CBSE Students Celebrate 2022 Exam Success

Grade 10 and 12 CBSE exam results have been received with an overall pass rate of 92.71% and 94.4%. goes in search of how well schools in the UAE have fared...
CBSE Students Celebrate 2022 Exam Success
By Susan Roberts
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Grade 10 and 12 CBSE students woke up on Friday to find their exam results were in, following reports of delays in results being released. Many UAE students and school leaders are celebrating outstanding results.

According to India’s Central Board of Education (CBSE), the overall pass rate across all subjects for the Grade 12 exams (not UAE specific) was 92.71%, with a total of 1,435,366 candidates sitting the exams. Across the 198 CBSE schools outside of India (“foreign schools”), there was a pass rate of 93.98%, with a total of 18,774 candidates sitting the exams.

For Grade 10 exams, the board reported an overall pass rate of 94.4% (2,093,978 candidates), with a pass rate of 97.29% (24,843 candidates) in schools outside of India. 

Year Gr10 Overall Pass % Gr 10 Foreign Sc Pass % Gr 12 Overall Pass % Gr 12 Foreign Sc Pass %
2019 91.1 98.75 83.4 95.43
2020 91.46 98.67 88.78 94.26
2021 99.04 99.92 99.37 99.92
2022 94.4 97.29 92.71 93.98

These pass rates are, as expected, a drop from the 2021 results, which had been calculated without the actual sitting of final board exams due to Covid-19 precautions. The overall pass percentages for 2022, for both Grade 10 and 12 results, are are actually an increase on the years prior to 2021.

Year Grade 10 >90% Grade 10 >95% Grade 12 >90% Grade 12 >95%
2019 12.78 3.25 Not available Not available
2020 9.84 2.23 13.24 3.24
2021 9.58 2.76 11.51 5.37
2022 11.32 3.1 9.39 2.33

In the UAE many CBSE students and school leaders have been celebrating outstanding results, and a number of schools have already proudly shared their results with us.

GEMS Education, the group with the largest number of CBSE curriculum schools in the UAE, shared a round up of the results across their schools as well as details from individual schools.
A total of 2,124 Grade 12 students from 10 GEMS CBSE schools were entered for the Board examinations and achieved an outstanding 99.9% pass rate.  29.3% of students scored above 90%, whilst 20.2% of students scored between 85% and 90%. The overall average among GEMS students was 83.7%. 

Toppers among the GEMS schools were Divyalakshmi Varadha Rajan Prem Sudha of GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai with a score of  99.2% (overall GEMS Science stream topper), Aryan Muralidharan, of The Millennium School – Dubai, who scored 99.0%, Iola Ann Mathew, from GEMS Our Own English High School – Dubai, with 98.8% (overall GEMS Humanities stream topper) and Liam Ethan Pimenta, The Millennium School – Dubai, scoring 98.8% (overall GEMS Commerce stream topper).

The CBSE Class 10 headline results from GEMS schools showed that a total of 2,763 Grade 10 students from the 10 GEMS CBSE schools achieved a perfect 100% pass rate, with 27.1% of students scoring above 90% and 19.4% of students scoring between 85% and 90%. The overall average among GEMS students was 81.8%.

First in to share their results was the Millennium School Dubai, where all 162 candidates at Grade 12 achieved a 100% pass rate. 23 students received 100% across various subjects, including Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Marketing, Physics, and Psychology. Overall, all students sitting Grade 12 and Grade 10 exams passed their examinations with 45.1% achieving a score of 90% or more in Grade 12, and 35% in Grade 10. The school's average Grade 12 result was 87.1% with an average score of 84.2% for Grade 10 results.

Grade 12 toppers were Aryan Muralidharan with 99%, Liam Ethan Pimenta with 98.8% and Parv Gagarani who scored 97.6%.  Topper Aryan Muralidharan, who is planning to study Computer Science Engineering.said: “I have been a student at The Millennium School from Grade 1 (since 2010). I owe all my successes, academic and extracurricular, to the tremendous support given by the Millennium team. Though the last two years were challenging, our teachers always helped us and ensured that all concepts were clear. Without their support and blessings, these results would have been impossible. I am also grateful to my parents for their belief and trust in me. I am delighted that my hard work, focus and meticulous preparation has been fruitful.”

