The WSA UAE Pupil Profiles: Years 6 and 7

The team are lucky enough to spend our days in and out of fantastic schools. We often say that the most important stakeholders we meet are the students…but what is life really like for students in UAE schools? For this brand new feature we have visited students across Dubai to find out…
The WSA UAE Pupil Profiles: Years 6 and 7
By Jenny Mollon
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In this series we talk to students from three well known Dubai schools (Nord Anglia International School Dubai, the three Dubai British schools (Dubai British School, Dubai British Foundation and Dubai British School Jumeirah Park) and Kent College Dubai) at key stages in their school lives…the beginning, the middle and (very nearly) the end!

After releasing, our profile of the Foundation Stage students last week, we are proud to introduce you to our three Year 7 students, Keira of Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, Jean of Kent College Dubai and Mohammed of Nord Anglia International School Dubai! We will be following our Year 6 and 7 students throughout this all important transition into the senior school years, so look out for lots of pictures of their adventures on the @whichschooladvisor Instagram page and further updates here in Terms 2 and 3!

Keira of Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park (DBSJP)

Keira, hard at work

Keira, how long have you been at DBSJP?

I joined a little over a year ago in Year 4. The first day I came here, I didn’t know anyone, but everyone in my class was just so friendly and came over me to chat. It was easy to settle in thanks to them. They made sure I knew what I was doing!

What is special to you about DBSJP?

I really like that instead of only learning in class, we sometimes go outside to do things like Maths. We write and the floor and it makes it so much fun. I really like active learning and we do a lot of it here. The school is also really good for teamwork, especially in sports like swimming and PE.

What do enjoy most at school?

A real mixture! My favourite subjects are PE, Art and Maths.

This year is the last year of primary for you. Are you excited about going up to secondary school?

I’m pretty excited! I have a friend in Year 7 and she said that it’s fun. But I’m still a bit nervous as it’s the start of things like exams which you need to study really hard for. The teachers are starting to help us get ready, last week the parents came in and the teachers talked to them about us moving up. Throughout the year we will have small meetings with different teachers so that we know them better next year. We will also have one week as transition week where we will get to officially meet the teachers. I think we will be ready…!

We heard the Year 6 camp is coming up…how exciting! Can you tell us about it?

Yes...actually, it’s tomorrow morning! We’re going to a place called Challenging Adventure. I think it’s going to be really fun because we will be sleeping in tents outside and then we are going climbing and rafting. We will go down to the local village to learn about the culture.

Jean at Kent College Dubai

Jean, Year 7 student at Kent College Dubai

Jean, when did you join Kent College?

I joined last year in 2018, going into Year 6. My parents chose Kent College as the facilities are so neat! We also live close by and it’s great having my school friends just a few minutes walk away.

What was it like joining a new school?

It was a big step and Kent College is very different from my old school, which had an American curriculum. Moving to a British school was a quite an experience, but overall I’m really happy and I like Kent College much better. It was easy to make friends here, everyone came over to meet me and just said “Hi!”.

Do you have any special memories of this school you can tell us about?

I liked Year 6 as it was a little bit harder, more challenging. Maths was pretty fun! We also had a lot more PE. One of the great things about this school is that we are really good at basketball, which is my favourite sport. Last year we won the best basketball team in Dubai for Year 6. That was pretty good!

Jean, what has been different about moving into Year 7 and Senior School?

Well, I’d say we have more independence and more responsibility! We get a lot more homework too. I have to make sure I balance my own time at home to get everything done. I also have a lot more stuff to carry, our bags get pretty heavy – that’s been a big change! Next year I would like to take part in some of the school plays, that’s definitely something I’d like to do more of now I am in Seniors.

What is social life like for students at Kent College?

Almost all of the students live very close by, in the Meydan area, which gives us the chance to see each other a lot after school. I really like having my friends so close. I’m also enjoying the Formula 1 in Schools ECA, where we have to create our own F1 car and find sponsorship for it, everything from start to finish. At the end of the year we’ll have a big battle against other schools. I’m looking forward to that!

Mohammed at Nord Anglia Dubai (NASD)

Mohammed, Year 7 at Nord Anglia International Dubai

Mohammed, what is the best thing about being a NASD student?

Well, I think at Nord Anglia we get a lot of time to spend with our friends and the education is really, really good! But most of all it’s about the friends I have here. That is what makes it special.

Tell us about your memories of primary school?

Year 6 was definitely the most fun year for me! The best bit was the residential trip. In Year 6 you do some really great trips but the camp was the best of them all. We traveled to another emirate and went to a waterpark in the desert. It had a wave pool, which was amazing!  In school, the Year 6 teachers work really hard to get you ready to go to secondary school. 

So what makes Year 7 and senior school different?

You need to be more organised and independent. I wouldn’t say I am completely organised yet, but I’m getting there! The teachers are ok if you forget something once or twice, but there might be some problems if you forget something you need three times! I got lost a few times in the first few weeks, but I’m used to it know and can easily get where I need to be.

When it comes to school work, it’s usually fine but you do need to put in more effort than before. I’m enjoying the new subjects like history and geography. Science is very different in secondary school, it’s now one of my favourite subjects. PE is the best though! I love football.

We spend lots of time with our Form Teacher. She is really easy to talk to and we know she is there if we need her. I couldn’t choose a favourite teacher – they are all great!

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