A and AS Level Results Day - The Results Are In...

Horizon International School, part of Al Najah Education, has led the charge in releasing the first set of A Level and AS Level results in the UAE. This article will continue to be updated through the day.
A and AS Level Results Day - The Results Are In...
By David Westley
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WhichSchoolAdvisor.com is still collecting the data, but we managed to collect results for more schools this year than at any time before. CAG final grades can be found in our tables below.  We have not amended individual school comments. We congratulate all UAE schools not only for their fabulous results, but also their increasing transparency. 

Following the announcement by the UK Government on 17th August that the results which had been calculated using the controversial algorithm would be replaced by those submitted by schools (Centre-assessed Grades - CAG), WhichSchoolAdvisor.com has not updated the text within this article, but an additional table has been added for the CAG results below the original.

Roll of honour!

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Horizon International School

Horizon International School, part of Al Najah Education, led the charge in releasing the first set of results in the UAE on A' Level Results Day.

According to a statement sent to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com 2020 Post 16 results reflect "another year of exceptional performance by Horizon International School's students in both attainment and progress". Out of the entries for this year, 29% of exam entries were awarded A*-A, and 75% of entries achieved A*-C grades. Horizon International School enjoyed an overall pass rate (A*-E) of 100%.

Commented Darren Gale, Principal at Horizon International School.

It has been a year like no other in education with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in one of the most crucial times for examination classes. I am so proud of the students, staff and parents at Horizon International School who celebrate the impressive outcomes today. They are testament to the commitment, dedication, support and teamwork during the most challenging and trying of times. 

Horizon International School highlights included a 100% pass rate at AS and A Level,  while the first Science AS Levels achieved a 100% pass rate with 67% B+ in Chemistry and 50% B+ in Biology and Physics. A total of 75% of Art AS students achieved B+, with 50% attaining the highest grade of an A.

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JESS Arabian Ranches

JESS at Arabian Ranches, which offers the IB Diploma programme, BTEC and GCSE's also revealed its second year of BTEC results. These have shown a further improvement with graduates taking either a BTEC in Art & Design, Sports & Sports Science and Business Studies. Of the seven students enrolled across the three courses, all achieved a pass, with five students achieving the highest possible D*D*D* grade and an overall average for the cohort of D*D*D. All seven students have been able to secure their first choice university destination.

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Al Yasmina Academy

First results from Abu Dhabi came from Aldar Academies, whose Al Yasmina Academy announced record grades for its 2020 A-level results, with more than 1 in 3 students achieving A* - A across all subjects. These results are the highest to date for A-level students within Aldar Academies, with 99.3 per cent of students passing all subjects and 85.6 per cent of students achieving a pass level of A* - C. 

Sahar Cooper, CEO of Aldar Education, said: “It is wonderful to be celebrating our highest ever A- level results today; this is testament to the consistent hard work and tenacity of our A-level students. This success has been made possible thanks to the passion and dedication shown by our education team and the immense support from our families."

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The English College

Student Aisha Hassan, a Sixth form student at The English College is shown celebrating her results. 

EC was the second Dubai school to share its results on Thursday, announcing that this year there were 58 students in the A level cohort who entered a total of 118 exams. 6% of entries were graded A*, 30% A*-A, 90% of entries achieved A*-C and 100% of entries were rated A*-E - a 100% pass rate. Overall results showed an improvement across all grades from A-E compared with last year.

In a statement, the College noted that "As a non-selective school, we have maintained outstanding results and have demonstrated year on year improvement with 90% of our students achieving A*-C grades across all their subjects. We would like to thank all of our teachers for their hard work and to the parents for their continuous support. We are exceptionally proud of all the students collecting exam results today. As a year group, they have demonstrated positivity, resilience and an amazing work ethic that has clearly paid off. We are delighted that their hard work has been rewarded and wish them all the best in their next step in life."

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Kent College Dubai

Kent College Dubai  also celebrated the successes of its A-level cohort which had more than doubled in size this year.  An impressive 99% of all A-level examinations resulted in passes, with 83% within the critical A*-C bracket. This is an increase upon the previous best of 75% at A*-C and marks the end of a turbulent time for the Year 13 students.

