Dubai Tops The Middle East For Uni Students

The QS higher education has revealed the top student cities, based on a 50,000 strong student survey, that looks at the cost of living, diversity and the availability of top universities.
Dubai Tops The Middle East For Uni Students
By Veathika
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Dubai has taken the top spot in the Middle East as the best city for university students, according to the QS higher education data analysts.

The rankings for student cities, is based on a number of factors including the concentration of top universities in a city, the local jobs market, cultural diversity and quality of life.

The survey, which represents the views of some 50,000 students, is an attempt to identify of the pros and cons of the world's cities for its undergraduates.

London ranks first as it has a higher concentration of world-class institutions that includes Imperial College, University College London, the London School of Economics and King's College.

Dubai, grouped with Sharjah and Ajman, ranks 61st in the world, but still heads the table of Middle East cities. Riyadh was ranked 72nd worldwide and number two in the Middle East, while Cairo took the third spot with a worldwide ranking of 94.

QS currently ranks three universities in the UAE - American University of Sharjah (its highest rated, ranked between 411-420th globally); American University in Dubai and the University of Sharjah. The average fee at the three ranked universities is currently US$21,200. The city ranks 41st for "Desirability", 109th for "Employer Activity", 77th for "Affordability" and 46th for "Student Experience".

The UAE in general, but Dubai in particular, is positioning itself as a player in the knowledge economy. Strong universities, with the research and patents they generate, is key to this. 

While the survey suggests there is considerable room for improvement the findings will be seen as positive for the emirate. To grow as a hub for tertiary education, for the region, Dubai does not necessarily need to break into the global top 10. There will be many parents from the Gulf and Near East that would prefer their children in Dubai than perhaps in more Western countries which are further away, geographically and culturally


The best student cities of 2018:

1 London United Kingdom
2 Tokyo Japan
3 Melbourne Australia
4 Montreal Canada
5 Paris France
6 Munich Germany
7 Berlin Germany
8 Zurich Switzerland
9 Sydney Australia
10 Seoul South Korea
11 Vienna Austria
12 Hong Kong Hong Kong
13 Boston United States
13 Toronto Canada
15 Singapore Singapore
16 Edinburgh United Kingdom
17 Vancouver Canada
18 New York United States
19 Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe Japan
20 Taipei Taiwan
21 Brisbane Australia
22 Canberra Australia
23 Auckland New Zealand
24 Manchester United Kingdom
25 Buenos Aires Argentina
26 Beijing China
27 Amsterdam Netherlands
28 Moscow Russia
29 Shanghai China
30 Prague Czech Republic
31 Barcelona Spain
32 Madrid Spain
33 Stockholm Sweden
34 Dublin Ireland
35 Los Angeles United States
36 Milan Italy
37 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
38 San Francisco United States
39 Perth Australia
40 Chicago United States
41 Adelaide Australia
42 Lyon France
43 Glasgow United Kingdom
44 Coventry United Kingdom
45 Copenhagen Denmark
46 Ottawa Canada
47 Nottingham United Kingdom
48 Brussels Belgium
49 Budapest Hungary
50 Lisbon Portugal
51 Birmingham United Kingdom
52 Mexico City Mexico
53 Warsaw Poland
54 Bangkok Thailand
55 Aberdeen United Kingdom
56 Newcastle Upon Tyne United Kingdom
57 Gothenburg Sweden
58 Philadelphia United States
58 Stuttgart Germany
60 Washington DC United States
61 Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman United Arab Emirates
62 Atlanta United States
63 Brno Czech Republic
63 Santiago Chile
65 Oslo Norway
66 Rome Italy
67 Istanbul Turkey
68 Pittsburgh United States
69 Christchurch New Zealand
70 Sao Paulo Brazil
71 Cape Town South Africa
72 Riyadh Saudi Arabia
73 Hsinchu Taiwan
74 Tomsk Russia
75 Helsinki Finland
76 Athens Greece
76 St. Petersburg Russia
78 Toulouse France
79 Johannesburg South Africa
80 San Diego United States
81 Bogota Colombia
82 Ankara Turkey
83 Monterrey Mexico
84 Vilnius Lithuania
85 Graz Austria
86 Daejeon South Korea
87 Gold Coast Australia
88 Nanjing China
88 Quebec Canada
90 Balti United States
90 Valencia Spain
92 Brighton United Kingdom
92 Nagoya Japan
94 Cairo Egypt
95 Manila Philippines
96 Novosibirsk Russia
97 Houston United States
97 Montpellier France
99 Mumbai India
100 Miami United States
100 Rio de Janeiro Brazil


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