Meet Repton Abu Dhabi Rose Campus' New Head

Kevin Hannah brings with him experience of working in junior education in the UK, Malaysia and Singapore. He will be looking after the Early Years at Repton Abu Dhabi's Rose campus, which takes pupils from FS1 to Year1.
Meet Repton Abu Dhabi Rose Campus' New Head
By Veathika
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Repton School, Abu Dhabi, has appointed a new Headmaster in its sixth academic year for its Rose Campus, which takes children from FS1 to Year 1.

Kevin Hannah is from Perth, Australia and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Management from the University of Western Australia.

He joins the school after having worked in early years education at leading independent schools that follow the British Curriculum in the UK, Malaysia and Singapore.

At Repton, Abu Dhabi he will be responsible for the school’s academic, sporting, recreational and pastoral care operations, with a focus on the delivery of the Early Years curriculum. set out to find out more about Mr Hannah is and his plans for the school.

Let's begin at the beginning - how did did you get into teaching?

I loved school and sports growing up so I was excited to be able to combine these two by studying Physical Education at university. I began my teaching career in Perth, Australia in primary schools as a PE specialist and over a couple of years discovered that what I really wanted was to be a grade teacher and have my own class of children. I genuinely enjoy working and learning with the children and watching them grow and develop.

Looking at your CV you have travelled the world teaching. Why have you now chosen the UAE and Abu Dhabi?

I guess first and foremost I chose Repton... Professionally Repton School carries a worldwide reputation of outstanding education provision. It is an honour to be its next Headmaster.

That said, I hope to enhance its education provision through my experiences in Singapore, a country that as we know is very much a leader in the sector. At the same time I plan to be learning about Repton and the excellent education it provides.

From a personal point of view, I am a keen sportsman, so the outdoors lifestyle was very attractive to me. It is win, win really!

What specific experience do you think will be particularly relevant to Repton?

I led a highly successful elementary school of 700 children in Singapore. The country is consistently at the top of world education rankings because of the innovative approach it adopts to teaching and learning. I won’t be coming in thinking I have all the answers though! Repton is an outstanding school and should not need massive change. It will be wait and see, and over time a gentle evolution rather than a revolution.

Will we see you in any of the classrooms teaching?

You go into teaching because you love working with children and helping them grow and develop. One of the hardest things about being an administrator is the lack of teaching time. I get in to the classrooms at every opportunity though. It helps me to connect to the children and see the wonderful job my staff are doing. That also helps me speak knowledgeably to parents about exactly what is happening in the classrooms.

What are your top priorities for the year?

My top priority is to build relationships. This includes with the children, parents and teachers. The strength of a school lies in the depth of its relationships. I am a strong proponent of parents being actively involved in the education of their child and the building of a solid home school partnership. Already the Friends of Repton, the parent committee comprising representatives from each class, have met with me and we are planning the year ahead with events to build community and support the children. The teachers are our number one resource and I am looking forward to getting to know them so that I can properly support them in the vital work they are doing.

What can parents, your teachers and even pupils expect of you as a leader?

I have high standards and I expect these to be adhered to. I make these clear to my team and then let them get on with it. You have to have a great deal of trust in the expertise and professionalism of your staff. I am here to support my teachers and I know I am doing my job well when the teachers are able to do their job well.

Ultimately the learning of our children is our priority. They need to be at the centre of all that we do going forward...

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