KHDA 2017 School Inspection Results Details Revealed

The KHDA has published the 2016/17 DISB private school inspections results highlighting an overall improvement in SEND provision, core subjects, provision for Emirati students and school leadership...

The KHDA announced the results of the 2016/17 DISB school inspections. Of the 185 private schools in Dubai, KHDA teams inspected 159 schools.

The process has impacted over 263,000 students across Dubai and highlighted that 169,021 students (64 percent) now attend Good or better schools.

The results show 16 schools are rated Outstanding (no change from the 2015/16 inspection cycle), 14 schools are rated Very Good, 69 schools are rated Good, 50 rated Acceptable and 10 schools are considered Weak.

Since the last inspection, 10 schools have improved their rating and 4 have declined.

The UK curriculum is still the highest performer, of the 58 schools utilising the programme in Dubai; 10 are Outstanding, 9 are Very Good and 27 are rated Good.

The French curriculum continues to do well and although there are only five French curriculum schools in the city- all are considered Good or better.

Of the 10 IB curriculum schools in Dubai, again, all are considered Good or above.

Dr Abdulla Al Karam, chairman of the board of directors and director general of the KHDA told press today, “every year we continue to see further improvement in Dubai’s education landscape."

"More schools than ever are now offering a better quality of education. This improvement has been made possible by creating a culture of collaboration, which has encouraged schools to learn from each other and continue to grow.”

The Indian and US curricula schools remain the lowest rated curricula in Dubai with 3 US schools and 4 Indian schools considered Weak.


Emirati Students
In total, 31,116 Emirati students now attend private schools in Dubai, and over half of these (54 percent) attend schools rated Good or better.

The majority of Emiratis are in US curriculum schools, (over 20,000), while almost 7,000 attend UK curriculum schools.


Schools for Community Cohesion
For the first time, 61 percent of private schools in Dubai now offer Good or better provision for students with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).


The UAE National Agenda
In 2016/17 Dubai's private schools participated in both the TIMSS and PISA tests and the National Agenda Parameter.

As a result of the National Agenda inspections, 66% of schools have either met or exceeded expectations in the overall improvement towards meeting their National Agenda targets.


Core Subjects are Improving
Students are making steady progress in the core subjects with 74 percent of students now making Good or better progress in English and 49 percent in Arabic.

Seventy-two percent of students now make Good or better progress in both mathematics and science while 62 percent now make Good or better progress in Islamic Education.


Inspection findings show that 66% of all Dubai schools now benefit from Good or better quality of leadership.

This is a significant increase from 2008, when only 46% of private schools were judged to have Good or better leadership. The KHDA notes that leadership is the most significant factor affecting that school improvement.