Countdown Begins For Indian Exams

Countdown Begins For Indian Exams
By C Hoppe
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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Delhi has announced that approximately 10,000 UAE students are registered for the 2016 grades 10 and 12 CBSE exams.

The exams will start on 1st March with Grade 10 ending 28th March and grade 12 ending on 22nd April.

To coincide with the examination times in India, students in the UAE will sit from 9am to 12pm for each three hour (with an additional 15 minutes for reading time).

Talking to the Gulf News, Ashok Kumar, CEO of Indian High School in Dubai said, “in the UAE alone, the estimated number of students taking the Grade 10 CBSE exam is above 6000 and for Grade 12, approximately over 4000 students. The CBSE Board follows an interdisciplinary approach where values are intermingled with all major subjects.”

He told the paper he believes the 2016 time tables for the grade 10 and 12 CBSE Board Examinations to be ‘student-friendly, balanced and well thought-out.’

“The gaps between exams are adequate — so neither does it generate stress, nor is there a slackening of tempo. Due consideration has been made for subjects that students get more anxious about and these have been put later in the schedule,” he went on to say.

Principal of Delhi Private School in Sharjah, Vandana Marwaha, said, “I had a look at the schedule and found that it was a well-balanced preparatory time as there is a three-four day gap between each exam in most cases. I wish all students the best of luck. They have been working all year towards these exams so they should believe in themselves and keep their cool.”


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