Official Dubai, UAE School Holidays, 2017 - 2018

These are the UAE Ministry of Education's set term times and will be followed by all schools in the United Arab Emirates including Indian and Asian schools. Note, schools, based on the CBSE or ICSE, have a different school calendar - information below.

The UAE Ministry of Education's term times and school holiday dates should be followed by all schools throughout the UAE without exception, although flexibility is allowed - see notes. 

Go here for a list of UAE public holidays in 2017.

Dubai Private Schools - Academic Year 2017/2018
Start of academic year 10 September, 2017 *
Winter break begins 17 December, 2017 (Three weeks) ** The KHDA has tentitively suggested  that schools can apply for 4 weeks for Winter holidays... however this is to be confirmed
Return from winter break 7 January, 2018
Spring break begins 25 March, 2018 (Two weeks)
Return from spring break 8 April, 2018
End of academic year 28 June, 2018 *

Asian schools calendar for Academic Year 2017-18 not yet released.

Public holidays (like Eid, National day and other similar holidays) will be tentatively communicated by schools and then confirmed as per the UAE government declaration.

Note: Schools starting in September have the flexibility to adjust the opening and the closing date by one week (either earlier or later) subject to the school fulfilling the stipulated number of instructional and academic days and receiving KHDA approval.

Private schools in Dubai following MoE curriculum have three weeks Winter Break in line with the MoE calendar:

- Winter Break 2017/2018: begins on 17 Dec 2017 and classes resumes on 7 Jan, 2018. 

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What is the latest information available about these dates. We are hearing many different rumors about 2016 Summer Holidays dates,e.g. 06Jul to 12Sep!

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The above should be titled as School Calendar instead of school holidays. Could be more helpful of number of days off were mentioned.