Teachers to Require Good Conduct Certificate

Teachers in Dubai will need to show a good conduct certificate from the previous country they worked in to acquire a teacher permit, in addition to the the teacher licence required by all teachers in the UAE.
Teachers to Require Good Conduct Certificate
By Veathika
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School teachers wanting to work in the UAE will need to show a good conduct certificate from the previous country they worked in

Dr Naji Al Mahdi, chief of qualifications and awards at Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), said that the certificate will be part of the requirements to obtain a teacher ‘permit’.

His comments came during a Private Schools forum, IPSEF, this weekend.

The teacher permit in Dubai will be given by the KHDA after fulfilling a number of requirements including a federal UAE teacher licence given by the Ministry of Education.

The good conduct certificate is part of wider measures to improve the qualifications and profile of teachers in Dubai. Dr. Al Mahdi said:

“Whether a teacher or school leader who wants to work in any school in Dubai, they have to get an approval from the KHDA and this is for a number of good reasons. One is to ensure when a teacher joins a school, they are competent enough to teach their own subject, and they are suitable enough to be in a school. If they are an expat, if they are working in country A or country B, and now they came here [to Dubai], we require a good conduct certificate from country B, and maybe from their original country. We are trying to basically ensure for our students, our learners, that safe people are working with them. That’s very important for us.”

He also pointed out that for new and existing teachers, at the time of permit renewals the good conduct certificate will be required because it is something that the authorities want to do on an on-going basis, rather than one-off.

Nowadays these certifications are available online and they just have to write to the authority. For instance, in Dubai they get them within 48 hours. So it’s not really something big to ask; it’s not a chore for people,” he added.

He reiterated the certificate would be from “the country that they last worked in.”

Currently there are around 21,000 teachers in more than 200 private schools in Dubai and they come from 180 countries.

All teachers will need a teacher licence in the UAE by 2021 and those in Dubai will also need a teacher permit by 2021.

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