2022 - IB results - Live Updates!

For the last five years WhichSchoolAdvisor.com has brought you the live results of the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB DP) and Career-related Programmes (IB CP) as we receive them from schools around the UAE. If your school's results have not yet appeared, do keep checking back as we update them live. Today is a day to celebrate...
2022 - IB results - Live Updates!
By Lyn Soppelsa
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The release of the IBDP and IBCP results following the May 2022 examinations marks a milestone in terms of 'a return to normality' following the cancellation of exams in many countries as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic - or does it?

Students who took the examinations in this session certainly did not have a 'normal' run up to the examinations, given that for the first year of this two year programme, and indeed for part of the second year in some cases, life had not returned to 'normal'.  

Distance learning was a significant part of the learning process for most students, and undertaking the practical elements of the IB Diploma and Career-related programmes, which required external activities related to CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) have been a challenge. Add to this the general issues related to student wellbeing, which have been widely acknowledged, and the lead up to the May 2022 session could hardly be described as 'typical' of the historical preparation for the final examinations.

After rumours that suggested the IBO would not be as open with results as historically, they have shared the 2022 global average score of 31.98 (so effectively a reduction of one point compared with last year's figure of 32.98).  The number of students who took both the IBDP and IBCP examinations was 173,878 (compared with a figure of 165,884 IBDP students in 2021). The global pass rate was 85.6%. The UAE average is 34.03 for 2022, compared with 35.89 in 2021.  There was a minor increase in students who participated in the IBDP examinations to 2326. 

To be fair, the IBO has never been keen on comparisons being made between countries for instance, or indeed with the global average, but has issued this information all the same. 

Commenting on the 2022 results, Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of the International Baccalaureate, said: "Our students have shown outstanding resilience and dedication to learning. The pandemic has thrown up challenges at almost every step of their educational journey and yet they have overcome them. I am proud of every single one of them. To recognise these challenges the IB provided adaptions to our programmes – but it is the IB World Schools and teachers who deliver our programmes that have also been incredibly resilient and dedicated to help their students get to this point. Today is an incredible day for the whole IB family and I salute everyone involved in making it this far. The character on display illustrates everything the IB stands for."

Taaleem was the first school group to share its students' successes with WhichSchoolAdvisor.com this year. The group incorporates Raha International School in Abu Dhabi, and three IB curriculum schools in Dubai including Greenfield International School, Jumeira Baccalaureate School, and Uptown International School.  Within the Taaleem schools this year, students achieved a 100% pass rates for the IBCP and IBDP cohorts and averages of 35.7 points. The group is also celebrating those students who scored the maximum 45 points, with perfect 7s awarded in every subject area. All schools attained well above their previous school averages, the last time students sat the DP and CP exams, with some increasing the schools average by as much as 3.5 points. 

At GEMS Education, the largest school group in the UAE, a total of 534 Grade 12/Year 13 students from seven GEMS schools sat the IB Diploma, achieving an average point score of 35.2, compared to the international average of 33 in 2021, with a pass rate of 97 per cent – significantly above the world average of 89 per cent.  One GEMS student, Kushal Sodum of GEMS Modern Academy, achieved the highest possible point score of 45 and will be heading to the University of Michigan in the US to study Mechanical Engineering.

Other standout results from across the GEMS network included GEMS Modern Academy with an average score of 36.1, GEMS Wellington International School with 35.9 and GEMS Dubai American Academy with 35.4. The remaining GEMS IB curriculum schools include GEMS World Academy – Dubai, GEMS International School – Al Khail, GEMS American Academy – Abu Dhabi, and GEMS Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis.

Innoventures, which operates four IB curriculum schools in Dubai, and is the group with the longest association with the International Baccalaureate in the UAE informed WhichSchoolAdvisor.com that the 220 students registered for the IBDP at Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills, Dubai International Academy Al Barsha, Raffles World Academy and Collegiate International School had achieved an average point score of 36, well above the global average of 30 points. Five students across Innoventures Education schools achieved the highest point score possible of 45 points – a feat achieved by less than 1% of students worldwide. A further five students achieved 44 points, nine students achieved 43 points, 13 students achieved 42 points and 52 students achieved 40 points or more, out of the overall cohort of 220.

Among the first schools to share their results with WhichSchoolAdvisor.com was Innoventures' Dubai International Academy, the longest established member of the Innoventures Group of schools and the first full IB Continuum school in the UAE. This year's cohort of 153 IBDP students achieved an average of 37.1 points. An impressive 96% of DIA Emirates Hills students met or exceeded the 30 points world average this academic year and a staggering 33.1% of students achieved 40 points or more! The wide-ranging Mother Tongue programme at DIA Emirates Hills supports students gaining the IB Diploma Programme in two languages and 2.6% of the cohort achieved a Bilingual Diploma. Five students managed to achieve the full 45 points in the IB Diploma, something usually only achieved by around 200 students each year across the world, putting their academic achievement in the top 0.1% of students globally.

At GEMS Modern Academy - the only Indian curriculum school in Dubai to offer the IBDP currently - 77 students were registered for the examinations in the May session and 76 students were successful with an average score of 36.1 points. The top scorer was Kushal Sodum who achieved the elusive highest possible score of 45 points. Kushal will be going on to university in Michigan to study Mechanical Engineering after 10 years at GMA.  Two further students achieved over 40 points - Mobina Khan obtained 44 points and will be going to the University of Toronto to study Botany, whilst Neha Sancheti who scored 43 points will be going to the University of Michigan to study Computer Science. Both these students had been at GMA for 14 years!

GEMS International School - Al Khail was the next school to inform WhichSchoolAdvisor.com of its results. A total of 32 students took the IBDP of whom 30 passed with an overall average point score of 33.6. Almost 3/4 (73%) of the students achieved 30 points or higher with 13% obtaining 40 points and above. Aliyy Hazem Ali Elorabi was the most successful student, achieving 43 points and will be going to DePauw University in the USA to study Mathematics and Physics. Tara Krikhaar, who achieved 42 points, will be going to Trinity College Dublin to study at the School of Social Science and Philosophy. Two students - Abdallah Awwad and Riad Nassri - achieved 40 points. Abdallah will be studying Medicine and Surgery at Humanitas University in Italy, whilst Riad will be going to New York University Abu Dhabi to study Mechanical Engineering.