Do UAE Schools Offer Good Value for Money?

Do UAE Schools Offer Good Value for Money?
By David Westley
Do your children attend a UAE school? Take our survey and help other parents.
WhichSchoolAdvisor's annual school survey.

Given how much noise is made over school fees, and the sensitivity to any rise in costs, Which School Advisor had expected a very low percentage of parents to say that school fees represented good value for money in our School Survey.

In actual fact responses are evenly divided between Agree (33%), Partially agree (37%) and Disagree (30%).

Parents it seems are more rational and objective than they are often given credit for.

That said, families who have their school fees paid do skew the results. An astonishing 54% think fees represent good value when they don't pay anything at all, 32% when they make a partial contribution, and just 27% when they pay all fees themselves... That is a significant variance.

Note: This is not just about perception. Parents who have their school fees paid, are likely to send their children to more expensive schools, where the education offered may be a step up to schools attempting to do more with less.

As with the results for the question - Would You Recommend Your Child's Current School? - UAE parents are far more positive when the pain of finding the school fees three times a year is taken away from them.

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