English College To Merge With Manor Primary

The Manor Primary and the English College are to merge to become a single, all through school. The merger is expected to be complete by January 2019.
English College To Merge With Manor Primary
By Veathika
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The English College and Manor Primary School are being merged into a single, all through school. The merger will be complete by the end of January 2019.

The Manor Primary rose from the buildings of The English College Primary, which closed  in June 2014. The primary school had closed for business reasons according to the then Head Teacher, William Johnston. The owners advised at the time that the closure was due to the level of school fees (and controls implemented by the Regulator to manage increases) which were insufficient to sustain the school.  

At the time of closure of the English College Primary, its school fees were 27,280 AED from Years 1 through to 5, jumping to 29,093 AED in year 6. The Manor Primary opened in September 2016 using the same building with average fees of 50,100 AED. More on the fees here.

According to an official statement, His Highness Sheikh Butti Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum and the Board of Governors have decided to merge the two schools into a single school. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is said to have approved the merger.  

The statement says:

“The intention is that the merger will be completed by the 30th of January 2019 and the Board does not envisage any changes to the school’s curriculum in this academic year. This decision will help to continue offering an improved experience to the students. The primary aim behind the merger is to achieve greater synergies between the two campuses, both operationally, athletically and most importantly academically.”

The name of the merged school will be The English College and as of January 2019 the Principal for both schools will be Sir Greg Martin, who is the English College’s newly appointed Principal.

Sir Greg Martin is an experienced educational leader who received a Knighthood for services to education in the 2013 Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Sir Greg said:

“These are exciting times. The merged school will encompass the strengths of both schools and continue to offer a rich development of the students who, we are confident, will thrive in a vibrant school environment. Our top priority is to provide a fulfilling educational experience for our students.’’

The schools are located next to each other in Al Safa Dubai, with Manor Primary School having classes from FS to Year 6. Sixth grade graduates currently have a direct access to The English College.

The English College was established in 1992 following the British curriculum from Year 7 to Year 13. The merger will make The English College an all through school.

The Manor Primary has yet to receive a KHDA rating. The English College is rated a Good school.

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