Live: 2021 IB DP and Career-Related Results

In a statement released on the eve of students receiving their results, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) revealed that over 170,000 students will learn the outcome of their studies on 6th July, including those in the UAE.
Live: 2021 IB DP and Career-Related Results
By Lyn Soppelsa
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Results for UAE students were released on 6th July 2021. Click on the school link to see how UAE students have performed.


GEMS International School Al Khail

GEMS Modern Academy

GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS World Academy

GEMS Wellington Academy Dubai Silicon Oasis

GEMS Dubai American Academy

Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian Ranches

Sunmarke School

Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills

Raffles World Academy

Collegiate American School

Deira International School

Universal American School

Nord Anglia International School

Al Bateen Academy

Uptown International School

Greenfield International School

Jumeira Baccalaureate School

Raha International School

Dar Al Marefa School

Repton School Dubai

British International School Abu Dhabi

Emirates International School Jumeirah

American International School Abu Dhabi

North London Collegiate School

Swiss International Scientific School

RAK Academy

The first school to provide its results to was GEMS International School Al Khail.  In only the third year that its students have completed the IB Diploma programme, its cohort of 24 students achieved an overall average score of 36.04, well above the global average and above the UAE average.

In a general statement from GEMS Education, the group announced that  a total of nearly 600 GEMS Grade 12/Year 13 students were entered for the IB Diploma. The average point score was 36, compared to the international average of 32.99, with a pass rate of 99.5 per cent - significantly above the world average of 85.2 per cent and above the UAE average of 98.73 per cent.

A total of 10 students achieved the highest point score possible of 45, including three from GEMS Wellington International School, two each from GEMS World Academy – Dubai, GEMS International School – Al Khail and GEMS Dubai American Academy, and one student from GEMS Modern Academy.

In updates from the individual schools, GEMS Modern Academy - the only CISCE school in the UAE to offer its students the option of the IB Diploma - had 75 candidates entered for the exams this year. All 75 not only passed, but achieved an average IBDP score of 36.9. 21 students achieved 40 points or more, including one student, Sidharth Hariharan who achieved 45 points, and a second, Gauri Menon, who was just one point off the top mark.


At GEMS Wellington International School, 100 students were entered for the IBDP, with all achieving a pass. With an average IB points score of 37.7, WIS led the UK/IB curriculum schools in the GEMS group this year. 32 students achieved 40 points or more, whilst a triumphant three students achieved the top mark of 45.


GEMS World Academy – Dubai, the original IB World School within the GEMS group, which offers all four programmes, had 92 candidates in the 2020-21 cohort. Again, there was a 100% success rate, and the average IB point score was 38. Two students achieved 45 points whilst 38 students (over 40%) achieved 40 points and above.


88 students from GEMS Wellington Academy – Silicon Oasis (WSO) were entered for the IBDP and achieved a pass rate of 98%. The average score was 33.8 points with 12 students achieving 40 points or more.


GEMS Dubai American Academy’s cohort of 173 was the largest among the GEMS schools, and achieved an impressive pass rate of 99.4%. The average score for the school was 34.2 with 23 students achieving 40 points or more, and two achieving the top score of 45 points

The latest results to be received are from Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian Ranches (JESS AR), who informed of not only outstanding IB Diploma results, but also BTEC results.

In the IBDP, JESS students again achieved an average of 39 points - the highest achieved in the UAE last year and so far in 2021. With a cohort of 92 students, there was also a 100% success rate. On top of this, six students achieved the maximum 45 points. 43.5% of the cohort achieved 40+ points, 88.1% achieved 35+ points and 98.9% achieved over 30 points - sufficient to attend most Red Brick universities in the UK.

In terms of BTEC results, 12 JESS students achieved their Level 3 BTEC qualification ensuring entry to universities of their choice. Of the 220 exam entries, 75% were awarded Distinction*, 91% received an award of Distinction, 5% were awarded Merit and 4% achieved a Pass.  Nine of those 12 BTEC students (75%) achieved the maximum award possible which is D*D*D*.

