English College Primary To Close - Head

English College Primary To Close - Head
By James Mullan
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The closure of English College's primary school has been confirmed in a letter sent by the Head Teacher, William Johnston, to parents this morning.

Mr Johnston states in the letter that 'the closure is for business reasons and is not related to fee increases.'

The school is at the more affordable end of the English curriculum spectrum - but by no means the cheapest - and a group of parents had offered to pay a 20% increase in fees if that enabled the school to remain open.

To gauge the school's fees against others in Dubai, go to our comprehensive listing of school fees, broken down by year group. What is clear from any analysis is that there are many other schools able to run profitably for lower fees. However, the lower the fees, the greater number of children will be required. The English College's primary section is home to currently 3-400 children.

There is a suggestion that, as the KHDA indicated in a statement issued at the end of last week, some negotiations between all parties are ongoing.  Johnston's letter however does not sound optimistic: "I have been informed that all avenues have and will continue to be explored but of course it is now time for you to make alternative arrangements for your child."

A key concern for many parents who have been speaking to WhichSchoolAdvisor is the future of the Secondary School.  In the letter Mr Johnston states: 'The Secondary school is unaffected by the closure of the Primary and will remain open with no plans for closure.'

A group of English College parents is currently seeking a five year commitment for the School's future from its senior management.


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