LEGO, a Secret to this Dubai School's Success

American curriculum The Rising School,has partnered with LEGO Education to create interactive and hands-on lessons designed to engage, and allow students to visualize their problems.
LEGO, a Secret to this Dubai School's Success
By Veathika
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Most children love LEGO, but it’s not only fun, it's also educational. That's why Dubai’s Rising school has partnered with LEGO's education division, LEGO Education, to create new ways of teaching.

The American curriculum school is using LEGO bricks to turn ideas in the classrooms into models that can be felt and touched, all designed to create an engaging way of learning. 

According to Dr. Michael Bartlett, Executive Principal of Rising School Dubai LEGO benefits both students and teachers. He explains that:

 "Using LEGO allows students to visualise problems and work collaboratively to find solutions. Lessons are no longer just about a teacher sharing information to a class, but allowing students to fulfil their potential by working together and furthering cognitive ability through practical, interactive tasks."

He further added that the school is seeing real engagement with the students from using LEGO products and have found students have a far greater understanding of the underlying messages of the lessons.

Some of the ways in which LEGO can help are: taking abstract concepts and turning them in to tangible models; showing students how to collaborate to solve problems; allowing
students to be hands-on with their learning; and encouraging 21st century skills that can be applied in the classroom and beyond.

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