UAE GCSEs 2018 - Updated Results

This is the first year where GCSE results have been marked 9 to 1 instead of A* to G grades. Early results in the UAE suggest its students have handled the new format well...
UAE GCSEs 2018 - Updated Results
By Veathika
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After a long summer, Year 11 students have finally received an all new looking set of GCSE results with a ‘toughened-up’ format for English literature, English language and maths course work. 

Dubai British School had a cohort of 69 students, out of which 12% got straight A*/As representing a score of 9/8/7 in the new format and 84% received A* - B  up from 69% last year. 

Brendon Fulton, Principal of DBS, said:

"All of us at DBS are exceptionally proud of our GCSE students who have recorded our best ever set of GCSE results for such a large cohort – significantly above UK National Averages across all subject areas. As a fully inclusive, non-selective school these results represent outstanding progress for our students. In a year of significant reform to the GCSE qualifications, to not only sustain, but improve on previous year’s outstanding results is an achievement indeed and testament to the hard work and dedication of our excellent staff.”  

Kings' School Al Barsha revealed to that a hugely impressive 62% of its students have received A*-A, an increase of 18% from last year, its first GCSE cohort. In total of 78% of all results achieved were A*-B. 

Haya Hamwi, received outstanding results, achieving a full set of A*/ A grades (equivalent to 9 / 8 in the revised grading system).

“I worked really hard in the run-up to the exams and did as many past papers as I could with support from the Kings' teachers, so I’m extremely thrilled with my results. I’m going to take Drama, English, Economics and French at A-level in the Kings' Sixth Form, and thankfully with these results, options for my future career are wide open.”

Michael Bloy, Secondary Head Teacher at Kings’ School Al Barsha added: “Kings' has again demonstrated our ability to add value to all of our students’ outcomes and the excellent grades across the board, particularly the increase in our A* to A grades, demonstrates our ability to stretch and challenge all of our students. I would personally like to praise the dedication and commitment of our fantastic students and inspired and passionate staff for all of the successes we are celebrating today."

246 students of Dubai College took part in this year’s GCSE examination, out of which 120 were Year 11 students who sat a full complement of GCSEs, while all Year 10 students sat their GCSE in English language a year early. Some 45 of Year 10 students also sat for the GCSE Maths exam.

Two thirds of all students achieved A* or 8/9, up by 13% from 2017. 88% scored A*-A or 7/8/9 also up from last year.  In total, 30 students achieved all A*/9/8 and 63 students achieved all A*/A or 9/8/7 in the new format.

Headmaster Michael Lambert said:

This year marks the first year when almost all grades have been awarded from 9-1 instead of the previous A*-G grades. To achieve these results in the face of so much uncertainty with the tougher new courses and a new grading system must be a very reassuring endorsement of the College for our parents."

Sunmarke School students also achieved impressive results in English, Mathematics and Science. Some 35% of all GCSEs were A*, 51% achieved A*-A, 78% got A*-B and 90% scored A*-C.

In total 90% of students attained 5 A*-C including English and Mathematics.

Top of the class students were Elias Berner who scored 9 A*s and 2 As; Sofiya Vasylyeva achieved 8 A*s and 2 As; and Federico De Simon was awarded 7 A*s and 3 As.

Jumeirah College has yet again had outstanding GCSE results. This year 163 students took 1568 exams. Of all results 66% of grades were at A*/A or equivalent and 93% of results were A*-B or equivalent.

From the cohort, 33 students (20%) achieved all A*/A grades or equivalent, 69% of students achieved 5 or more A*/A grades or equivalent, and 117 students (72%) achieved nothing below a B grade or equivalent.

Jumeirah College Principal, Simon O’Connor, said: "I couldn’t be more delighted. There is always an element of unknown with so many new specifications being taken this year. But these results confirm the outstanding quality of education and support which students receive here. I am so proud of the staff. They work so hard throughout the year to support every student and the results of this dedication and professionalism are evident today. To achieve 43% 9/8 grades in the new specifications is stunning."

Nord Anglia International School Dubai has had 505 entries in this year's GCSE exams. 36% received 9-8 points or A*, 65% achieved 7/8/9 or A*/A and 90% scored 9 to 6 or A*/B.