Timothy Hollis, Head of Senior School at Kent College comments, “These results are testament to the hard work and determination of our Year 13 pupils and teachers, all of whom have worked with professionalism and diligence throughout these difficult times. I have been amazed by the continued effort and commitment of our whole community as they have given their very best, learning valuable lessons right up until the end of the term. Through their hard work I am confident that our young graduates will make a positive contribution to the environments to which they embark”

Jonas Kurten and Lorenzo Raimondi, who each gained 5 top A-level qualifications, alongside Hannah Meredith and Ashleigh Brits who achieved straight A*-A grades, KCD pupils are now looking forward to the challenges the very best universities in the world have to offer.”

The Principal, Mr Anthony Cashin echoed his congratulations to the pupils and teachers. “The recent A-level results are truly indicative of the quality of teaching and learning here at Kent College. I would also like to join in and congratulate our cohort of graduating pupils who have achieved great success and their teachers for providing such engaging learning opportunities during the online/distance period. I wish our graduating class every success with their future endeavours.”

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Dubai College

We applaud Dubai College, regarded as the emirate's and probably the UAE's most successful school academically, for sharing its results in detail with us.  There were 126 students in the 2020 cohort who entered a total of 414 exams. This year’s A Level results from Dubai College reflect its students’ consistent 3-year average of 60% A*/A grades at A Level. 24% of exam entries were graded A* (compared to 26% last year), whilst 60% (last year, 62%) were graded A*-A, 95% of entries were graded A*-C and students again achieved a 100% pass rate.

However, reflecting the concerns that have been expressed by many schools over recent days, Dubai College noted that "we are currently in the midst of the most complicated results day in the history of the qualification. The problem with celebrating headline statistics is that they do not tell the 126 individual stories currently playing out in school. This situation has the potential to be unsettling for many of our students and there is no doubt that today’s results will look very different in a week’s time.
These published grades reflect the 3-year average which Ofqual announced would be the basis for this year’s A Levels results across the world. They have been produced by Ofqual’s computer algorithm and in many cases are not the grades which the school had anticipated for students nor do they reflect the true account of our students’ performance in public examinations.
Whilst it is very pleasing that ten students gained a full house of A* grades, six of whom achieved this rare feat in four A Level subjects, we must contextualise these results within the current shifting context. 

Dubai College’s students will be heading to top tier universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and University College London in the UK; MIT, Stanford, Yale, New York University and University of Pennsylvania in the US; Toronto and University of British Columbia in Canada; Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and Trinity College, Dublin, among many others.

Headmaster Michael Lambert commented, “Today is a results day like no other and there is still much that is uncertain about these results. On Tuesday night UK education secretary Gavin Williams announced that students who would like to request the use of a valid mock result instead of their Ofqual moderated grade would be able to do so through an appeals process. Individual students will need to notify their school or college who will provide evidence of their mock results to their exam board. However, as yet, the process has not been finalised and there is no guarantee that mock results will supersede moderated grades. There is also the chance that the UK government will follow the lead of the Scottish parliament and reinstate the centre assessed grades which schools submitted to the examinations boards in June. What is most important right now is that we are on hand to answer questions and enable our students to progress to their next stage on their path.” 

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Safa Community School

Safa Community School was delighted to announce the results of its first Sixth Form, Year 12, students who sat their AS examinations this year in advance of completing their A Levels in 2021. 22 students sat a total of 60 exams across 14 subjects. The number of A*-A grades for the first-ever cohort was an impressive 32% – over twice the UK national A-Level average. In addition, half of all grades achieved were A*-B (50%) and 75% of all grades were A*-C.

Michael Davies, Head of Secondary, commented “We are delighted with these results. The students have overcome adversity in unprecedented times. They have never waivered or taken a backward step; with every obstacle and challenge, the group became stronger. They reflect just how hard learners and staff have worked to ensure that our students achieved excellent outcomes. The standard of teaching and learning in our Sixth Form is truly impressive. AS-level outcomes for Year 12 have surpassed their expected grades which indicates even stronger A level results next year. I’d like to thank all involved publicly.”

