Covid-19: KHDA Stops Gatherings of Students

The KHDA, Dubai's education regulator is stopping all internal and external trips, competitions, festivals and activities inside the educational institutions, especially those that require student gatherings, and all events and activities between educational institutions.
This article is part of an editorial series on Covid-19
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This article is part of an editorial series on Covid-19

The KHDA has written to all schools in Dubai requesting they stop all external trips, all competitions and festivals involving large gatherings of students, either internally or between schools. Dubai's education regulator has also revoked all previous permission for any such event.

In its letter, the KHDA wrote:

"To all private educational institutions in the Dubai,

As part of the precautionary and preventative measures taken to reduce the transmission of COVID 19 virus infection (the new coronavirus), the  Knowledge and Human Development Authority calls upon all private educational institutions in Dubai, including Early Learning Centres, schools and universities to stop all the following, starting with immediate effect until further notice:

— All Internal and External Trips

— Competitions, festivals and activities inside the educational institutions, especially those that require student gatherings

— Events and activities between Educational institutions or with other parties / partners and any teacher events.

With this communication, all pre-planned trips and related approvals issued by the KHDA became invalid.

We trust all educational institutions to adhere to the above keeping in mind the health of students and faculty."

The move comes as the the Abu Dhabi Department Health announced it was enforcing quarantine at two hotels, to ensure the safety and health of guests had potentially come in contact with two Italian participants of the UAE Cycling Tour, who had tested positive for the novel coronavirus, covid-19. It has also imposed home quarantine for others until the completion of the screening and examination in accordance with the medical procedures followed.

Earlier on Friday, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council has cancelled the remaining rounds of the 2020 UAE Tour after the two cases tested positive for coronavirus.

On Friday the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi said all test results back from those quarantined were free of the virus.

The KHDA note to all Dubai schools

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