"We recognise the importance of this year’s outstanding results which are the students’ testament to their belief in NAS Dubai as their curiosity and hard work combines with the enthusiasm and professional commitment of their teachers.  A 65% A*/A or 7,8,9, points and a 99% A-C or 5,6,7,8,9, points pass rates are both distinguished and commendable, " said Matthew Farthing, Principal of NAS Dubai.

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) had a cohort of 121 students this year and 40% achieved A* i.e. 9 to 8 grades, 7% up from last year. 70% students scored A* - A or 9 to 7 as compared to 66% last year.

10 students gained 9 A* this year and 34 scored 9 A* - A.

JESS GCSE results over the years

2,210 students from 17 GEMS Education schools sat their IGSCE/GCSE examinations.

18%  were A* or 9-8, 39% got A*/A or 9-7 and 64% scored A*-B or 9-5.

Across the GEMS network, 208 students achieved the highest ‘9’ grade with over 500 awarded across all schools, 892 achieved an A* or 9-8 grade and 1,440 of students achieved an A*/A or 9-7 grade.

Brendan Law, Vice President of Education - British Cluster at GEMS Education, said: “I would like to express how impressed I am to see that GEMS Education students have once again over-achieved in their GCSE results. We are reminded of the hard work and commitment that personifies so many of our young people.”

94% of candidates of Repton School Dubai have achieved five or more A* to C grades, with over 29% of all grades reaching the A* standard.

Timothy Hollis, Head of Senior School at Repton Dubai said: “Following record-breaking results last year, this year’s results are outstanding yet again, with the benchmark set by KHDA (over 75% A*-B results). These results are testament to the pupils’ efforts, hard work and resilience to attain this level of success. I would also take this opportunity to extend huge gratitude to our dedicated staff and teachers who have provided essential ongoing support and encouragement which has led to this great achievement.”

Kent College Dubai has had its first GCSE cohort of 14 students this year. 24.8% scored A* or 9/8, 47.9% achieved A* - A or 9 to 7, while 95.9% scored A* - C or 9-4.

Vice Principal Academic, Seema Desai said: "We are extremely proud of  these GCSE results from our first cohort of pupils at Kent College Dubai. They reflect both the amazing hard work of the students and the dedication, skill and commitment of both teaching and support staff at the school."

Horizon International School had 13 students in this year's GCSE cohort, out of which 10% achieved A*. 82% of all grades were A*-A in English Literature and 62% A*-A grades in Mathematics

Mr. Darren Gale, principal of Horizon International School said:"We are incredibly proud of our third cohort of GCSE students who have achieved record breaking results for our school. Progress and attainment is outstanding across all subjects and is significantly above UK National Averages with the majority achieving 100% pass grades. The progress our students make at Horizon International School is astonishing with students achieving 1.6 grades higher in English Language, 2.5 grades higher in English Literature and 1.8 grades higher in Mathematics than their CAT 4 generated target grades."

Giovanni, the school's new Head Boy, achieved 5 A*-A grades with an  A* in Maths, two 7s in Science, A & B in English, A in ICT and a B  in Art and Design. Aleezay, the school's Deputy Head Girl, achieved A*, A in  English, A in Maths, 6 in Science, A in History, 6 in Drama, B in  Business Studies and C in Art & Design.

GEMA Wellington International School had 17% of its GCSE cohort scoring A*. 60% out of the 179 students scored A* - A, whereas 98% got A* - C.

91% of Scholars International Academy (SIA) IGCSE cohort students have achieved A* to C grades.

The 17 student cohort, 12% of the students achieved A* and 51% scored A* - A.

“These scores have topped our scores from previous years and are a culmination of the hard work by students, teachers and staff. My congratulations to them. As one of only two schools in Sharjah offering the full A Level program, the vision for Scholars International Academy is to provide an excellent British education,”  said Aparna Verma, Scholars International Group Founder.

The English College had 17% of its cohort scoring A*, while 36% of 86 students got A* -  A. 78% received   A*-B.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi pupils achieved an impressive 47% Grade 9-8 (A*), 71% Grade 9-7 (A*-A), 90% Grade 9-5 (A* - B) and 95% Grade 9-4 (A*-C) in their GCSE examinations.

This year the majority of subjects were given numerical grades, with grade 9 being the highest. 

This year was the first cohort taking Business Studies at the Brighton College where 44% of the pupils achieved A*-A. 

George Hirjoaba and Wilhelm Garemo achieved seven Grade 9’s each. 

