KHDA Reveals 118 Rules for Schools to Reopen

There are 118 rules listed in the KHDA's Protocols for the Reopening of Private Schools in Dubai, circulated to all of the emirate's schools. It includes the requirement that all students wear masks all the time (except during strenuous exercise), seating requirements, rules for PE, and for school visits.
This article is part of an editorial series on Covid-19
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This article is part of an editorial series on Covid-19

The list of requirements that schools must meet for school reopening has been announced by the KHDA. The document, which may be downloaded here, contains 118 points that all private schools must follow.

The comprehensive set of rules is broken up under a number of key headers including (not exhaustively): Entry and pick up and school visit procedures, monitoring, attendance and contact tracing; Hygiene; Physical distancing arrangements, Educational provisions; Shared resources, Food and beverages, Physical education; Transportation, and Compliance.

Some key rules and requirements:

- All students older than six years will have to wear a mask, at all times, except when playing sports (see below).
- Student ratios will vary depending on the size of the classroom. Each school can decide on the number of students per class as long as "a safe distance of at least 1.5 metres per child or person" is maintained.
- Children and young people must stay in the same small learning groups at all times each day, and different groups are not mixed during the day, or on subsequent days
- Class rotation is not permitted. For curricula featuring class rotations, students should remain in a designated classroom, while teachers rotate instead.
- Provision for students in pre-primary/FS1, KG1/FS2 and KG2/Y1 will require “stable” groups of 10 or fewer children. “Stable” means the same 10 or fewer children are in the same group each day. This group of 10 children must be cared for in a space that cannot be accessed by children outside the stable group.
- Kitchens can be opened for usage by individuals strictly for food and drink consumption maintaining a 2 metres physical distancing. No buffets.
- To ensure that students remain active and keep healthy, schools will resume Physical Education (PE) lessons, with strict adherence to safety management measures.
- During PE lessons, students and PE teachers will not be required to wear masks when engaged in strenuous physical activities such as running and workouts, as long as they adhere to physical distancing measures
- PE lessons should focus on sports that do not require physical interaction; and school swimming pools will remain closed until further notice
- No school tournaments or inter-school events
- Showers and changing rooms are not permitted
- On days where students have PE lessons, they must come to school in their full PE uniform.
- Vending machines, pantries and pre-packed food and beverages are allowed, on the condition that they follow necessary guidelines for the sector (only disposable containers, frequent sanitisation of machines, and pantries items, maintaining 2 metres between the tables)
-Students and teachers must bring their own exclusive stationary items, devices or gadgets (i.e. laptops, tablets, headphones, etc.). Student should not share their stationery. If the children need a supply of stationery, it should be done by the teacher via proper disinfection.
- Families drop off and pick up at one designated area.
- Family members should be given maximum time limit of 10 minutes in the designated area to pick up/drop off with no crowding, maintenance of a 2 metres distancing, and wearing of masks at all times.
- Schools must use buses at half capacity and to place marks on chairs for seating guidance. Anyone entering the bus should undergo temperature screening.

For the full, 118 strong list of rules, click here to access the "Protocols for the Reopening of Private Schools in Dubai" PDF on

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