KHDA Shocks With Planned Home Inspections

Dubai’s school regulator, the KHDA has today announced the immediate commencement of home inspections to monitor the quality of at home teaching. Parents are warned they need to prepare. WSA gives some advice.
KHDA Shocks With Planned Home Inspections
By Jenny Mollon
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Parents across Dubai are waking up to the news that they will soon be subject to KHDA inspections to monitor the quality of online learning in their homes. Just as for schools, these inspection reports will be graded and widely publicised.

The announcement, which was shared on the KHDA’s social media feeds, gave some detail as to the nature of the inspections. Parents will be rated in three key areas: ‘support’, ‘sleep’ and ‘chocolate’.

The team will be focusing in specifically on the latter criteria.

Whilst further detail as to these categories has not yet been provided, we would expect these three areas to be further broken down as follows:


- Constant high speed wifi provision. Disconnections or time limitations to be unacceptable

- Snacks, both in terms of quality, frequency and high percentage of sugar, fats and salts


- Every child to have as much sleep as they deem necessary, with start and end times to be determined solely by the child

- Naps during lessons times to be both expected and encouraged


- As for wifi provision, chocolate should be readily available at all times. The fact that chocolate is needed outside of regular meal times to be a non-issue. Bonus points will go to parents supplying external organisations, like Which Media, with provisioning. 

- Extra points for chocolate served at breakfast

Schools in the emirate of Dubai are graded either weak, acceptable, good, very good or outstanding.

Parents are worried... 

We spoke to two Dubai parents to see where they think their home’s grading will fall.

“To be honest, I’ve clearly been approaching this all wrong” said one father, who preferred to remain anonymous. “We’ve been limiting wi-fi to ensure our children get daily fresh air and aiming for at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. I can see now that I’ve been misguided and that I have a lot of making up to do.  What is even more worrying is that my kids have bought clipboards and seem to be making notes regarding my performance.  I'm not feeling confident."
The tweet from the KHDA

Mrs Constance Cadbury, of Jumeirah, felt more hopeful about the soon-to-commence inspections.

"I’ve seen how hard teachers work, and I feel I’ve put in the same level of effort, if I’m honest. The cupboards are bursting with crisps and chocolate and my children sleep where they fall. I feel pretty confident about achieving an outstanding rating and I’ll be delighted to reach out and support other parents in areas such as gaming, TikTok and more”.

What to you expect your home achieve in the Dubai home-school inspections? Drop us a line at [email protected] or share your thoughts on our facebook page.

The team wishes all our readers a very happy 1st April.

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