Top Performers at the school were Farouk Attia who achieved four A grades in Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Design and Technology; and Nourhan Elshahat who also achieved all A grades in Biology, Business and Maths. Both are Academic Scholarship students at SCS.  In addition, Maria Novais also achieved three A grades in Biology, Maths and Chemistry, and Warda Mandvia achieved three A grades in Biology, Maths and Psychology and a B in Chemistry 

Stephen Duckett Principal, commented “I am delighted that our first cohort of sixth former's has demonstrated excellent Year 12 results. Safa Community School consistently ensures that all our students outperform. Importantly, we have also fully prepared our oldest students for their future careers, and our focus on their all-round wellbeing has supported them to deliver such a high level of success. The remarkable results of our Year 12 cohort fully reflect that every individual sixth former and all of their teachers should feel justifiably proud of their outstanding achievements.

Despite a challenging year for their students, Brighton College Abu Dhabi and Brighton College Al Ain have announced a strong set of A Level results achieved by their students.

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Brighton College Abu Dhabi

A total of 61 students entered the A Level examinations at Brighton College Abu Dhabi with 45.4% of all grades achieved this year being A*–A, 70.7% of grades were graded A*–B, and 89.3% of the grades were at A* – C. Based on initial expectations of students' potential through base-line assessments conducted by the school, achieved grades were  over half a grade higher on average.  UAE national pupils achieved 59% A*-B and 88% A*-C grades.


High achieving students, reflecting the vast range of nationalities at the College include Hazem Issa (Egyptian) 2A* 2A 1B, George Sebastian Hirjoaba (Romanian) 2A* 2A, Gyeongmin Noh (Korean) 2A* 2A, Razaan Ganatra (Canadian) 4A, Ahmed Shehata (Egyptian) 1A* 3A, Leen Kharouf (Jordanian) 2A* 1A, Kiran Mungroo (Trinidadian) 3A*, Lilianna Givanakis (Australian) 3A*, Ed Nur Aqil Jeffry (Singaporean) 1A* 2A, Jorge Diez Malo de Molina (Spanish) 3A, Hala Doshan (Palestiniaan) 3A, and Awo Yusuf (Canadian) 3A.

Simon Corns, Head Master of Brighton College Abu Dhabi said, “This school year has required extraordinary levels of resilience from pupils, parents and staff, and it is a massive tribute to all of the Brighton College Abu Dhabi community that our results are even better than last year’s. Ambiguities do remain about the appeals process and, if common sense prevails in the end, these results will improve further still, ensuring that all our pupils have grades which they have every right to be proud of. My thanks and congratulations go to all, whatever the outcome, and there is a team of expert and experienced teachers now available to all pupils and parents who need support as they seek to confirm university places and to challenge any results that seem unfair. We will be fighting hard for them!”

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Brighton College Al Ain

Brighton College Al Ain students achieved their highest A Level grades in three years with an overall pass rate of 97%, with students achieving 18.2% A* grades, 42.4% A*-A grades and 74.2% A*-B grades.

Outstanding students this year include Misha Stewart with A*A*A* in English, Psychology and Art and Design; Muhammad Faisal who achieved: A*A*A in Physics, Economics and Maths, Natasha Branicki-Tolchard who received A*AA in History, Politics and English, and Sarah Johnson who results were A*A*B in English, Spanish and Mathematics.

Head Master Dr Kenneth Greig commented, “I am incredibly proud of this year’s A Level students who have faced adversity, uncertainty and challenging times, and have shown that hard work and dedication pays off, having achieved the highest A Level results the College has seen in three years. These results reflect the growing academic maturity of the College, and the very high aspirations of our pupils and our staff. We wish the class of 2020 every success in their next steps.”

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GEMS Education

GEMS Education announced that more than 790 pupils from 14 English National Curriculum schools in the UAE completed over 2,200 A Levels. Twenty-seven per cent of students achieved an A* grade, while 62 per cent of entries attained A* to B grades and 37 per cent recorded A* to A.

