Podcast: Understanding Your Child’s Progress

In this latest edition of The School Show, WhichSchoolAdvisor.com’s unique education podcast, our hosts Carli Allan and Jenny Mollon take on the topic of how parents can understand their child’s progress at school. Later in the show, our hosts speak to the 13 year old founder of Dunk-A-Bully, a brand new app designed to help children access support anonymously.
This article is part of an editorial series on The School Show
The School Show
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The School Show
This article is part of an editorial series on The School Show

As we all well know, all UAE school children spent at least some of this school year studying at home. For many parents, this period gave us a little better understanding of how we can gauge the progress our children are making at school. But what else is there to know when it comes to understanding progress and how can we be sure that are children are where they should be in terms of their schooling? Matthew Tompkins, Principal-CEO of GEMS FirstPoint School and highly experienced UK school leader joined our hosts in the studio to answer all your progress related questions.

In this episode of The School Show, Jenny and Carli have a fantastic chat with Matthew discussing a broad range of issues related to progress. These include:

• How do teachers assess progress, and what should parents be looking for in order to better understand their child's progress?
• What does 'progress' look like? It is always a straight line?
• What questions should parents ask at parents evening?
• What is the key to understanding our children's school reports - do we need to 'read between the lines'?
• What should we do if we think our child's is making less progress than the school thinks? What about if I think they are ahead of where the school place their attainment?
• How can I know that my child is progressing in the same way they would be if we were in our home country?

Our podcast ranges to student experience too, and with many schools celebrating Anti-Bullying Week this month, WhichSchoolAdvisor.com was keen to speak with Ishita Karuturi, the 13 year old founder of the brand new Dunk-A-Bully App and student at GEMS Wellington International School. Ishita spoke with Jenny to share her inspiration for the app and her goals for the future. And yes, you read that right…Ishita is the 13 year old founder of an app. UAE students never cease to amaze us!

Ishita Karituri, Founder of Dunk-A-Bully

We’d love to find out who you would like to hear from on The School Show podcast, as well as the topics you’d like us to tackle. Drop us a line at [email protected] to share your thoughts and ideas!

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