KHDA Targets Poor Dubai Arabic Tuition

KHDA Targets Poor Dubai Arabic Tuition
By C Hoppe
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The KHDA has announced plans for a new What Works workshop series to tackle the poor standard of Arabic teaching in Dubai.

According to UAE newspaper, Gulf News, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has found during annual inspections that almost three-quarters of schools have fallen short in Arabic language teaching and student language attainment, when compared to other subjects.  It went on to say that teaching approaches were "often repetitive and did not engage or motivate the students."

In response the KHDA has chosen to make Arabic teaching the focus of their upcoming What Works teacher-led workshops to be held throughout 2014. "What Works will focus on sharing positive experiences in Arabic,” said Hind Al Mualla, the Chief of Engagement at KHDA.

The workshops are part of the KHDA's continued commitment to improving Arabic tuition throughout Dubai's private schools. Previous initiatives by the authority include the implementation of new rules on recruitment of Arabic/Islamic studies teachers in 2013.

When interviewed, schools said they felt the issue lay with the lack of  high quality Arabic teachers available in the city, stating they felt forced to recruit outside the UAE. Christopher McDermott, Principal at GEMS International School said,“The quality of education is only as good as the teachers. Recruitment of teachers should be rigorous."

Hind Al Mualla, chief of engagement of Dubai education regulator the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), said, "An additional language is certainly an opportunity and an advantage."


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