Jodh Singh Dhesi, Deputy Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, said: “We are extremely proud of the performance of all our A Level students. These impressive results – in what has been a very challenging year – reflect resilience, diligence and rigour in their approach to learning. The results are a ringing testament to each student’s hard work, and the exceptional support provided by teachers and parents during both the two-year course and our remote learning provision. We congratulate every one of our A Level students – and all who supported them – on their accomplishments.”

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GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail

Highlights include GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail, which celebrated results of 49 per cent A* to A grades from their first ever A Level cohort. In all, 19 per cent of exam entries were A* grades and 76 per cent A*- B grades.

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GEMS FirstPoint, The Villa

GEMS First Point School, The Villa, also saw strong results, with 54 per cent of students achieving an A* grade, 18 per cent of entries achieving A* and 41 per cent achieving A* to A grades.

Matthew Tompkins, Principal/CEO of GEMS FirstPoint School, The Villa, said “All of us at GEMS FirstPoint School are so incredibly proud of our A Level students, who have achieved fantastic results this year. After two years of hard work and outstanding resilience throughout the pandemic, our Sixth Form students have set new records across a large number of subjects. Overall, more than 40 per cent of all grades awarded to our students were A or A* across the 27 subjects that we offer in our Sixth Form. One third of students received the highest grade of A or A* in English. We wish all our students well as they graduate to the next phase of their lives. They are no longer our students, but they will always remain members of our GEMS FirstPoint family.”

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GEMS Founders Al Barsha

Celebrating their first set of A Level results, GEMS Founders Al Barsha provided limited details of its students' successes, with 35% of exam grades being A*-A and 56% of grades A*-B.  100% of English Literature exam entries, 80% of Psychology entries,  63% of entries for Mathematics and 47% of Science entries received A*-B grades. 

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Cambridge International School Dubai

One of the oldest GEMS UK curriculum schools in the city, CIS also produced a bumper crop of A Level results this year and published much of the detail - something we at WhichSchoolAdvisor.com very much welcome.

With a pass rate of 98%, the 2020 cohort achieved 14% of grades at A*, compared to the UK average of 9%, and 33% of grades were at A*-A compared with 27.8% in the UK. Further details will be added as they become available.

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Cambridge International School Abu Dhabi

Cambridge International School Abu Dhabi - GEMS' first school to open in the Emirate, also announced its second set set of full A Level results, with 18% of entries achieving A* grades, 27% graded A*-A and 50% graded A*-B.  The highest sets of grades achieved by A Level students included one student who achieved 3A* results, two students who achieved 3A* and an A, and the highest performer, Aya Hammad, a Sheikha Fatima Award winner, who achieved 4 straight A* grades.

CIS Abu Dhabi also celebrated its Year 12 students' AS results which included 9 students who achieved straight A* grades.

GEMS Jumeirah College

At JC, usually the highest achieving GEMS Education UK curriculum school, results were again in line with previous years, though with changes across all grade boundaries. 144 students were entered for A Level exams this year, with 442 entries. 17.6% of entries were graded A*, almost half (47.5%) were graded A*-A, and 94.3% were graded at A*-C.  The College's students achieved a 100% pass rate.

New Principal, Marc Morris, commented, “I am delighted to be in a position to offer my congratulations to Jumeirah College students on their excellent A level results. They have maintained the high standard that is both expected and established at the college and secured university places of first choice. I also want to pay tribute to the teachers and parents who have worked so hard to support our young adults in striving to achieve their academic potential in this most challenging of years. We have every confidence that our students leave us with the necessary skills and qualifications to lead fulfilling adult lives. Congratulations to all and best wishes with future challenges and university courses.”

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Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi are celebrating strong A Level results from their cohort of 26 students (double the number of last year) with 23% of exam entries receiving the top A* grade, 49% receiving an A* or A and 73% graded A*- B. Over a quarter of students achieved 100% A and A*. The 2020 A Level cohort is Cranleigh’s second group of A Level students and has exceeded last year’s grades with gains of up to 17% seen between the 2019 and 2020 results.

Sixth Form students also performed well in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), with 68% achieving grades of an A* and A, and 95% achieving a B grade or above. The results were significantly higher than the UK National Average and on a par with top selective UK independent schools.

