First 2018 Abu Dhabi School Ratings - Revealed!

In line with the bi-annual inspection programme for schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the first set of inspection results and reports in 2017/18 were issued by ADEK in early February. 48 schools were included in this initial round of inspections which took place between September and November. Unlike Dubai, where inspections take place on an annual basis, ADEK usually inspects schools every two years.
First 2018 Abu Dhabi School Ratings - Revealed!
By Lyn Soppelsa
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Of the 48 schools inspected in Abu Dhabi in the latest round of inspections, just under half managed to show sufficient improvement to receive an upgrade in their rating. Another 22 retained the rating from their previous inspections  (2015-16) while three schools were found to have moved backward in their overall performance.

It will no doubt have been a surprise for parents to learn that the performance, and therefore ratings, of Abu Dhabi Indian School, and the two Choueifat branches in Abu Dhabi and Rowais were deemed to have declined from Good to Acceptable.

For Abu Dhabi Indian School, the inspectors identified the need to improve the provision of Arabic, meet the learning needs of all students, including those with SEN, high achievers and the gifted and talented (G&T), improve school self-evaluation so that it supports the identification of realistic and achievable improvement targets, and benchmark students’ achievement against international standards. Both Choueifat schools were found to require improvement in the areas of student achievement, teaching and assessment.

Among the 23 schools whose ratings improved, Al Bhaya Private School, Al Ittihad National Private School Al Ain, Al Najah Private School, Creative British School and International Jubilee Private School all moving from Acceptable to Good.

Showing a significant improvement by moving two ratings from Weak to Good, Asian International Private School and the Indian Private School Al Ain outperformed all others.

A number of schools made the important step of improving their ratings from Weak to Acceptable. These included Ain AlKhaleej Private School, Al Ain English Speaking School, Al Awa'il Private School, Al Iman School, Baream Al Ain Private School, Dar Al Uloom Private School, Emirates Future International Academy, Emirates National School AlNayhan, Future International Academy, Ibn Khaldoun School, Scientific Distinction Private School, Tawaam Model Private School and United School of Bani Yas Private School.

Three schools - Al Maali International School, Pakistani Islamic Private School and Palestine Private Academy - improved their ratings from Very Weak to Weak, but clearly still have significant progress to make.

None of the schools inspected in the first round were able to improve their rating to either Very Good or Outstanding.

Overall, 22 schools retained their ratings from the previous inspection round in 2015-16 – with one remaining Very Weak, four Weak, 10 Acceptable, three Good, three Very Good (Al Ain International Academy, GEMS American Academy, BISAD - British International School Abu Dhabi) and one (Aldar's Al Muna Academy), maintaining its Outstanding rating.

Of the 48 schools included, one is still rated Very Weak and seven schools are still rated Weak. This represents 15% of the schools inspected. The 26 schools rated Acceptable represent 54% of schools in this tranche.

With this first round of 2017-18 inspections published, it seems that there is still a long way to go for the majority of schools to reach the level of Good – the minimum rating to which all schools are expected to aspire.

The following table shows the results for each school inspection in this first round with changes in rating high-lighted:


  Adek Overall 2017/2018 Rating - batch 1
School Name Adec Overall 2017/2018 Rating  Last Overall Rating School Fees Minimum (AED) School Fees Maximum (AED)
Abu Dhabi Indian Private School Acceptable Good 7150 14414
Adnoc School, Madinat Zayed Weak Weak 20900 37400
Ain AlKhaleej Private School Acceptable Weak 6050 14150
Al Ain English Speaking School Acceptable Weak 20500 41000
Al Ain International Private School Very Good  Very Good 39600 57330
Al Awa'il Private School Acceptable Weak 5500 11000
Al Bhaya Private School Good Acceptable 16100 17300
Al Ettehad Private School Very Weak Very Weak 2100 3000
Al Hamdanya Grand Private School Acceptable Acceptable 6891 11,275
Al Iman Private School Acceptable Weak 6,000 12,000
Al Ittihad National Private School Al Ain Good Acceptable 16,600 30,800
Al Maali International Private School Weak Very Weak 8,400 15,000
Al Muna Primary School Outstanding Outstanding 41580 41580
Al Najah Private School Good Acceptable 13500 35000
Al Nash'e Assaleh Private School Good Good 5000 18000
Ashbal Al Quds Private School Acceptable Acceptable 8100 16100
Asian International Private School Good Weak 3800 12100
Baream Al Ain Private School Acceptable Weak 6425 6425
Beit Al Maqdes International Private School Acceptable Acceptable 5100 9100
(Choueifat) International Private School Rowais Acceptable Good 17900 25000
Creative British School Good Acceptable 7000 18000
Dar Al Huda International Private School Weak Weak 4200 8700
Dar Al Uloom Private School Acceptable Weak 4100 7900
Emirates Falcon International Private School Acceptable  Acceptable 20000 27500
Emirates Future International Academy Acceptable  Weak 7800 14600
Emirates National AlNayhan Acceptable  Weak 34150 55920
Emirates National School Manaseer Acceptable Acceptable 23330 32260
Future International Academy Acceptable Weak 11395 24205
Gems American Academy Very Good  Very Good 50300 70100
Ibn Khaldoun Islamic School Acceptable Weak 3200 9400
Indian Private School Al Ain Good Weak 4200 9200
International Community School Acceptable Acceptable 21750 50831
International Jubilee Private School Good Acceptable 12200 26600
Islamia English High School Acceptable Acceptable 6900 14100
Liwa International Private School Good Good 16200 29300
Pakistani Islamic Private School Weak Very Weak 2900 5500
Palestine Private Academy Weak Very Weak 2400 6900
Scientific Distinction Private School Acceptable Weak 7500 10700
Tawaam Model Private School Acceptable Weak 6000 14200
The British International School of Abu Dhabi Very Good Very Good 50300 66400
The Cambridge High School Good Good 14500 30700
The International School of Choueifat Abu Dhabi Acceptable Good 19600 34600
The Iranian School  Weak Weak 3600 4560
Theodore Monod Acceptable Acceptable 19100 22700
United School of Bani Yas Private School Acceptable Very Weak 14000 20000
Universal Private School Weak Weak 4800 15000
Yas Academy Private School Acceptable Acceptable 4000 8600
Zakher Private School Acceptable Acceptable 4900 11200

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