WSA Reader: Distance Learning: DONE!

Fifteen weeks of distance learning with two five year olds is over but WSA Reader, Ellie, is still alive and kicking and has the energy for one final, and rather inspiring thought: Could this experience represent an opportunity to not only reward UAE parents, but perhaps kick start an organically homegrown base of teaching professionals?
This article is part of an editorial series on Covid-19
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This article is part of an editorial series on Covid-19

I think for every parent, teacher and student, 15 weeks of Distance Learning is the ultimate story of achievement against all the odds. Rocky, Karate Kid, Kung Fu Panda... all a walk in the park (without a mask) by comparison.

Honestly, that’s not just a glib remark, either. In our house we’re a teeny bit in shock.

I was going to ponder the various pros and cons of this experience but to be honest, I haven’t the energy. In essence: good times, bad times.

But as I’m the sort of relentlessly optimistic type who can’t help searching for a bright side, I have got one last thought left.

If parents’ achievement was recognised, meaningfully, there might just be a great opportunity here for our country. Could we be ‘accredited’ with part of a formal teaching qualification? Because there are parents who’ve considered, in the last few months, whether a career as an educator would, actually, really suit them.

Could the authorities find a way of incentivising those people to re-train and create a new body of fabulous home-grown educators?  That seems to me a great way of really capitalising on this unique situation.

Me, I’m done though: I need a week of sleep, intravenous tea and the sound of kids just doing their thing and wrecking the house a bit more. I’ve learned enough to know that a teachers’ life is not for me.  

I would, however, accept a great big shiny medal. would like to thank Ellie (and family!) for sharing her distance learning journey.  To catch up on Ellie's hugely entertaining updates, click on the links below...

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