Principal Michael Wilson said, “Our A Level students have received grades that reflect their ability and the hard work that they put in during the past two years at Cranleigh. They are moving on to universities of their choice and are well prepared for the next stage of their education. A consistent demonstration of resilience and commitment has elevated this group of outstanding individuals despite the absence of the exam cycle motivation. They have proven themselves to be strong leaders to the rest of the school community. We are hugely proud of this group of young men and women, and wish them the very best in their futures.”

This year's A Level cohort has secured their desired places at top universities worldwide, including St Andrews University, University College London, King's College London, Concordia University, University of McGill and University of Virginia across a wide range of courses including Biomedical Engineering, Psychology, Electronic Engineering, International Politics, Economics, Film Production, Art and Design, Mathematics and Physics.

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Kings' Al Barsha

Dubai-based Kings’ Al Barsha also celebrated the many achievements of its A-Level students on Thursday. The non-selective school's second A Level cohort achieved improved outcomes, with headline exam entry data of 48% graded A*- A, 69% A*- B, and 87% A*- C. 54% of all students achieved 3 A*- B grades. Despite the controversy in the English media surrounding the downgrading of student marks, the students at Kings’ Al Barsha received grades in line with expectations.

Commenting on the results, Michael Bloy, Secondary Head Teacher, Kings’ School Al Barsha, said, “This has been a difficult few months for many families, so we are delighted that our children have received such great news with their exam results today. They were denied the opportunity to prove themselves in their exams, and with the ongoing controversy in the media surrounding examination results, the past few weeks have been a particularly difficult wait for them, their parents and us as teachers. It is wonderful our children’s hard work and efforts have been recognised, and they now have access to their universities of choice.” 

Highlights of students' results include those of Manvi Gupta who achieved 5 A* and will be reading Economics at Cornell University, Shaden Hanish who achieved 3 A* and 1 A grade and will be reading Law at Queen Mary University of London, and Haya Hamwi who achieved 3 A* grades and will be reading Communication Science at University of Amsterdam. 

Rimsha Rizvi achieved 2 A*s and 2 A grades and will be reading Computer Science at University of Toronto, Canada, Musab Haron achieved 2 A*s and an A and will be reading History at Unversity College London, whilst Aayah Qureshi achieved 1 A* and 3A grades and will be reading Language and Culture at University College London.

Mirabel Hardy achieved 1 A* and 2 A grades and will be reading Economics and Mathematics at Nottingham University, Khan Calikili achieved 1A* and 2A grades and will be reading Theoretical Physics at University College London, and Arwa Aljabri achieved A grades in all three sciences and will be reading Medicine at Queen Mary University of London.

“Kings’ School Al Barsha opened just under six years ago, and this is our second cohort of A-Level students. We are thrilled with the results today; however, we are more proud of the individuals we are sending out into the world,” added Rebecca Gray, Principal, Kings’ School Al Barsha.

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Dubai English Speaking College

Non-selective Dubai English Speaking College is by far the biggest A Level school in the UAE with 228 students sitting 743 exams. (Wow). It is also a very transparent school, releasing all relevant data to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com.

Like many of his peers, Head of Secondary, Christopher Vizzard, sounded a note of caution with respect to the A Level results released on Thursday however:

"Like all schools, we are treating the results published today with a level of caution given the recent information from the UK. We expect the picture to change somewhat over the next few days and we are working hard to support all students as they try to secure their desired places at the universities of their choice. Our results are reflective of the majority of schools with a 40% difference between the data that was presented to the boards compared to the final grades that have been awarded. There was never going to be a perfect solution to the unprecedented circumstances the students in this cohort faced but for some students the discrepancy in what they have been awarded compared to their expected grade is a difficult outcome to accept. We have no doubt this will change once it is made clear how these results can be appealed."

Overall the results of the 228 students (the highest cohort to date) showed that 40% of exam entries were graded a A*-A, with 41 students gaining 3 or more A*/A grades. 66.9% of students' exam papers were awarded A*-B, over 88% A*-C and the pass rate is 99.6% A*-E.  These results are broadly in line with the achievements of the students from 2019 as our tables at the end of this article show.