Celebrating its first set of IB Diploma results, Sunmarke School's first cohort of students achieved a 100% pass rate and an average point score of 37. The school did not reveal the number of students - which we must assume to be small - but informed us that all entrants achieved above 30 points, whilst 92% achieved 35+ points and 16% achieved over 40 points. The highest points award was 42 points.

Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills, also released its results for the original - and first - IB curriculum school in the UAE. One of three schools operated by Innoventures offering the full IB continuum (the others are Dubai International Academy Al Barsha and Raffles World Academy), the group also includes Collegiate International School which is a mixed US/IB curriculum school.

With a student cohort of 133 this year, the average point score for the school as a whole was 39 (updated from 38.5 points) with a 100% pass rate. 98.5% of entries were awarded 30+ points, 82% achieved 35+ points and 48.1% achieved 40 points or more.  Five students achieved the maximum 45 points.

In a statement from Innoventures, the company noted that the vast majority of students at Innoventures Education schools performed well above the UAE average of 35.89 points and global average of 32.99 this year. 

55 IB Diploma Programme students at Raffles World Academy achieved a 100% pass rate, with one student achieving a score of 44 points, two further students being awarded 42 points and four students each achieving 41 points. The average score for the Diploma was a very positive 35.1. According to the school, 81.8% of students achieved more than 30 points, with more than half (54.6%) of RWA’s students attaining 36 points or higher and 27.3% achieving 40 points in the DP. Students who participated in the CP achieved a 100% pass rate. 

A small cohort of six students achieved IB success at Collegiate International School with an excellent average score of 35 points. 50% of awards were above 35 points, whilst all students achieved greater than 30 points.

Al Futtaim Education Foundation also released the results for its two schools, Deira International School and Universal American School.  Both schools had significant additional success this year.

At Deira International School, the full cohort of 60 students not only all passed the Diploma, but also achieved a school record high of 37.6 points. 23 students achieved 40+ points with 4 students achieving the maximum 45 points. 70% of results were awarded 35+ points and 98.5% achieved 30+ points.  An extra achievement was the success of twin sisters, Naz Karadede and Nil Karadede, who each achieved the full mark of 45 points.


Meanwhile sister school, Universal American, also achieved significantly higher outcomes than in previous years. 41 students were registered for Diploma achieving a pass rate of 100%. Five students broke school records, attaining 40+ points. The overall average of 34 points was a two point improvement on last year's average score. 44% of students achieved 35+ compared to last year's 31% and also UAS saw a big jump in their 30+ scores with 90% of this year's graduates obtaining this score compared to last year's 61%.

Nord Anglia International School has taken over the mantle of the school with the highest average points score this year, with a remarkable 39.4 points.  With a cohort of 56 students, all of whom passed the Diploma, a remarkable 54% of students achieved 40+ points, whilst 89% achieved 35+ points and all students achieved 30+ points.  The highest scoring students achieved the full 45 points.
In the first results to be released from Abu Dhabi, Aldar Academies' Al Bateen released details of its students' successes. In a brief statement, Al Bateen Academy said it celebrated its highest ever IB exam results, with a 100% per cent pass rate, and an average of 35 points. A fifth of its students achieved 40 points or more. Unfortunately, the Academy did not advise how many students made up the cohort.  The school also celebrates its first ever student to receive an offer from Oxford University, who achieved 45 points – the maximum IB mark possible. 
The Taaleem Group issued a statement on behalf of group in regard to the achievements of its four IB curriculum schools, their students and staff. CEO Alan Williamson commented:
“I am delighted to share the news that each of our 4 IB schools has achieved record-breaking results this year, achieving an average of 35.2 points across our schools.
We have had four students awarded the maximum 45 points; a historic and phenomenal achievement, as on average only 0.3% of global students ever accomplish this award. All of our schools have attained results significantly above the world average point score. We are particularly proud of this as our admissions policy is non-selective”.

At Uptown International School, 56 students participated in the full diploma programme, with two students completing the Diploma courses programme. UIS students achieved a 100% pass rate, with 88.9% scoring above 30 points  57.4% above 35 points above 20.4% above 40 points. The overall average for the school was 35.6 points.


