UPDATED: Post-Covid KHDA Inspection Results

The Dubai Schools Regulator, the KHDA, published the first tranche of school inspection reports since the Covid 19 pandemic - caused by the halt in March 2020 - at the end of May 2022. A second tranche of reports was published at the end of June.
UPDATED: Post-Covid KHDA Inspection Results
By Lyn Soppelsa
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The KHDA has published a total of 18 inspection reports for the schools who were in their third year of operation and due for their first inspection in 2019-20. 

In addition, at the end of June, the reports for a further 9 schools were released which - with the exception of one school, GEMS Al Barsha National School - had been previously inspected.

As has historically been the case, no 'new' school has achieved a rating higher than Good - despite past reassurances from the Regulator to the contrary that a higher rating (of Very Good or even Outstanding) is achievable for a new school.

Of the 18 schools who were awarded their first inspection rating, 14 achieved a Good rating, whilst the remaining 4 were rated Acceptable. Among those rated Good were Arcadia Secondary School, Brighton College Dubai, Dubai Heights Academy, Dubai International Academy Al Barsha, GEMS Founders Al Mizhar and South View School. Dwight School Dubai, which will come under the direct management of the Dwight Schools from August, achieved an Acceptable rating.  

For the second tranche of schools whose inspection results were released at the end of June, three achieved a Good rating. and a further six were rated Acceptable. Those rated Good were Capital School Dubai, Deira Private School, and International Concept for Education.  It seems that in most cases, the inspectors had prioritised schools that were expanding from one phase to another - principally, those opening Secondary or Upper Secondary sections. 

GEMS Al Barsha National School, whose results were released in the second tranche, is listed as having had no previous inspection.  This is not strictly true, as this school is an incorporation of the former GEMS Al Barsha National School for Girls into the former GEMS Al Barsha National School for Boys, under the leadership of the Boys' school Principal.  The Boys School had been rated Acceptable in 2019-20 and Good in the previous year.

WhichSchoolAdvisor.com is unaware as to whether further inspections took place subsequent to those included in the second tranche. We will add the results for any additional schools as they become available.

Tranche One results:

School name Curriculum Inspection rating
Al Mawakeb School Al Khawaneej American Good
Al Salam Community School British Good
Ambassador International Academy British/International Baccalaureate Good
Arcadia Secondary School British Good
Brighton College Dubai British Good
Dubai Heights Academy British Good
Dubai International Academy Al Barsha International Baccalaureate  Good
Dunecrest American School American/International Baccalaureate Good
Fairgreen International School International Baccalaureate  Good
GEMS Founders Al Mizhar British Good
Global Indian International School CBSE Good
Lycee Francais Jean Mermoz French Good
South View School  British Good
The Aquila School British Good
The Arbor School British Good
Bright Riders School CBSE Acceptable
Dwight School Dubai International Baccalaureate  Acceptable
Ignite School American Acceptable
Renaissance School  American Acceptable

Schools that participated in the second tranche of inspections, and which had been previously inspected include:

School Name Curriculum KHDA rating 2021-22 KHDA rating 2019-20 KHDA rating 2018-19
Capital School UK Good not inspected Acceptable
Deira Private School UK Good Acceptable Acceptable
International Concept for Education French/IB Good not inspected Acceptable
American School of Creative Science NAS US Acceptable not inspected Acceptable
GEMS Al Barsha National School UK Acceptable not inspected not applicable
Newlands School UK Acceptable Acceptable not applicable
Next Generation School US Acceptable not inspected Acceptable
Smart Vision School UK Acceptable not inspected Acceptable
St. Mary's High School Al Muhaisnah UK Acceptable Acceptable Acceptable

Schools due for inspection in 2019-20, who were also expected to be inspected in the 2021-22 academic year include:

School Name Curriculum Rating
American Academy For Girls American Good
Arcadia Primary School British Good
Collegiate American School International Baccalaureate/US Good
Dar Al Marefa International Baccalaureate Good
Deutsche Internationale Schule German Good
Kent College Dubai British/International Baccalaureate Good
Swiss International Scientific School International Baccalaureate Good
The School of Research Science British Good
Dubai Arabian American School American Acceptable
Dubai International School Garhoud American Acceptable
International Academic School American Acceptable
Modern Skills School American Acceptable
Oaktree Primary School British Acceptable
The Oxford School British Acceptable


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