Mr. Vizzard went on to say, "We wish all our students the very best and congratulate them on all their hard work over the last two years. We thank all staff who have worked with the students to achieve these grades."

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Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School Dubai announced  its A Level and BTEC examination results for the fourth year in a row.  In A Level Mathematics, a staggering 93% of students gained outstanding results (Grade B or higher) with over 60% of the grades awarded at A*- A. 75% of students exceeded their expectations. Overall 48% of all grades were A*- A with 77% gaining at least a B grade. The overall pass rate for the academic year 2019-20 is 99%. Other high attaining subjects included Business Studies and Physics with 85% of students awarded a top grade of A*- B.

Principal Dr Neil Hopkin said, “We are so proud of our amazing students and staff, whose achievements are celebrated in these excellent results. At Sunmarke School we personalise our programme so that each student is perfectly positioned to achieve their very best possible outcomes."

Sunmarke School now offers over 60 different courses across five career pathways for students aged 14 and above to cater to individual student goals. It remains one of the only schools in the UAE and the world to be able to offer the IB Diploma and IB Career-related Programme in Years 12 and 13, in addition to A Levels and BTECs. 

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Dubai British School, Emirates Hills

Taaleem's Dubai British School, Emirates Hills, saw another successful set of A-level and BTEC results published today. With a growth in student numbers taking post 16 qualifications, 63 students undertook 198 examination entries, the largest number ever at DBS.

Despite the uncertainty over the outcomes in the past few days 43% of entries were graded achieved A* - A, with 86% of all grades being inclusive of A* - C and a 100% pass rate overall. Students achieved entry to leading UK and international universities with locations such as Manchester, Liverpool, Imperial College London being amongst the destinations the students have chosen to attend.

Simon Jodrell, Principal, commenting on students' achievements said, "At Dubai British School Emirates Hills (DBS EH) we are delighted to celebrate the hard work, effort and achievement of our Class 2020. This has undoubtedly been an unprecedented year, and the A-level and BTEC students have faced a set of circumstances and experiences that no other A level exam cohort has before. Despite these challenges, results at DBS EH have continued to remain extremely high, with students achieving result sets enabling them to attend their universities of choice. We are incredibly proud of our students whose resilience, sense of purpose and character has enabled them to achieve all that they have."

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British School Al Khubairat

At the British School Al Khubairat (BSAK), 125 A Level and BTEC students received their results.  Of this group, 22% achieved an A*, 45 per cent A*-A and 88 per cent earned between A-C.

Despite these successes, Teresa Woulfe, Head of Secondary at BSAK said that some students were disappointed with their results and felt that they did not fairly reflect their ability.

"It was always going to be a challenge for the UK Government and exam boards to manage this process, however it is important that we work with our pupils to ensure that they have the support they need to move on to the next phase of their education and lives".

It is clear that there is not only disappointment but considerable anger about the impact of the UK Government and Ofqual's approach to the allocation of exam results.

Commenting on Twitter, Principal Mark Leppard, MBE said, "Almighty mess up by exam boards & UK Government. A Bus[iness] Stud[ies] cohort of 51 students. 50 had their grades reduced. The % of grades matches previous year cohort exactly. Shows a complete disregard for students/teachers & their incredible hard work. Humans not algorithms." 

Despite the fact that some students did not achieve the results expected, BSAK graduates will be attending a number of top ranking universities, including the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and New York University in the US.

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Belvedere British School

BBS had a small cohort of A Level students - 12 in total - who all passed their exams this year.  Highlights were that 44% of results were graded A*-A and 93% A*-C.

Commenting on the results, Principal, Ciaran Cunningham-Watson said, "We are extremely proud of our A level students and grateful for their teachers and parents for all of their hard work and support, particularly through trying times. The grades our students have received are impressive, but their levels of resilience and determination to succeed are also equally noteworthy. We wish our school leavers all of the very best for the future, with a successful start from Belvedere British School."

