Save Over AED 100,000 On School Fees

If you have a child starting school this September then you need to read this, with 'rolling founders fees' potentially offering serious savings over the course of your child's school career.
Save Over AED 100,000 On School Fees
By C Hoppe
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While most parents understand the idea of Founders fees, they might not have come across the new discount proposition currently being offered by several new schools; ' the 'Rolling Founders fees.'

Traditionally Founders fees stopped after the first year or so, returning tuition fees to the pre-approved KHDA sums.

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However, 'Rolling Founders fees' remain applicable for the entire duration of the child's education with the specific school.

For a child starting school in the early years, 'rolling Founders fees' can equate to some seriously significant savings...  


SAVE: Up to AED 124,000 at Foremarke

What’s the deal: A potential saving of AED 124,000 (if you start this year at Foundation 1 and continue with Foremarke to Year 6).

The School: This genuine ‘prep’ school is the partner school of Foremarke Hall, Repton’s Preparatory School in the United Kingdom. It’s known for its small class sized (1:8 in Foundation and 1:10 in Primary) and thoroughly British style of education.

Discount: AED 25,000 off Foundation classes, AED 11,000 off Years 1 & 2, and AED 13,000 off years 3 to 6.

What it means: "The Founders’ Tuition Fees are available for all existing pupils and pupils who are registered before 30th June 2019... and are applicable for the entire time that your child is in school."

More Information: Foremarke's tuition fee policy


SAVE: Up to AED 112,000 with Arcadia Preparatory School

What’s the deal? A scholarship discount worth 30% off FS1 and 20% off all other Years for duration of time at Arcadia.

The School: Arcadia Preparatory School, a UK curriculum Primary located in JVT. This beautifully designed school places a firm focus on community and entrepreneurialship.

Discount: 30% off FS1 (AED 18,000), 20% off FS2 (AED 12,000) and AED 13,800 off Years 1 to 6.

What it means: Fees net of 20% scholarship for pupils joining in the academic year 2017-18 and for their entire tenure at The Arcadia Preparatory School (until end of Year 6). Fees net of 30% scholarship for pupils joining Foundation Stage 1 for that year only and thereafter will be subsidised 20% for the remainder of the pupil’s time at The Arcadia Preparatory School (until end of Year 6).

Any other discounts? Arcadia also offers an additional 5% off for first sibling and 10% for the second and additional siblings.

More information: Arcadia's tuition fee policy 


SAVE: Up to AED 289,400 at North London Collegiate School- Dubai

The School: One of the UK’s most respected and high-achieving schools launches its branch in Dubai.

Discount: 15 to 20% off every school year

What it means: "We are pleased to offer Tuition Fees at the Founding Member rate for each child who joins the School during term one of our first year of operation in 2017-18. Every Founding Member will retain their discounted fee rates, as they apply to each Grade, for the entirety of the child’s academic career at NLCS Dubai."

Any further discounts? There’s also a further 5% for first child, 10% for the second and 15% for third and more siblings at NLCS

More information: NLCS's tuition fee policy  



SAVE: Up to AED 44,300 at the British Columbia Canadian School

The School: This new Canadian curriculum school in Dubai Investment Park has a lot going for it. Reasonable fees, facilities planned over the next year and a curriculum growing in popularity each year.

Discount: Discounted fees for 2017/18 academic year then 10% discount on each year the child remains with the school.

What it means: "Founding students will receive reduced fees for the first two years plus, those who are enrolled in the school when we open, will receive a 10% reduction on their fees for the duration of the time that they are enrolled in the school. This will apply from the academic year 2018-19 onwards."

Any other discounts? Sibling discounts of 5% for the second child and 10% for any additional children.

More information: The BCCS Dubai's tuition fee policy 

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