Greenfield International School celebrated the achievements of its 49 full Diploma Programme, 22 Career-related Programme and 3 Diploma Courses students, who together entered a total of 375 exams. The average points score for GIS was 34.43 with three students achieving 43 points. There was a 100% pass rate for the Diploma Programme, and an 86% pass-rate for the Career-related Programme. 79.59% of students achieved above 30 points, 46.94% achieved 35 points and 22.45% achieved 40+ points.


At Jumeira Baccalaureate School, 31 students participated in the Diploma with a total of 248 subject entries. They achieved an average score of 34.84 points, a 100% pass rate, and a highest score of 44 points. 90% of results were above 30 points: 45% were above 35 points: and 19.4% were above 40 points.


Finally, at Raha International School Abu Dhabi, 134 students were entered for the IBDP (including 4 IBDP Courses students). The average score for RIS' students was 35 points, with two students achieving 45 points. The overall pass rate was 98.5%, with 82% of students achieving above 30 points, 52% above 35 points and 28% above 40 points.


Dar Al Marefa School in Dubai was also thrilled with its latest set of IB Diploma results.

The school, whose students are predominantly Emirati students, with a cohort of just 28 students, achieved a 100% pass rate and recorded an IB average of 37.2 points. Most Dar al Marefa graduates embarked on the IB Diploma Programme in two languages with 83% of students achieving a Bilingual Diploma! An impressive 94% of Dar al Marefa students met or exceeded the 30 points world average this academic year, whilst 44% of students achieved 40 points or more!


Repton School Dubai also shared information about its results for 2021. The 2021 cohort of 63 students - the largest IBDP cohort so far - attained a record average for the school of 36.2 points in the IBDP programme alongside a 100% pass rate in the IBCP and IB Courses programmes taken by a further 13 students. This is the sixth year that Repton students have achieved an average score above 34 points with 27% of the graduating cohort achieving 40 points, whilst 54% achieved 35+ points and 90% achieved 30+ points in the Diploma programme. 

The highest achieving students, including both the Head Boy and Head Girl, achieved the full 45 points, whilst three further students were awarded 44 points.  

Students who participated in the IB Career-Related Programme all passed and 86% achieved the highest possible score of D*D* in their BTEC Business studies.


The British International School Abu Dhabi, sister to Nord Anglia International School Dubai, released comprehensive information about its students' achievements.  42 students participated in the IBDP this year, with a 93% success rate and a record average score of 37.6 points. According to BISAD, 44% of students achieved 40+ points with the top score being 45 points, whilst 86% were awarded 35+ points and 97% achieved 30+ points.

Emirates International School Jumeirah also shared its results on social media.  104 students successfully completed the IBDP with 80.7% achieving 30+ points and 50% being awarded 35+ points.  The school did not provide details of the average point score overall.  EIS Jumeirah's sister school in the Meadows, whilst "celebrating 12 years of IBDP results continued positive trajectory of student outcomes" with "2021 best results ever" did not provide any details.

At American International School Abu Dhabi, 28 students were entered for the IB Diploma Programme and there was a 96.5% success rate for the achievement the award. The top scorer achieved a perfect 45 points and the average score was 35.9 points.  86% of results achieved 30+ points, 64.2% were awarded 35+ points and 28.5% received over 40 points.


Celebrating its first set of IB Diploma results, North London Collegiate School Dubai is clearly set on following the path of its highly successful sister schools in London and South Korea. A small first cohort of 24 students achieved an overall average score of 40!! points - achieving, at their first attempt, the highest average of any UAE school.  Having said this, the relatively small number of students does have an obvious impact. It will be interesting to see if NLCS Dubai is able to maintain this achievement as its cohort grows in future years.  46% of students achieved 40 points or more, with one student achieving the magical 45 points.

