ADEC Seeks Feedback From Community On Education

ADEC Seeks Feedback From Community On Education
By James Mullan
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Teachers, parents and school principals will be invited to attend a series of forums organised the educational authorities in Abu Dhabi to discuss how education can be improved in the emirate.  This is a follow-up move to the Transforming Education Summit (TES) which took place two months ago in the capital and which was organised by Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC).  It was attended by more than 200 delegates - including ministers, educational and business leaders - to discuss various challenges facing the educational sector.

The groups will be made up of four to 10 people from education backgrounds as well as those who participated in the summit or have shown interest in working for education reforms. They will also develop white papers to be shared and presented at 2014 TES in Abu Dhabi.

ADEC has also said that it's actively examining best education techniques available globally and deciding how these can be employed in Abu Dhabi.

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