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WhichSchoolAdvisor.com will be compiling the results sent to us, so please bookmark this article and keep coming back. If you are a student, whatever your grade, you are amazing, and today is just the start of something big and new...

The table

There are clear and obvious gaps in the table that we will endeavour to fill in over the next few days. If we can, we will also add additional schools.

Initial results including algorithm (CAG revised grades below)

2020 Results No. of Students No. of exam entries % of exam entries graded A* % of exam entries graded A*-A % of exam entries graded A*-B % of exam entries graded A*-C % of exam entries graded A*-E
Al Yasmina School           85.6 99.3
Brighton College AA     18.2 42.4 74.2   97
Brighton College AD 61     45.4 70.7 89.3  
BSAK 125   22 45   88  
Cambridge International Dubai     14 33     98
Cambridge International AD     18 27 50    
Cranleigh Abu Dhabi 26   23 49 73    
Dubai College 126 414 24 60   95 100
Dubai British School 63 198   43   86 100
Dubai English Speaking College 228 743 18 40 66.9 88 99.6
GEMS Education Group 790 2200   37 62    
GEMS Wellington Al Khail     19 49 76    
GEMS FirstPoint The Villa     18 41      
GEMS Founders Al Barsha       35 56    
Horizon International       29   75 100
Jumeirah College 144 442 17.6 47.5   94.9 100
Kings Al Barsha        48 69 87  
Kent College 26         83 99
Safa Communnity School 22 60   32 50 75  
Sharjah English School              
Sunmarke School       48 77   99
The English College 58 118 6 30   90 100

Revised results based on Centre Assessed Grades.

2020 Results No. of Students No. of exam entries % of exam entries graded A* % of exam entries graded A*-A % of exam entries graded A*-B % of exam entries graded A*-C % of exam entries graded A*-E
Al Yasmina School              
Belvedere British School 12     44   93 100
Brighton College AA 24 66 24.2 54.5 95,5   100
Brighton College AD 61   22.4 57.1 96.1 100 100
BSAK 125            
Cambridge International Dubai              
Cambridge International AD              
Cranleigh Abu Dhabi 26            
Dubai College 126 414 28.5 70.3 94.4 99. 100
Dubai British School 63 198   60 85 98 100
Dubai English Speaking College 228 743 22 50.1 77.7 94.3 100
GEMS Education Group 790 2200          
GEMS Wellington Al Khail              
GEMS FirstPoint The Villa              
GEMS Founders Al Barsha              
Horizon International              
Jumeirah College 144 442          
Kings Al Barsha               
Kent College 26            
Safa Communnity School 22 60          
Sharjah English School              
Sunmarke School              
The English College 58 118          

For reference, last year's results may be found below.

2019 Results No. of Students No. of exam entries % of exam entries graded A* % of exam entries graded A*-A % of exam entries graded A*-B % of exam entries graded A*-C % of exam entries graded A*-E
Dubai College 131 480 26 62   95  
Dubai British School 44       78    
Dubai English Speaking College 178 561 17 41 70 91.1 99.6
GEMS Education group 600 1700   33      
Jumeirah College 140 437 15.3 46.5   94.5 99.8
Kings Al Barsha  29            
BSAK 97 316 18 46 67 89 100
Brighton College AD 51   11 40 68 86 100
Brighton College AA 24 74 7 27   82 99
Sharjah English 32     28 56   99
The English College 78 195 7 24   82 100
Cranleigh Abu Dhabi 15 37   29 63 82 100


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Is It Too Late to Find an FS1 School Space?

The start of the new school year has come and gone, the youngest children in FS1 and Pre-K…


Why Should I Join My School’s Parent Association?

In the UAE, most private schools will have an active parent association or group. These de…

Best School

Inside Redwood Montessori Al Bateen

Conveniently situated in the commercial and residential area of Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, is R…

Exam Preparation

What Does It Cost To Take I/GCSEs and A Levels in the UAE?

If you have a child who is sitting their GCSEs or A Levels next year, have you considered …

Exam Preparation

What is the CAT4 – And Why Is My Child Taking It?

As a new academic year begins, your child may be preparing to sit a CAT4. So, what exactly…

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