Top School Awards Set for the 25th November's Top School Awards will recognise the institutions that serve, with excellence, the 582,000 primary and secondary students within 431 international schools.
Top School Awards Set for the 25th November
By David Westley
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The UAE's Top School Awards, organised by sister site, will announce its results on the 25th November 2021, "in recognition of world largest private education market in the world, and increasingly the crucible for innovation in education globally".

According to a media statement sent out by Which Media, the owners of organisers,, and this web site, so far 1200 individual nominations across 29 categories have been received. "This is a considerably larger number of awards than the equivalent awards Which Media will run in Singapore, simply because the size and ambition of the UAE market makes it more complex – in terms of the curricula offered, and in terms of the types and sizes of schools."

"Globally only the UK offers more diversity, that because of its hundreds of years of history. Even then, in terms of ideas, internationalisation, 16 curricula and globalisation, the UAE increasingly sets the global benchmark," its statement reads.

The UAE is currently home to over 582,000 primary and secondary students within the country’s private sector. Based on current enrolment numbers, and average fees, the sector generates revenues in excess of 17.8 billion AED across 431 international schools. Dubai leads the way, financially at least, generating 10.2 billion AED of those revenues and yet, despite this, the market remains incredibly competitive as new schools continue to launch.

Last year, another 14 schools launched in the UAE, a sign that not only does the market remain highly attractive for education investors, but also a place education groups need to have a presence to be considered truly global. 2021 has seen the market entry from perhaps the only missing education group of note – Cognita, with the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai.

In detail, this year’s awards are:

Teachers, Early Years and Child Happiness:

  1. Best Primary School
  2. Best Early Childhood Centre in proud association with
  3. Best Early Childhood Teacher in proud association with
  4. Best Primary School Teacher
  5. Best Secondary School Teacher
  6. The UAE’s Happiest School

Curriculum Awards:

  1. Best Indian Curriculum School
  2. Best American Curriculum School
  3. Best Blended Arabic Curriculum School
  4. Best International Baccalaureate Curriculum School
  5. Best Blended International Baccalaureate Curriculum School
  6. Best British Curriculum School

Secondary Education, Graduation and Whole Child Curriculum:

  1. Best School for Post-16 Education
  2. Best University in the UAE
  3. Best School for the Performing Arts
  4. Best School for Music
  5. Best School for Art
  6. Best School for Sport.

Leaving no Child Behind and Innovating for Children:

  1. Best School for Children of Determination
  2. Best School for Value Add and Leaving No Child Behind
  3. Best School for Technical and Vocational Education
  4. Best School for Architecture that Meets the Needs of Children
  5. Most Innovative School
  6. Best New School

Special Awards 2021:

  1. The Top Schools Award 2021 for the most Outstanding Response to Covid 19
  2. The Top Schools Award 2021 for School Most Loved by Parents
  3. The Top Schools Award 2021 Award for Best Principal in the UAE
  4. The Top Schools Award 2021 for Best School in the UAE
  5. The Top Schools Award 2021 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education in the UAE

The full list of finalists and winners will be revealed on the 25th November 2021.

James Mullan, Co-founder of the Top Schools Awards, said:

“The Top Schools Awards are the definitive education awards in the UAE – and we absolutely could not let another year go by without recognising and thanking those schools, teachers, Principals and educationalists who have made such a profound difference for children across the UAE.

We believe passionately that this is the single most important sector of the UAE economy – and not nearly enough is done to recognise the people and institutions that deliver it.

With all the extraordinary challenges of Covid 19, professionals across the sector have ceaselessly, tirelessly – and often at great personal cost and no small amount of courage, worked to ensure continuity of an outstanding education for our children.

The SchoolsCompared Top Schools Awards cannot come a day too soon to recognise this – and say thank you on behalf of families, government and every one of us across the emirates.” 

David Westley, Co-founder of the Top Schools Awards, continued:

“For 12 months we have been building up to the Top Schools Awards – and the response from parents and educationalists contacting us to recognise all that is outstanding in our schools and across education has been nothing short of overwhelming - and deeply moving.

Flooded with nominations, there has been an outpouring of appreciation for what has been achieved for children during a pandemic that has placed almost impossible demands on teachers and school leaders to ensure that the education of our children has been protected.

The Top Schools Awards have the single purpose of recognising our amazing, schools, principals and teachers – and the educational community around them. Roll on 25th November 2021, the day that the UAE says thank you to the people that deliver on the potential, hopes and future of all our children.”

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