Simon Corns, Head Master of Brighton College Abu Dhabi said: “I am incredibly proud of the achievements of our GCSE pupils who have exceeded even last year’s tremendous achievements. Whilst acknowledging the pupils’ enormous achievements, what gives me the greatest pleasure is the consistent progress that our pupils make irrespective of their starting point. As well as being academically dedicated, our pupils have been involved in all other aspects of school life, including taking on Charity Work, Sports, Performing Arts and leadership positions.”

Brighton College Al Ain had a 34 student cohort with 19.4% attaining 9, 34% achieved 9 to 8, 54% scored 9 to 7 and 76% got 9 to 5.

Dr Ken Grieg said: “These results are an important first step for our pupils and they have taken it with confidence. We tend to focus on the high achievers but there are great results throughout the year group."

47% of all GCSE and IGCSE grades achieved by The British International School Abu Dhabi students achieved A* or A. 

83% of students achieved five or more A*- C grades compared to the UK average of 69.5%.

"The importance of good qualifications has never been higher and I am absolutely delighted that the students of the British International School Abu Dhabi have been able to shine in this year's IGCSE examinations. These fantastic results will enable our students to thrive in their IB studies and they will go on to achieve places at the very best universities around the world," said Patrick Horne, Principal of The British International School Abu Dhabi.

The school's top scorers were Jacob Kenning scored  8A*, 1A & 1B, while Amandine Cohu achieved achieve Grade 9, 7A*, and 2A.

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi had a cohort of 31 students in this year's GCSE exams out of which 25% received A*. 51% got A* - A and 92% scored A* - C.

Al Yasmina Academy recorded 92% A*/A grades or equivalent among all exams sat by its 79 IGCSE students, while 100% earned all A* to C grades or equivalent. The academy also recorded 96% A* to C in English and 91% A* to C in Mathematics.

The highest achieving students were Hana Ephremidze, with10A*, Omar Mutaz Ahmad Zeidan with 9A* 2A and Tayyeb Sabir Ali with 7A* 3A.

Dr Tim Hughes, Al Yasmina Academy Principal said: “The IGCSE results cap a marvellous year for Al Yasmina Academy, where we’ve also earned an “outstanding” rating from British Schools Overseas (BSOs) and a Gold award from Investors in People. It is also wonderful to see that 95% of our students achieved grades 9 – 4 in the new GCSE grading system."

Al Bateen Academy had a cohort of 90 pupils, 90% of all grades were A*/A or equivalent, with 99% of the cohort earning all A* to C grades or equivalent. 94% of students achieved an A* to C grade in English, with 85% earning an A* to C grade in Mathematics.

The high scorers were Farah Abo Asali with 10A* and 1A as well as Hager El Kasabi with 9A* and 3A.

“Having already achieved excellent International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme examination results in July, we’re immensely proud of this year’s IGCSE students. We’ve created a supportive, creative and collaborative learning environment where students are able to thrive as learners. Congratulations to students and best wishes as you commence your IB Diploma studies this year,” said David Hutson, Al Bateen Academy Principal.

British School Al Khubairat had a non-selective cohort of 126 students with a total of 1,120 GCSE entries. 34% achieved A* or 9-8 , 56% got A*- A or 9-7, 83% scored A*-B or 9-5

Headmaster Mark Leppard MBE, said: ‘The move to the new GCSE courses, exams and grading system has been challenging for all schools; the fact that results at BSAK have improved during this time, despite this more rigorous grading system, is a great testament to the exceptional hard work of our fantastic students, dedicated staff and supportive parents.’

Aldar Academies Al Ain Academy, which had its second ever IGCSE cohort, saw 42% of all grades at A*/A, or equivalent, with 76% of the academy’s 19 students gaining all A* to C grades or equivalent. The academy recorded a 93% pass rate overall.

The top scorers were Bushra Kurban with 8A*, 2A and 1B and Bashir Saddig with 8A*, 1A and 1B.

Students and staff at Sharjah English School celebrated "another" set of excellent GCSE results, which have improved considerably year on year.

24% of results were a grade 9 or A*,  56% got 9/8/7 or A**/ A*/ A, and, most impressively, 90% received 9-5 (A** to B).

Some outstanding individual student performances include Ahmed Shanin Abdel Naby with five grade 9s, one grade 8, and two grade 7s and Yousef Mohamad Haider with five grade 9s, two grade 8s and two grade 7s.

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