For the Grade 10 examinations, TMS put forward a total of 206 candidates who achieved a 100% pass rate, with a school average of 84.2%. 35% of students achieved 90% or above, whilst 16 students achieved the perfect 100% score. Toppers for Grade 10 were Nishkka Kamal Kathpal with a score of 98.8%, Caelyn Serrao, who scored 97.4% and Naina Sukesh Nair just slightly behind with 97.2%.

Grade 10 Topper, Nishkka Kamal Kathpal said; “I was extremely delighted to know my final result after the long wait. The call from our Principal congratulating me on being the school topper made my day! I’m grateful to TMS, all my teachers, mentors and my family for guiding and supporting me through this journey.”

Ambika Gulati, Principal, The Millennium School – Dubai, said: “The last academic year saw our students come to grips with changes in the assessment structure stipulated by CBSE. They rose to the challenge and worked with fortitude, diligence and strategy, as they had to prepare for staggered examinations administered in two terms, barely four months apart. They had to adapt as they prepared for objective style and competency-based questions. Our students have come out stronger from this unique challenge that they have navigated so successfully. Congratulations to them and their teachers and families! We are indeed very proud of them and their results.”

Both of the GEMS Our Own English High School Sharjah Boys and Girls schools, are celebrating results today also. Of the 306 girls who sat the Grade 12 exam, the average score was 85.76%, while the 245 boys who sat the exam received an average score of  81.84%. 36.6% of Grade 12 girls, and 38.2% of boys scored 90% and above.

At the Boys' school, the pass rate was 100%, with a Science stream average of 84.05% whilst Commerce stream students achieved an average of  78.02%.  Toppers at the Boys school included Mehul Agarwal, with a score of 97.2%, Sahil Khan, who also scored 97.2% and Job Panackamittathu Cheriachen, with a total of 95.8%.

Commenting on his results, Mehul Agarwal said; “Having graduated after an incredible journey of six years at OOB, I am filled with boundless gratitude to my teachers, friends and all the staff that shaped me into the person I am today. Online classes due to the pandemic helped me be more productive each day, since I got more time to focus on my studies. Being a computer science aficionado, I am strongly determined to pursue my further education and career in Artificial Intelligence.”

His co-Topper, Sahil Khan said; “I have worked hard day and night to achieve these marks and am extremely indebted to my teachers, supervisor, principal and peers for their unconditional support throughout the process. The teachers at OOB were always approachable and would clear any kind of doubts that I had during my studies. My secret to success was never to miss any classes, especially the extra classes where the biggest portion of the syllabus was covered. In the near future, I am going to McMaster University in Ontario, Canada to pursue a bachelor’s in Life Science followed by pursuing my dream in the medical field as a doctor. Hopefully, I have a great future ahead.”

Srivalsan Murugan, Principal/CEO, GEMS Our Own English High School – Sharjah (Boys) commenting on the success of his students said; “Our Own English High School – Sharjah (Boys) has once again emerged victorious in the Grade 12 board exams. Our committed Grade 12 students, supportive parents and dedicated teachers have carried the torch of honour and excellence. As we celebrate yet another successful performance by students from the Science and Commerce streams, they can all look forward to being placed in prestigious universities around the world.”

At GEMS Our Own English High School - Sharjah (Girls), 306 students sat for the Grade 12 examinations and achieved an overall school average of 85.76%. 36.6% of students scored 90% and above, whilst 90.5% of students scored 75% and above. 28 students secured A1 grade in all five subjects, and a further 38 students secured A1 grade in four out of five subjects.
The school Grade 12 Toppers were Nandita Pramod, with 98.4%, Saahiti Nalla, who scored 97.8% and Karen Susan Oommen, with a score of 97.6%.

