, the College announced the impressive results of its early entries (students taking the examinations ahead of the normal entry dates for their ages/year group), which included four Year 10 students and one Year 8 student, all of whom achieved the top Grade 9 (A*) grades after sitting the examinations in January 2022. The achievement of Year 8 student, Ibrahim, received the top grade at the tender age of 12, having sat the exam three and a half years ahead of the usual schedule.

In August 2021, Brighton College Dubai announced its first set of I/GCSE results for its cohort of nine students who were entered for a total of 75 examinations.  In common with all UAE students, no examinations were sat due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and the results were, therefore, based on teacher assessed grades.  55% of all entries were awarded an impressive Grade 9-8 (A*), with 29% awarded Grade 9, 69% Grade 9 - 7 (A*-A), 81% Grade 9-6 (A* - B), and 99% Grade 9 - 4 (A*-C).  The entire cohort achieved Grade 9 to 8 in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Physical Education and 100% Grade 9s achieved in Art. .

Brighton College is one of several schools who monitor and publish their 'value added' results which is a comparison of the actual grades achieved against predicted grades arrived at through benchmark tests taken by students on entry to the college.  With a positive score of 1.92, this means that students achieved, on average, nearly two grades above the original predicted grades.

Highest  achieving students celebrating top level grades included Head Girl, Madeleine Cranitch, was awarded nine Grade 9s/A*, Ross Bannerman, who achieved six Grade 9s/A*s, and two Grade 8s/As, Alice Farrow with four Grade 9s/A*s and three Grade 8s/As and Emirati student Lora Atatreh, who achieved six Grade 9-8/As, two Grade 7s/Bs, and one Grade 6.

In terms of external examination results, for reference, 79.84% of Brighton College UK grades were A* to A  in 2017 at A' Level. Dubai College, the UAE's most academically successful school in terms of examination results, scored 66.8% A* to A.

“Brighton College is the UK’s top co-educational school, renowned for combining academic excellence with a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities, all underpinned by a deep commitment to the individual needs and enthusiasms of each boy or girl.” Richard Cairns, Principal, Brighton College UK

According to BCD, outstanding academic results are a recurring factor of a Brighton College education. In the UK, Brighton College, over the last five years, its students  have achieved results that place it in the top 1% of all schools in England.

In the UAE, Brighton College Abu Dhabi says it has "established itself as one of the leading 3-18 British Curriculum schools in the Middle East, achieving the best A-level results in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi" though this has been disputed by the British School Al Khubeirat.

What about the Facilities?

Announced as part of a "super campus", Brighton College Dubai forms one half of a 4,000 strong student community - when it and the school it shares a space with reach capacity.  Brighton College Dubai stands adjacent to is the equally prestigious Dwight School Dubai which was opened at the same time as BCD and both schools share some facilities.

The campus is planned to include a Centre of Excellence for Arabic Language, Culture and the Arts, an institution "dedicated to the development of intra-cultural exchange, facilitate both teacher and student development, as well as promote a deeper understanding of the rich Arabic history and traditions."  Parents have expressed some frustration at the failure to complete some of the promised facilities.

The combined development was given a value of more than $75m (AED275m) according to media reports, with the campuses built across a 10-acre site, with two Ground plus 3 floor buildings spread across 89,000 square metres of space. Shared facilities include a 600 seat auditorium that will be used for large events, as well as a running track.

Facilities include large, airy classrooms, incorporating the latest educational technology and including a Creative Learning Centre to enable teachers to deliver inspirational lessons using the latest educational technology. Features also include what the school describes as "Stunning music and art facilities." In addition, spacious purpose-built playgrounds and outdoor learning environments which include innovative resources and equipment are provided.

Sports facilities include a large and fully equipped sports hall, a 25m swimming pool and shallow practice pool, football pitches and hard courts, tennis courts, full size 400m athletics track and a full-size rugby pitch. Brighton College Dubai also has a fully fitted out Fitness Suite inside the college,open to students and parents.

What the inspectors say

Originally due for inspection in 2021, the postponement of inspections as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic meant that the first DSIB inspection of Brighton College Dubai took place in March 2022. 

In addition, the College was also inspected at the start of the 2022-23 academic year by a team from British Schools Overseas - the UK Department of Education's international accreditation process designed to indicate compliance with the UK Government's requirements for schools offering the English National Curriculum. The College announced its membership of the Association of British Schools Overseas in October 2022 and released the report in November reflecting an inspection outcome of Outstanding across all performance standards.

