Dubai Launches Back-To-School Healthy Eating Plans

Dubai Municipality is planning a unique 'back-to-school,' nutritional initiative to be rolled out across schools in September...

This September, Dubai Municipality will be tackling childhood obesity via initiatives across the city’s schools and supermarkets.

The new guidelines by the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Health Authority will see a three-pronged approach.

According to Khaleej Times, the authorities plan to ensure food safety and hygiene in school canteens by providing directions on ensuring the safety of food during handling, cooking, transporting, displaying, and selling items intended for schools.

There will also be guidelines on healthy foods and eating for schools.

In addition, the municipality is issuing a series of sample healthy meals within the new "Nutritional Guidelines for Schools."

The guidelines will address portion sizes, increasing the availability of healthy foods in schools and detailed education plans for healthy eating/choices.


Supermarkets Join The Campaign

Across Dubai supermarkets are joining the campaign with the introduction of a ‘back to school healthy eating campaign,’ which aims to help children and their parents make healthier nutritional decisions.

The campaign is led by six-nutrition-characters; broccoli, almond, wheat, banana, yogurt and fish, represent the main food groups.

The initiative kicked-off in June and continues through the summer to September with supermarkets promoting healthy eating and participating in videos, social media tips and various in-store promotions.

Visit participating supermarkets include; Aswaaq, Carrefour, Spinneys, Choithrams, Lulu and Union Co-op.


Foods That Remain Banned In School Canteens

All soft drinks, energy drinks and sweetened fruit drinks

Milk products containing synthetic flavours

All types of chewing gum and sweets

Sweets and chocolate

Any food items containing monosodium glutamate

. High-fat/deep fried foods

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