Commenting on her success, Nandita Pramod said; “I am extremely grateful and happy to have achieved what I have. The credit for this definitely goes to my parents and sister for being my constant support system, to my teachers for making sure I never had a reason to slack off, and to my peers for always keeping me motivated through the healthy competition that we nurtured. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the years of schooling, it is that working smart is always more fruitful than working hard.”

Asma Gilani, Principal, GEMS Our Own English High School – Sharjah (Girls) added; “Our Own English High School – Sharjah (Girls) has always been the epitome of success and achievement. As expected, our girls have done exceedingly well despite the challenges and constraints of the pandemic. With sustained efforts and aligned focus, they worked hard through the academic year to face the rigours of the board examination. Needless to mention, specific guidance and close monitoring by the teachers, coupled with emotional and moral support from the parents, instilled immense confidence in our students to perform and attain high results in the CBSE board examination.
“For some students, faith and fortitude was also tested along with the CBSE exams as they faced the most emotional and challenging situation of their life due to COVID-19. They definitely exemplified courage! At school, we continued to conduct group and individual counselling sessions on mental health and wellbeing to help them adapt and effectively manage the stress that comes with such varying circumstances.”

Not to be outdone by their Grade 12 seniors, the CBSE Grade 10 cohort also achieved excellent results. A total of 362 students participated in the Grade 10 examinations, with 85.4% of students scoring 75% and above, 36.2% of students scoring 90% and above and an overall school average of 85.01%. 19 students secured A1 grade in all five subjects and 52 students secured A1 grade in four out of five subjects. 
The Grade 10 Toppers at OOEHS Girls section were Neha Sara Philip, the school’s topper with an aggregate score of 98.8%, Sarah Mariam Sunil who came a close second in the school with 98.6% and Angelina Rose Vinay who came third with an aggregate of 97.6%. 

Topper Neha Sara Philip commented: “I have been a proud student of Our Own English High School – Sharjah. By the grace of God, I have become the school topper for the Class 10 board exams. First, I would like to thank all my teachers, who always supported and encouraged me to strive further. I owe my success above all else to my parents, who worked as hard as I did. I was always passionate about what I do, rather than doing it just for the sake of it. I’d like to thank my school for assisting me in reaching my goals and aspirations and bringing me where I am today.”

Asma Gilani, Principal/CEO, Our Own English High school – Sharjah, Girls: “Our school has always been the epitome of success and achievement, and as expected, our girls have done exceedingly well despite the challenges and constraints of the pandemic. With sustained efforts and aligned focus, they worked hard throughout the academic year to face the rigours of the board examination. Personalised guidance and close supervision from their teachers, coupled with emotional and moral support from their parents, instilled immense confidence in them to perform and attain high results in the CBSE board examination.”

GEMS New Millennium School celebrated by surprising its top-performing Grade 12 students with deliveries of celebratory cakes, pot plants and certificates. Shriyans Ganpate was the overall school topper and Commerce Stream topper with 97.4%, whilst Manas Singh Bindra scored 95.8% in second place and Advik Unni scored 95.6%

Grade 12 topper Shriyans Ganpate said:“I was pleasantly surprised to see myself topping the cohort. I owe this to the continuous support of my teachers. It didn’t seem like hard work, as the teachers were always there to assist us.”
GEMS New Millennium School Grade 12 topper Shriyans Ganpate

Results for the Grade 10 cohort placed Abhishek Narayan as School Topper with  97%, followed by Sumana Madichetty, with 96.4%, Gauri Menon with 96.2%, Meera Dinu Ramanthara who scored 96% and Dane George with a score of  94.6%.

Sumana Madichetty who came second with her score of 96.4% commented; “The announcement took me by surprise – it feels great! I am content with my score, and I wish to congratulate all my batch mates, too. I thank my teachers, my parents and my elder sister, who have supported me in my learning in every way possible.”
Mother of Sumana Madichetty: “I am so proud, seeing my daughter’s results. All the hard work of Sumana and the teachers has paid off. The school is so cognisant of embedding innovation in every student’s learning journey, and that ignited creativity in my children. My sincere gratitude to the Principal and teachers for providing so many opportunities to students.”