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai celebrated its second cohort of 20 IB Diploma students who achieved an average score of 34 points.  The school secured a 100% pass rate, with the top scorer achieving 42 points. All the students who entered for the IBDP secured their top university choices.  Setting SISD aside from other IB schools in the UAE, 50% of entries were for Bilingual IB Diplomas.

At RAK Academy, the school hailed its IB Diploma results, which have improved consistently over the past four years. The school did not reveal the number of students who were entered for the qualification, but were delighted with a 100% pass rate. The average point score was 34.7, and 30% of students achieved 40+ points. The highest result achieved was 44 points.

Table of results for 2021

School IB DP Average % Pass Rate # of Students sitting the IB DP % above 30 % above 35 % above 40
Al Bateen Academy  35 100 np np np 20
American International School AD 35.9 96.5 28 86 64.2 28.5
British International School Abu Dhabi 37.6 93 42 97 86 44
Collegiate International School 35 100 6 100 50 0
Dar Al Marefa 37.2 100 28 94 67 44
Deira International School 37.6 100 60 95 70 38
Dubai International Academy  39 100 133 98.5 82 48.1
Emirates International School Jumeirah np 100 104 80.7 50 np
GEMS Dubai American Academy 34.2 99.4 173 np np 13.3
GEMS International School Al Khail 36.04 100 24 96 54 33
GEMS Modern Academy 36.9 100 75 np np 28
GEMS Wellington Academy DSO 33.8 97.7 88 np np np
GEMS Wellington International School 37.7 100 100 np np 32
GEMS World Academy  38 100 92 np np 41
Greenfield International School 34.43 100 49 79.59 46.94 22.45
Jumeira Baccalaureate School 34.8 100 31 90 45 19.4
Jumeirah English Speaking School 39 100 92 97.8 87 42.4
Nord Anglia International School 39.4 100 56 100 89 54
North London Collegiate School 40 100 24 np np 46
Raffles World Academy 35.1 100 55 81.8 54.6 27.3
Raha International School 35 98.5 134 82 52 28
RAK Academy 34.7 100 np np np 30
Repton Dubai 36.2 100 63 90 54 27
Sunmarke School 37 100 np 100 92 16
Swiss International Scientific School 34 100 20 np np np
Universal American School 34 100 41 90 44 12
Uptown International School 36.6 100 56 88.9 57.4 20.4


In a statement released ahead of students receiving their results on Tuesday, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) advised that globally:

- The number of candidates for the May 2021 session was 170,660 compared with 174,360 a year ago;
- Of 170,660 students, 104,275 followed the non-exam route (including those in the UAE) whilst 65,576 took part in examinations (and 809 were split between both routes);
- The number of the Diploma Programme candidates for the May 2021 session was 87,307 compared with 86,657 a year ago;
- The average diploma score for the May 2021 session is 33.02 points, up from 31.34 in May 2020; note this was subsequently adjust to 32.99 as the IBO continued to finalise grades through the day.
- The number of students achieving 40-45 points is 15,513, up from 9,701 last year;
- The average diploma grade is 5.19, up from 4.95 in May 2020;
- The Diploma pass rate is 88.96%, up from 85.18% in May 2020.

Commenting on the results, Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of the International Baccalaureate Organisation, said:
"The last 18 months have been incredibly challenging for students, teachers, and schools throughout the world as COVID-19 has undermined much of what we had come to take for granted. I salute their spirit and dedication to our shared mission: education for a better world.
A key responsibility of the IB this year has been to ensure that our students are not disadvantaged by the pandemic, including in their applications to university and higher education. The many changes we have made to this summer’s session are part of this commitment to ensure students are not affected by the hugely challenging circumstances in which they have been learning.
We understand the pressure being put on the whole education system by COVID-19, and we thank all our partners, including universities, for their support and understanding as we have navigated our way through this challenging time.”

Further information from the IBO revealed that 2,382 students were entered for the IB Diploma or Career-related Programme in the UAE this year.

