Write A Novel Challenge an Amazing Opportunity

Does a school in the UAE have a future best-selling, Booker Prize winning, Nobel laureate accepting author in its ranks?  Maybe the Emirates even has a few of them, who just need a little encouragement to get those creative juices flowing? Our first joint initiative with SchoolsCompared.com intends to find out with the Write a Novel Challenge!
Write A Novel Challenge an Amazing Opportunity
By James Mullan
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The teams at WhichSchoolAdvisor.com and SchoolsCompared.com have decided that the time is right to uncover the UAE's young ‘master storytellers’ and to give them their place in the spotlight. 

We are launching our ‘Write a Novel Challenge’ which is, effectively, a literary relay with individual children writing a single chapter of a novel of around 1,000 words. The story will begin with the first chapter to be published both here on WhichSchoolAdvisor.com and on SchoolsCompared.com on 31st May. 

We put out the challenge to schools asking them to nominate two to three of their top talented writers - and what a response we had! In total 24 schools from around the UAE promptly answered the call and will be participating in the programme.

The ‘Write A Novel Challenge’ will work like this: each weekday one writer from one school will write a single chapter of up to  1,000 words. Immediately, a writer from another school will pick up the storyline and take it in any direction they like by completing the next chapter of a similar length. Students from Year 9 have been invited to participate in the challenge. 

Given the average novel is around 60,000 to 90,000 words we believe we should be able to complete the ‘magnus opus’ by the middle of September, an impressive turnaround time for a novel. Each chapter will be loaded the day following completion on the WhichSchoolAdvisor.com and SchoolsCompared.com websites. 

Prior to beginning their great literary adventure all writers (and their teachers) have been invited to attend an online mentoring session hosted by three very successful authors with Dubai links; Annabel Kantaria, Brandy Scott and Rachel Hamilton.  The young authors will receive advice on how to keep readers engaged and can ask questions about the process and craft of composing a proper 'page turner'!

So keep close to WhichSchoolAdvisor & SchoolsCompared over the coming weeks. Your summer blockbuster has arrived early!

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