With both the Brighton Colleges in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain rated Outstanding by ADEK's inspectors (the highest possible rating), there was presumably some pressure and expectation that the Dubai branch would also do well in its first KHDA inspection - and indeed it did - achieving an overall rating of Good. Whilst WhichSchoolAdvisor.com has been assured by the KHDA that a higher rating of Very Good or even Outstanding is achievable on first inspection, no Dubai school has ever been awarded higher than a Good rating.

The inspection team identified the strengths of Brighton College Dubai as:

  • Very good attainment in English in the primary and secondary phases
  • Students’ very good personal development
  • Very good procedures for health and safety
  • The productive partnership with parents
  • The high-quality facilities and how they support students’ learning.

However, although the majority of the ratings achieved by the College were Good, with a sprinkling of Very Good ratings, when it came to Students' Achievement, it was very much a tale of two halves.  As has so often been the case in UAE schools, whilst the ratings for English, mathematics and Science were overwhelmingly Good, those for Arabic and Islamic Education were decidedly less positive. 

Whilst attainment and progress was rated almost entirely Good across all sections of the school for English, Maths and Science (and Very Good for attainment in English in Primary and Secondary), attainment and progress in the Arabic curriculum subjects - Islamic Education, Arabic as a First Language and as an Additional language saw 8 of the 12 measures rated Weak and the balance Acceptable. 

Inspectors commented that progress in Islamic Education and Arabic was not yet rapid enough. "Consequently, attainment in these subjects is weak". They identified shortcomings in curriculum design resulting in gaps in learning and found that although most staff are suitably qualified, there was an exception in those teaching Islamic Education.  Whilst  approximately only 5% of the school's current population is Emirati, the requirement to ensure a much higher standard of provision for Arabic and Islamic Education will need to be a priority for the school if it wishes to improve the overall rating of Good.

Overall, however, the inspection team had much to say that is positive. Students have very good attitudes to learning and across all phases, almost all children and students demonstrated good self-discipline in lessons and around the school. They were found to be respectful, friendly and helpful to others. Accordingly, students' personal and social development was rated Very Good across the school. In addition, the ratings for Understanding of Islamic values and awareness of Emirati and world cultures were found to be Good, as were those for Social responsibility and innovation skills.

The Good ratings continued through the key performance indicators of Teaching and Assessment and the Curriculum. Health and safety, including arrangements for child protection/ safeguarding were rated Very Good across the school, whilst Care and support was rated Good. However, the provision and outcomes for students of determination was found to be Acceptable.

The inspectors noted that procedures to identify students of determination require improvement. Whilst assessment on entry enabled the school to make provision for individual students’ needs, the identification of students’ individual needs was not consistently accurate. The inspectors commented that "leaders express a commitment to inclusion, but the inclusion and admission policies do not support the views expressed"

When it came to the ratings for Leadership and Management and Brighton College Dubai, the effectiveness of leadership, and Governance were rated Good.

"Leaders have a shared vision to develop students’ love of learning. Most demonstrate a good knowledge of the best practices in teaching. Leaders are committed to UAE priorities. However, they have not been successful in ensuring that Emirati students achieve as well as their classmates."

The school's self evaluation and improvement planning was rated Acceptable, indicating that the school's own view of its performance and improvement requirements was not as accurate as required.

Governance - a key area for the KHDA inspection teams to ensure that the leadership is held to account and influences the direction of school improvement. - was also rated Good.  The inspectors noted that the governing board systematically monitors the work of the school. Through surveys, discussion with groups of parents, and the information from reviews, governors have a detailed knowledge of the work of the school. 

An evident strength of the school - which feedback directly to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com also clearly indicates - is that the relationship between the school, parents and the community is Very Good.  Inspectors commented that "Parents are extremely positive about how well the school engages them as partners in their children's learning. They express their satisfaction with the communications from the school, and how they are helped to support their children’s learning at home."

Finally, the management, staffing, facilities and resources were also rated Very Good. Inspectors found that daily management of the school is very well organised. Staff benefit from an appropriate range of professional development programmes. School facilities are of a high quality.

In terms of areas of improvement, the inspection team recommended that Brighton College Dubai:

  • Raise attainment and progress in all subjects, especially in Islamic Education and Arabic, through:
    - consistent use of accurate tracking of students’ progress to enable their needs to be fully met;
    - improving students' understanding and application of what is taught; and by
    - allowing students to demonstrate their good learning skills.
  • Improve the accuracy of self-evaluation processes to ensure that the school has an accurate understanding of the impact of teaching on students’ outcomes.
  • Ensure that governors adapt policies for admission and inclusion to reflect accurately their vision for a fully inclusive school.

