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Ajyal International School is a British curriculum school that opened in Mohammed Bin Zayed City in September 2014. WhichSchoolAdvisor.com has visited the school twice, in December 2014 shortly after its launch, and again in May 2016.
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AED 41,000
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AED 26,500 - 47,500
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Sep to Jul
Mohamad Saad
The Bin Omeir Education LLC
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A mix of nationalities
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What is the official name of your School?
Ajyal International School (Mohamed Bin Zayed City Campus). ‘Ajyal’ means family ‘generations’.

What is your school's Web site address?

What qualities and characteristics would you say define your school?
Ajyal School is aiming to offer one of the best school educational experiences in Abu Dhabi. Our curriculum is based upon the English National Curriculum with special and distinctive outcome based upon Significant Learning outcomes concerning knowledge, application to real life, integration, human dimensions, caring and learning how to learn. Our curriculum is therefore broad and balanced including study in the Languages, Maths, Sciences, Humanities, Islamic Studies Arts, Physical Education and Technology. We have three specialisms in Engineering and Technology, Medicine and Health, the Gulf and Globalisation.

The school is a safe, caring and happy place in which importance on relationships, trust, support and encouragement dominate our ethos. Our pupil’s personal development is at the heart of learning, in mind, body and spirit. Our house system named after the natural treasures found in the UAE, encourages collaboration, competition and support as well as ‘fun’ activities for children to enjoy.

The school campus is a beautiful, modern and inspiring building with various specialist facilities, including science labs and technology rooms for study of textiles, graphics, resistant materials and food.

How many nationalities are represented at Ayjal MBZ?

Are there high proportions of a particular nationality?
Yes, we are popular with local families

What is the teacher: student ratio at Ayjal?

Does Ayjal have a waiting list?
Yes in some year groups. For more information, contact our registrar, at registrar@ajyal.sch.ae

What percentage of your students achieve entry to higher educational institutions and, in general terms, which countries?
We are a relatively new school with student just starting iGCSE courses in Year 10. We will offer a curriculum through to Year 13, which will enable students to apply for higher and degree courses in the UK, America and locally.

How does the school promote healthy lifestyles? 
Through PE and PSHE lessons, assembly presentations by the pupils

Physical education and sport is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. How does your school ensure children engage in physical activity? 
Through PE lessons and clubs, lunchtime and after school.

Do you promote healthy eating?
Yes, we also have a cafeteria for students that serves hot food. Lunch costs between 10-15 dirhams

What is the starting and finishing time of your school day?
The school is open from 8.45am with lessons starting at 8am. KG ends at 1.40pm and Primary and Secondary at 2.40pm

Is there a school uniform?
Yes, available from ZACs Uniform Suppliers

Please advise on your discipline policy and/or provide a link to your website?
The school has a behaviour policy which approaches pupil discipline in a staged. Corrective and educative manner. Any serious breaches are dealt with case by case. The policy also includes positive behaviour encouragement through pupil awards.

What is your policy on mobile devices such as mobile (cell) phones in school?
Pupils must not use mobile phones in school.

How does your school differentiate learning?
Lessons are planned for pupils individual needs and learning styles. In practice this may mean pupils are grouped specifically in class, paired, or given personalised and differentiated learning resources. In some subjects such as English and Mathematics, the pupils maybe set according to their learning ability in that subject.

Do you develop independent learning through homework and, if so, what are your recommendations regarding this, particularly time spent on homework?
Pupils independent learning is a Significant Learning outcome. Homework is set from KS1 upwards and is communicated in pupil diaries, emails and weekly newsletters to parents. A pupil will increase the time given to independent study as they progress throughout the school; from a several hours a week in primary to considerably more in secondary, and on average two to three hours a day for a KS4 pupil.

How do you feedback progress and attainment to students and parents?
Through the parent portal, pupil workbooks, termly parent evenings and written reports.

How often is the more formal feedback such as reports and parent/teacher meetings?

Is Arabic taught as both a first language and second language in your school?

Which other languages are taught?

Do you offer EAL or TEFL support for those students where English is not their first language?

Is Islamic Education/Studies for the Arab Muslim students delivered in Arabic for them?

Do you have a dedicated prayer room/s for the Muslim students?
Yes, for male and female

If external examinations and assessments are part of your curriculum, which ones do you offer?
We will offer Cambridge and Edexcel IGCSE, A level and other examinations, such as ACER.

What is you medium of instruction?

Not all schools are staffed or resourced to offer learning support to those children with either moderate or significant learning needs. To what level can you offer support for those with learning differences?
On individual assessment according to needs.

Do you have a learning support team in your school?

How do you support gifted, able and talented students?
Through differentiated learning in class and special projects and challenges. Pupils are given opportunities to lead.

Does your school have particular expertise in dealing with a specific learning need such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, aspergers syndrome and so forth?
We have a Special Needs coordinator who advises staff according the specialist needs of pupils.

Kindly provide details on the support for specific learning needs your school provides?
Assessments are taken into account and individual educational plans are devised which teachers use to tailor learning to the individual needs of pupil. SENCO mentoring, one to one support, specialist resources and books maybe used as required.