Fatima Martin, Principal/CEO, GEMS New Millennium School – Al Khail commenting on the results noted; “We waited patiently for the results of this cohort. The challenges they faced were unlike any other. They faced not one, but two board exams in the year with new formats. From the challenge of getting accustomed to online lessons in their secondary years in April of 2020, the beginning of the pandemic, to graduating summa cum laude – here’s a batch that holds a candle for their younger peers. And, surely, we are extremely pleased with the accomplishments of our Millennials. They have proved that with focus and relentless perseverance, one can achieve and exceed one’s academic goals.”

At  GEMS Our Own Indian School Dubai 306 students were entered for the Grade 12 examinations. There was a 100% pass rate, with 26.1% of students achieving a score of over 90%, and 55.9% recorded a score of between 75% and 89.9%.  The top scoring student achieved 97.6%.

280 students appeared for the Grade 10 examinations and again, there was a 100% pass rate. 32.9% scored over 90%, whilst 58.2% scored between 75% and 89.9%.

Our Own English High School Al Ain provided details of its results. A cohort of 40 students sat the Grade 12 board exams achieving a 100% pass rate and with 32.5% scoring 90% or more, and 45% scoring 75% – 89.9%.  The Grade 12 Toppers were Timothy Joseph, with 97%, Agasteena Boney, who scored 96.2%, Arnav Prasahanth, with 95.8% and Lavanya Mishra, with 91.8%.

37 students sat the Grade 10 board exams, and again achieving a 100% pass rate. 29.7% scored 90% or more, whilst 40.5% achieved 75% – 89.9%.

Rocky Miller, Principal, Our Own English High School – Al Ain said: “Despite the continued difficult circumstances that encompassed their world, our students have achieved so much! Doing admirably in board exams is the main route to progress. Board exams and grades are brief, yet training is perpetual. Congrats on passing the board exam and for being such an amazing batch.”

GEMS United Indian School Abu Dhabi also had a cohort of 144 students sit the Grade 12 exams and they were rewarded with a 100% pass rate. 21.5% scored 90% or more, whilst 42.4% scored 75% – 89.9%.  97 students sat the Grade 10 exams and were rewarded with an overall pass rate of 97.9%, with 17.5% scoring 90% or more    and 39.2% scoring 75% – 89.9%.    

And at the GEMS Millennium School Sharjah, 109 students sat the Grade 12 board exams earning a 100% pass rate. 33% scored 90% or more, whilst 44% scored 75% – 89.9%.        
Their Grade 10 results, for which 80 students were entered, resulted in a 100% pass rate, with 25% of students scoring 90% or more, and 63.8% being awarded 75% – 89.9%.  

A small number of other UAE schools shared their students' successes which have come several weeks later than usual and at a time when many families are vacationing.

Atharva Tyagi of Asian International School, Al Ruwais was the school topper with a score of 99.4%. Delhi Private School (DPS) Dubai student Anveeshka Chouhan scored 97.8%, saying that “I knew I had done well, but never imagined I would top my school.” She plans to enrol in medical school soon.

Vandana Marwaha, principal and director of DPS Sharjah, said: “This year, the teachers, and students had to invest twice the effort as they prepared for the Board examinations in the new format, consisting of two major exams, especially the MCQ [Multiple Choice Questions] paper [the first by CBSE]. Such remarkable results reflect our students’ adaptability to any given situation.”
She added: “The school specially congratulates and celebrates the results of the students of determination who have done extraordinarily well. All these students have achieved over 85 per cent marks, of which two students scored over 90 per cent.”

Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO-Principal, Credence High School in Dubai, said: "We are absolutely delighted by the amazing result of our first batch of Grade 12 students. This batch of students displayed tremendous resilience, appearing for two-semester exams conducted in new formats and performing exceptionally well." will continue to update this article as we receive more data. If you are a school and want to celebrate your successes with us, please send your results to us at [email protected] and we will publish them as soon as we can. 

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