In a table provided by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, UAE students out-performed both the global and Europe, Middle East and Africa regional averages with UAE students achieving an average DP points score of 35.89 compared with a global average of 32.99 and a regional average of 35.03.  37 students achieved the highest possible score of 45 points., whilst 27.68% of students achieved over 40 points - a full 50% higher than the global figure of 18.22%.
  Global  Europe Middle East Africa Region UAE
Average DP total points  32.99 35.03 35.89
Increase over 2020  1.66 1.45 1.48
DP Average Grade  5.19 5.57 5.5
DP pass rate     88.8 94.82 98.73
% 40+ points  18.22 24.66 27.68
Number of 45 points  1155 557 37

According to the KHDA's Autumn 2020 edition of their Education Landscape report, there were close to 18,000 students studying the IB curriculum in Dubai, making it the fourth most popular curriculum in the emirate.

In the summer 2021 report, the KHDA indicated that students joining IB schools had increased by 6.8%, making it the curriculum with the highest growth in Dubai in the current academic year.

There are currently over 45 schools in the UAE offering either the full IB continuum of Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme. or a combination of UK, US or Australian curriculum with the DP and CP programmes.

In April, it was announced that UAE students would not sit the planned examinations in May 2021, but would instead follow an assessed route for the second year running, following cancellation of exams in 2020 as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The International Baccalaureate Organisation announced in February that, where schools were unable to go ahead with the examinations, an alternative route using a combination of internal assessment coursework and teacher-predicted grades would be used to arrive at the final points to be awarded.

After controversy last summer over the IB's method of calculation of results using an algorithm, the organisation stated in February that "Where teachers feel [these] predicted grade distributions are not aligned with student performance, the IB is developing a process that will allow schools to request a different grade distribution and provide evidence that supports their claim".

In terms of the mechanism for marking and awarding results, the IBO stated that “during grade-awarding, appropriate grade boundaries will be set for each route, building in generosity that reflects the disruption experienced in teaching and learning around the world and considering how grades are likely to be distributed in other large-scale qualifications”.

Most of the coursework that students completed for assessment this year has been marked externally by trained IB examiners, as well as by their teachers. In a normal year, much of this coursework would be marked by teachers and only a sample of it would be then be marked again by IB examiners in a process that is known as moderation. By marking student coursework, irrespective of whether they sat the examinations or not, the IB aims to ensure common standards of assessment are applied to those who are able to sit examinations and those who are not.

According to the IBO’s 9 page guide to the marking process for 2021, “the non-exam route represents a best endeavour for awarding of grades in exceptional circumstances. Although it is impossible to perfectly reflect what students would have achieved in examinations without those examinations being taken, in the absence of actual exam scores, the IB will model what a student would have achieved on an “normal” exam day using their teacher’s predicted grade and combine this with the student’s coursework mark to arrive at an overall grade”.

In Dubai, there are a total of 17 schools offering all-through IB (PYP, MYP and IB Diploma, and in an increasing number of cases, the Career-related Programme), in Dubai, including: Dar Al Marefa School, Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills, Dubai International Academy Al Barsha, Dwight School Dubai, Emirates International School-Jumeirah, Emirates International School-Meadows, Fairgreen International School, GEMS International School-Al Khail, GEMS World Academy, Greenfield International School, Jumeira Baccalaureate School, North London Collegiate School, Raffles World Academy, Swiss International Scientific School and Uptown International School, in addition to Raha International and the Australian schools in Abu Dhabi.

Among students also to have been affected in addition to those above, are those who attended dual curriculum US/UK and IB schools including Outstanding-rated GEMS Dubai American Academy, GEMS Wellington International School, Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian Ranches, and Repton School Dubai.

Other highly rated Dubai schools offering the IB Diploma or Career-related programmes in combination with a US/UK curriculum include GEMS Wellington Academy Dubai Silicon Oasis, Nord Anglia International School, Sunmarke School, and Al Futtaim Education Foundation’s Deira International and Universal American schools.

Whilst less widespread in Abu Dhabi and the other emirates, British International School Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi International School, American Community School, Emirates National Schools and Al Bateen Academy offer one or more of the IB programmes including the Diploma. Australian International School in Sharjah, RAK Academy and Victoria International School also offer the IBDP.

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