Does your school have an educational psychologist or access to one to assess and support those youngsters with more challenging learning and emotional needs?
The school has its own counsellor which pupils can be referred to for mentoring support. We have links and recommend specialist agencies who make assessments and support if required.

Does your school offer activities to students from other schools after school hours?
Ajyal is the home of the Cambridge English Assessment Centre

Do you have a parents’ group supporting the school?
Yes we have a Parents Association.

Are there opportunities for parents to support the learning, activities and events within the school or on trips other than through the parent group?
Yes, although this has to gain appropriate approvals and supervision.

Is there an opportunity for parental representation on your school Board of Governors?

Do you offer specific activities, events or information sessions for those parents new to the school and/or area?
Yes, we provide daily school tours and other open day events. We have developed good links with local feeder schools.


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12 Archived Comments
Archived 10th Apr 2016, 10:58

I am delighted with Ajyal. The new Principal is excellent and very positive. The school has so many excellent teachers and both my children are very happy there.

Archived 14th Jan 2016, 13:36

No one can complain about the building itself , beautiful and very pleasing. The car park for parents is however very small.

Staff members are welcoming, and nice to talk too apart from some exceptions when you find them overwhelmed and busy which is understandable. But I hope they maintain the high level of receiving parents in all cases.

The only issue I had was with the busses at the beginning of the year; I had to visit the school many times to secure a place for my daughter. but later on everything was great and the bus was always on time, no complaint now.

I like it when the bus supervisor welcomes my daughter... It makes me feel comfortable.

My daughter is interested in everything, she learned Arabic letters and literacy and numeracy, everyday I see some progress in her. She likes the school and sometimes in the weekends she insists on going to school.

I am a maths teacher and I can confirm that there is learning taking place in the class where my daughter is.

When one incident happened to my daughter, I just sent an e-mail to the school and in about 30 minutes I received a reply which is excellent.
Overall I am very happy with my choice.

Well done Ajyal, keep the hard work up :)

Archived 14th Jan 2016, 13:56

By the way in me previous comment, I was talking about Ajyal MBZ.

Lyn Soppelsa
Archived 19th Jan 2016, 09:25

Hello Madjid,

Many thanks for providing this very positive feedback about Ajyal MBZ.

Archived 10th Dec 2015, 17:49

My son is in KG 2 at Ajyal MBZ branch and I am very pleased with his improvement in reading, writing, numbers and Arabic alphabet. I love the teachers there who are always available to discuss when you need. Last year though, there were some teething issues as it was the first year of the school, which is understandable, still, the school scored a B in ADEC's rating which is good for a new school. My son has progressed and he's happy there and looks forward to each day. I think that matters the most.
The new Education Director has 15 years of experience in one of the best British schools in Abu Dhabi which is reassuring as well. I am keeping my son at Ajyal.

Lyn Soppelsa
Archived 17th Dec 2015, 12:31

Hi Syed,

Many thanks for your positive comments about Ajyal MBZ. We're always pleased to receive such feedback and hope your son continues to do well.

Archived 28th Sep 2015, 23:24

Can anyone really give truthful advice about the school? My son will be in KG 1 next year in'sha Allah.

Archived 21st Jun 2015, 12:23

Can anyone share his experience about the Ajyal School. I read from the comments it has poor education level? I'm thinking to transfer my Son who is going to grade 6 to it. Any feedback on this school?


Archived 8th May 2015, 19:31

I am surprised at the last comment. I have 2 kids at ajyal and I researched sooo much. The caterer they are using is called dclub and is the caterer for burjeel hospital. They infact serve very healthy food. Yes they do serve cakes (healthy cakes however) For christ sakes kids need to eat some good fat as well!! I myself am so pleased with this school and the staff is great. Maybe it still isn't a perfect school but come one it's their 1st year. So far so gooood I am happy andd so are my kids!

Archived 4th May 2015, 21:59

My son is in KG at this school and I am satisfied with his overall progress. Great emphasis is put on reading and writing skills. He is developing interest in the Arabic language too. Weekly emails are sent to update parents on the ongoing activities each week.

However, so far, there are no after school activities available yet.

Archived 18th Apr 2015, 20:02

Known for a strong British curriculum, but I personally did not notice any progress in the level of my kids. A beautiful building, but the school - from my experience - is very poor.
Fees are high compared to the level of education received by children. I have tried to raise this topic by e-mail and face-to-face with the school, but to no avail. I feel that there is a missing link somewhere. I really don't know what to do!

Archived 31st Jan 2015, 23:07

I have three kids at Ajyal School at FS1, G.1 and G.3. The school looks big and has lots of facilities. This is the first year for the school and a lot of space inside still looks empty.

The performance so far I believe looks very poor in terms of how I see the progress of my kids.

The communication with the school on student progress is still basic using emails with no Web based platform.

I was also surprise to see the food varieties in the cafeteria serving food to the primary stage where it has lots of unhealthy food varieties ranging from sweets, cakes, hot dogs, pizza..etc.

When I complained to the Principal I was shocked by his answer that this food is normal in schools, mentioning schools in the US!

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