Video Finalist: Al Muna Primary School

Video Finalist: Al Muna Primary School
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Finalist in the Which School Advisor Happiest School in the UAE competition.

"We couldn’t ask for another school than Al Muna! For the education that we learn, keep me filled with satisfaction. Groove is on our hearts, as we are Al Muna. Al Muna is not vicious, or malicious, just absolutely amazing!

Al Muna is unlike any other school…

Al Muna is too groovy for the boring school work! That’s why Al Muna is unique and joyful, by learning how to be amazing, the fun way! The amazing trips, the fascinating clubs, not to mention the wild teachers and the awesome events.

Pops away...The story of how Al Muna broke the record…

Did you know Al Muna had an attempt at breaking the record for the most people popping bubble wrap?! A boy in Year six was reading the Guinness World Record 2014 book, at last he saw the record for most people popping bubbles (approximately 300). In our school we have about 500 students so he told our school Principal Mr.Howsen the proposition and he agreed to try and conquer the record. He asked the people of Guinness World Records what we needed to do and they explained all the rules: they were very strict and required judges be present to make sure the rules were followed absolutely correctly. We had to hand in letters for permission to take part in such an exciting event and lots of parents came to help. Before we knew it Al Muna was popping away like crazy, like the world had never popped before. Now we will be in the Guinness Book of Records, famous forever! See how amazing Al Muna is?

Al Muna also brings some of the best talents out of the children. The school provides us with a wonderful sports day. This involves fun as well as good exercise for all my muscles. Al Muna school provides the opportunities in all fields like music, drama and science.

Al Muna is certainly a school like no other!!

We hope you enjoy our Groovy Video."

From Faadil Hashim,
Year 6,
Al Muna Primary School
Abu Dhabi. 

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