Dubai Student Prepares for Space Centre

Jumeirah English Speaking School sixth form student has been selected by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre to visit Florida in the USA to conduct an experiment in near Zero Gravity.
Dubai Student Prepares for Space Centre
By Veathika
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A sixth form student from Dubai has taken a giant leap forward towards his dream of going into space.

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) Deputy Head Boy Amir Abdou is one of 20 students within the UAE to be selected by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre to visit Florida in the USA at the end of the month to experience Lunar and Zero Gravity as well as carry out experiments on-board a specially equipped aircraft – also known as the ‘Vomit Comet’.

This opportunity is part of a Zero Gravity Competition run by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space centre to promote the space sector in the UAE and motivate students to take an interest in science and research.

Amir’s complex experiment entry consists of testing different liquids to discover how viscosity is affected in Zero Gravity.

Amir has to conduct the experiment during the ‘Vomit Comet’ flight which lasts for only 22 seconds, meaning the process of testing has to be ‘short and effective' and has to be practical whilst experiencing zero gravity.

We asked Amir, who is currently studying the IB Diploma and has chosen to study Higher Level Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Business, English and Spanish, about his preparation for the flight, and his interest in Quantum Physics.

Take us through your experiment that you will be doing on the flight...

On the plane I will inject 2 drops of a liquid and will video it to measure how long it takes for them to form one bigger drop after first contact.

How has the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre helped you hone our science skills?

It has helped me apply my knowledge of physics to the real world. It has provided me with a 'real world' environment that I can use problem solving and analytical skills within research.

What are you hoping to gain from the experience in Florida?

I’m hoping that from this experience, I will be able to see how it is to be an astronaut in space, and how zero gravity affects our bodies. I am excited to be able to pursue my passion in physics by being able to provide knowledge and research to the scientific community that can hopefully be part of something greater one day when humanity attempts its first colonisation on other planets and moons.

What are your future plans in terms of pursuing Quantum Physics?

I take my inspiration from the likes of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Werner Heisenberg and all the other scientists that have dedicated most of their lives to discovering some of the mysteries of our universe. I hope to be able to study quantum physics at university and provide research into the enigmatic quantum realm, so that humanity can use this knowledge to improve the lives of everyone and everything on this planet. Quantum mechanics could unlock the solutions to many of the world’s issues, and I hope to be part of the community that will bring us closer to discovering its keys.

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