If you would like to read the full inspection report - and we strongly recommend that you do so in order to understand the reasons behind the ratings and the improvements proposed by the inspection team - you will find it here.

The Buzz

There had been relatively little direct external feedback about Brighton College Dubai prior to the publication of the KHDA inspection report. 

However, a significant 144 responses have been received from BCD parents to the WhichSchoolAdvisor.com Parent Survey, with the College achieving an overall score of 4.1/5. This is an approval rating of 82%.

A massive 73% of students have a tremendous sense of belonging to the College whilst 70% enjoy going to school a tremendous amount.  Interestingly, 52% of children attending the school had moved to Brighton College Dubai from another school in the UAE and a huge 85% of respondents were totally satisfied with the academic performance of the school.   Despite this, 19% of parents felt additional external tuition would be required for their child - a symptom of parental ambition rather than any failing on the part of the College, we suspect. Almost 60% of parents were extremely confident that BCD could meet the specific learning needs of their child (compared with a UAE average of 33%).  An overwhelming 86% of parents would unreservedly recommend the school to other parents.

Brighton College Dubai has further grounds to be happy with the feedback from parents to the survey. Communication and disciplinary policy and implementation were also highly rated - both over 80% satisfaction.  Even one of the most contentious issues - that of whether school fees represent value for money - received positive feedback and were totally felt to do so by 63% of respondents, whilst a further 26% partially agreed.  Given that the fees are among the highest in the city, BCD is evidently delivering the quality that parents expected.  Only 11% of respondents disagreed.  

If you are a parent, teacher or student at Brighton College Dubai, please share your experience and opinions with other potential members of your community by completing our survey here.

The College does organise a Friends of Brighton volunteer group of parents who aim to assist the College in a variety of ways. Regular meetings allow the Friends of Brighton and senior College staff to discuss and plan future events and initiatives. As a Friend of Brighton, parent work closely with College staff to enhance its community profile and fundraising activities.

Parents are also said to be an important part of the partnership with the College. They are regularly informed about their child’s learning and EdTalks and workshops related to subject topics are organised by a range of speakers. Parent Reps for each class that meet regularly to talk with the school leadership team.

Our View

There has been considerable debate and discussion over the past several years about the financial sustainability of premium priced schools, and the arrival of schools with a heritage in their home country that may or may not transfer successfully to the UAE.  Certainly, the majority of new school openings in recent years have been more towards the more affordable range.

Bloom Education's decision to open not one but two Premium priced schools in Dubai was brave, and one that had to be made on the fundamental understanding that the school would be able to deliver the quality of education that parents paying such fees must demand.  Of course, the fact that Brighton College Abu Dhabi and Al Ain had already established such strong reputations was clearly a major benefit, but Brighton College Dubai still needed to prove its worth.  Based on the parental feedback so far, we would say that it has more than done so. 

Yes, there is work to be done in terms of the delivery of Arabic and Islamic Education, and areas for improvement in a number of other areas - which is only to be expected given the age of the school and its first inspection outcome.  But based on the prior achievement of Bloom Education's schools, there is little doubt in our mind that Brighton College Dubai will continue to improve on the delivery of an education that its parents and students already value highly.

What are the fees?

Ultra Premium. Brighton College Dubai has KHDA approved fees between AED 64,000 for FS1 and AED 107,000 for Sixth Form pupils. 

That said, fees have been reduced to between AED 53,500 for FS1 and AED 88,200 for 2021-22. A modest increase in fees has been approved for 2022-23 ranging from AED 55,550 in FS1 to AED 91,400 for Year 13 in the 2022-23 academic year; all fees remain below the full KHDA approved figures. 

The school is currently open to Year 12, and will open fully to Year 13 in 2022-23.  Year 11 fees are AED 85,500 (moving up to AED 88,700 in 2022-23).  A one-time non-refundable/non-transferable application fee of AED 525 inclusive of VAT is payable at the time of application.

Tuition Fees do not include individual use laptops/tablets/computers, uniform, food services, transport, examination fees or extra-curricular activities outside school hours.

The College offers families with two or more children a sibling discount. This is 5% for the second child and third child, 10% for the fourth child, 15% for the fifth child and subsequent children.

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